30 and in heat!

So, I just recently turned thirty and found myself single again - the dating and relationship game is starting to get old. I would love to find a guy as horny as me that doesn't lie every time his mouth opens! I don't want a boyfriend it's to complicated, I don't need to hear lies about how you love me *blah*

I have found that my sexual pleasure is getting harder to satisfy ... I guess the last guy that I was with opened my eyes to some new tricks and now I'm hooked! Good and bad ~ considering that it's no longer just boring sex, but bad because I'm to *shy* to tell guys that is what I like or want on the first meeting! I love, wait... let me say it again - I completely get dripping wet, love to have my throat fucked. I love feeling a man's hand in my hair and his cock down my throat - all I want to do is look up and smile and beg for more. I have only tried anal once - but mmm mmm mmmmmm! I crave to try it again - I love feeling a man's hands around my throat when his cock is deep inside me, it sends me into orgasms like I never knew I could have. Ugh! I want to stick my hand in my panties now just thinking about it!
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3 years ago
i will handle that for u babe
3 years ago
Wow that story is something else I love a girl that likes rough sex that one thing I'm glad to do
3 years ago
I would like to stick my hand in your panties thinking about it too! Very hot
3 years ago
What a hot story. I love getting pole smokies. I've only had one female tell me she had a big O while giving me a pole smokie. I love wet sloppy kisses after a pole smokie
3 years ago
I want to see pics or video when you heat up like this...the thought of you wanting a cock like that is hot...just thinkin about you touching yourself is a turn on...
3 years ago
you sound like most women I know. Most are starting to get the picture when it comes to sex and what they want. Now all you gotta do is tell that dude...not far from you...how ya want it sexy
3 years ago
I feel closer to you one more time...i am like you baby...your story made me hard and gosh I wish you were sucking me now!we should come together sometime