The Caught in the Library

I went to the town library one day to pass the time, not really hoping to find anything, even a book. The local library has two floors, a main ground floor and a raised platform half the size, with the stairs in the corner of ground floor. The fiction section is upstairs so I instinctively walked over to the stairs, and up to the bookshelves I knew best. I was browsing the books when a young librarian brushed past me to put a book back on the shelf.
“Sorry” she said quietly, with a cute, cheeky smile. I smiled back and shrugged, and she carried on with her work. Except now, I was watching her out of the corner of my eye. It was then that I realised the library was almost completely empty. There had been an elderly woman sitting in an armchair downstairs, and up here there was only the young woman and a large, young man sitting comfortably in a chair flicking through a magazine. The librarian was one her own at the back of the room, organising a pile of books. She was medium height, petite and blonde. Her blouse was low cut so if she bent towards me, I got a peak at her firm breasts. The sit when she bent away from me wasn’t bad either. Her black trousers were tight around a tight round ass. It all became too much as I felt my cock grow harder and harder in my boxers. Glancing around, I saw I was hidden from sight by the bookshelf, with only my head sticking up over the top. Slowly, I eased the zipper down on my jeans, and let my cock get some air. I was rock hard, and as I slowly started to toss my cock off I had to supress a gasp of relief. Not daring to go to fast, I built up a decent speed and lost myself staring at the sexy little thing in front of me.
“Excuse me…” The deep voice made me jump. A big, meaty hand fell onto my shoulder spinning me round. The man from the opposite corner had got up and trailed down the aisles to find me. He had a evil looking grin on his rugged face. About 6`2”, the man had a broad upper body and big meaty arms, corded with muscles and veins. With short hair and a chin strap beard, this man looked a lot like a porn film lumberjack or fireman. “You were staring at my girlfriend, and enjoying yourself quite a lot by the looks of things.” His eyes drifted down to where my cock, that had immediately flopped, was now becoming increasingly hard due to my nerves.
“What is going on here?” asked the same quiet voice as before. The librarian had come over and stood hands on hips at the end of the aisle.
“This fella was enjoying himself over you babe, what do you think we should do?” The boyfriend asked. The woman’s grin now matched his. I muttered something, asking them to not phone the police and apologising.
“I have an idea…” the boyfriend looked down to my cock again, “He got pleasure from us, so shouldn’t we get pleasure from him?” The question was asked to the woman, but his eyes never moved from my cock. “Strip” the girlfriend said. They both watched with appraising looks as I slowly stripped for them, until I was stood there, my cock too hard to cover. “You go stand at the stairs, and I’ll go first here.” The woman giggled and walked to the stairway. “Now little man, your gunna pleasure me like a good boy, and no one gets in trouble.” I nodded, tingles of atticipation building in my stomach. He slowly unbuttoned his jeans and tugged his boxers down a little so his cock flopped out. It was huge, like the rest of him it looked muscled, at least 8”, cut and not even hard. I slowly reached forward and grasped the thick shaft, feeling it grow a little harder. My hand slowly started moving along the shaft, letting it build until it was as rock hard as mine. Slowly I leant forward and let my tongue flick over the head of his mammoth cock, my hand moving faster and faster. I waited for his first groan, and let the head slip into my mouth. My hand was a blur on his cock now, tossing the large piece as fast as I could. My mouth sucked on the head of his cock, broken by my tongue swirling round the head in my mouth. I slid my hand down the shaft all the way to the bottom and took as much of his cock as I could. I gagged repeatedly as I just fucked his cock with my mouth, my hand stroking over his balls and the bottom of the shaft. His groans got louder, I moved my mouth back to his head and let my hand take over as fast as it had before. His hand went to my hair to stop me from moving so I had no choice but to keep sucking on his huge cock. He let out a long deep groan as his warm cum spurted into my mouth. I kept swallowing his huge load before giving his cock a final gag before moving away. He stood, breathing heavily for a while before he moved, buttoning his jeans.
“My turn.” The girlfriend was stood at the end of the aisle a hand down her trousers, moving slowly. The boyfriend grinned and moved to the stairs. The blonde walked over to me an grabbed my hair. “Get these trousers off and eat my cunt” she added a slap with fingers moist with pre-cum. I slipped the button off her trousers and yanked them down. Beneath, a white silky thong was stuck to her cunt, cover in cum. I just yanked it aside and drove my finger deep in her wet cunt. My tongue flicked out at her clit teasing her as my finger pounded into her cunt. She grabbed my head again, so I had no choice but to keep my tongue moving around her clit, her cum mixing with the taste of her boyfriends. She slapped me again and pushed me over. “No, I want your tongue deep in me. Straddling my face she slammed her went cunt over my mouth. I let my tongue snake up deep inside her drinking in her taste. Looking up I saw her biting her lip in pleasure, fighting to hold back the moans that were escaping from her mouth. Her tits moved as she rocked on my tongue. She couldn’t hold much longer, she started biting her fist as I moved my tongue faster, deeper driving her closer and closer. As she tenses over my tongue I moved my hand ground from grabbing her ass, pulling her down onto my tongue, so my finger was poised over her tight asshole. She was so close. I pushed my finger, hard and deep into her ass, she let out a muffled scream as she squirted all over my face. She rode my tongue for a few more moments, as I flicked inside her, licking up all the cum I could.
“Quick” came the urgent hiss from her boyfriend, “The old ladies coming up.”

To be continued…

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2 years ago
Nice story keep going
2 years ago
Nice story keep going
3 years ago
Great story, looking forward to another one