I would first of all lay you on my bed, just firstly massage your body, through the clothes, when you feel relaxed at my touch, you undress, so only wearing your bra and underwear. You lie down on your front, unfastening your bra strap. I start to put oil on my hands and begin to rub your back., lower back and spine.
As that massage finish, I slowly stroke your legs massaging the inner thighs, stroking with my hands inside. I massage your ass, grabbing it, gently and shaking it to side to side. I spread it out and then move my hands, inside the inner thighs, pressing against your panties
You turn on your back an your bra unfastens and we put it to the side. I put more oil on my hands and start to rub and massage the abdomen and stomach. I massage the hands, while standing next to you. I then get on top of you and begin to massage the skin below the breasts, above, the throat and trail my finger down from your lips, to your chin, throat and in the middle of your breasts
I slowly began to massage around the breasts, cupping and then proceeding to move my fingers across your nipples, rubbing and pushing down with my finger and turning them clockwise. I then massage with both hands one breast and then the next one. I seem to be out of oil so I lean down and lube your breasts and nipples with my tongue and mouth, seeing them hard. I move down, so I am on the end of the bed, spread your legs open and take off your underwear.
As the underwear is off, I take some lube, that I have on me and lather my fingers up. I begin to massage the outside of the pussy, slowly streaking down and teasing the clit and pussy lips. I use both thumbs to spread the pussy and see inside. I slowly move one finger just on the inside and slowly push it in, feeling the inner walls. I Lean forward and kiss your stomach and then lick and tickle with tongue your nipples. I move the one finger in and out, feeling you get wetter and increase the speed. I lean forward as I pull the finger out and kiss your neck and then your chin and trail my tongue on your lips, your mouth opening and welcoming my tongue as it interlinks with yours and we French kiss for some time.
I swirl my tongue around yours and then bite my mouth your lips, slowly pulling it back then letting it go. I kiss your neck, licking it and then proceeding to bite it, although I stop and just move my mouth to your nipples and bite them. I lick and suck on your breasts and with my finger, I push two fingers in this time, pushing in and out. I feel your body tremble and push the third one in, and in and out, movements of sync and speed increase. With my other finger, I trail from your breast up your neck to your chin and into your mouth so you can suck on the finger, lubing it up. I remove the finger and change fingers, so the ones inside your pussy come to my mouth and I lick your juices and the finger that you licked touches the pussy, but trails down to your asshole and rubs it.
I do not rub that area. I continue to push the three fingers into your pussy and then stop. I lean down to your legs and move my face closer to your pussy. I slide my tongue in and it reaches inside your pussy.
I lick in and out, around your pussy, while slipping my fingers in also. I flick and pinch your clit so i can feel the pussy walls tighten around my tongue. I push it further and further in licking you. I pull out and look at you knowing you want something more, but knowing you have someone else, I stop and finish.

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