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Then il give you something to watch il tie you to the bed and kiss her above you as you watch me and nd her grab at eachothers clothes Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Not stopping till both in lil pants and keep kissing inchs from you.. I make her staddle ur chest and slowly suck her nipples in front of you while she grabs at my pants in desperation Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I stop to untie and tie you to the chair next to the bed as i push her to the bed and kiss at her neck .. She succeeds at pushin my pants aside and slips two fingers in then i start to moan as she flips me on my back and take her pants of in front of me ....
We make you watch me squirm on the bed as she slowly licks me out, im begging for you cock but ur ties hold you back
She stops and reaches for my vibrater but i get up and kiss her and end up play wrestling till i get free and run to ur chair..
I slowly kiss you as i pull ur trousers down and then ur pants .. I lets her run her tng over your cock will make you suck my nipples getting rougher as she sucks harder .....
She stops and lets takes you out of her mouth and ur now wet enough for me to turn my ass towards you and sit on your lap slowly letting your big cock squeeze in till im taking you all ..
I can ride your lap while she kisses me then dips her head under us to lick my wetness off your balls, u begging me to go faster ..
I stop and untie you but tell you to control yourself as watch me and her go back to the bed and kiss full tng locked and fucking eachother however we can .. She grabs my vibrater and you hear me wimper as she fucks me with it. My hands touch her ass and spank her everytime i wanna scream.. And u watch helplessly from the side.. But ur untied
Gonna do anything or just watch ur girlfriend cum under someone elses control Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fine then .. She grabs you and makes f***es you in her mouth nd makes me watch .. I kiss you while she does till she stops and you f***e be to the bed and enter me suddenly causing me to whimper while you fuck me harders and faster and whisper how iv teased you
U pull out and tell her to clean me up her tng making me shudder with pleasure with everylick. You straddle my chest and f***e my head forward to take you in my mouth
Then u stand behind my head as i lay down and watch her lick the cum you caused .. Then make me watch you play with your self till i tilt my head and you slide ur cock in my mouth ..
From there you fuck my face feeling my tng and lips on you as she explores me .. Showing you how sensitive uv made me by fingering me so i gag on you as she tells you to go faster
Tears in my eyes from how big you are till u start to throb in my mouth.. I can feel ur about to cum
You get harder and faster and ur face looks determined as you get quicker
You pull out just in time and watch your cum drip off my lips and down my tits .. You watch her slowly lick it off my nipples biting as she goes and then over my erect tits and ends with licking it off my lips then off my tng as we kiss
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