Sex lettter from Cambodia

Too long since our lips last met. Too long since we last embraced.

As I write this letter I am laying on my stomach, on top of my bed. I am currently residing in a small shack, a stone's throw from the water. It's a plain affair ¬ a wooden door opening to a single room. Along three of the walls are large windows, their shutters held open to the sea breeze by wooden struts. To one side of the room is my desk. At the other side of the room is my canopy bed, little more than a mattress raised one foot from the floor, surrounded by layers of mosquito mesh. All in all, quite a simple and relaxing abode, letting me relax.

But, as they say, distance and time makes the heart grow fonder. So as I lay here, writing to you, I wish you were here to join me in this secluded tropical paradise. You would be lying next to me wearing a bikini, your small hand resting on my naked torso, now lightly bronzed from the sun. A light breeze flows through the hut, carrying the strong tang of salt. It plays softly with the mesh, causing it to caress our hot bodies tentatively. It reminds me more of a sultan's palace in One Thousand and One Nights than a samll hut in cambodia.

A single drop of sweat slides down my back and stops at your hand. I turn my head away from the panorama view of the rice fields and look into your eyes. You smile back at me and we lean closer -- you sitting cross legged and me on my belly. I can feel the heat radiating from your cheek before it even touches mine. I tilt my head left, part my mouth ever so slightly, and let my lips graze yours. Then you push forward and plant your lips onto mine, and we share an increasingly passionate kiss.

Inflamed by our kiss, I sit up and move closer to you. I wrap my arms around your slim yet strong body and embrace you once more. I run my hands up and down your back, savoring the feeling my coarse fingers running along your smooth back. You in turn use your nails to softly scratch my back while we continue kissing.

After a while you reach around your back and undo the ties to your bikini top. With your breasts now free, I move my hands to the outskirts of your breasts, sliding my hands around. I slowly reduce the size of each circle, closing in on your nipples that are beginning to become hard. I slightly squeeze your nipples and play with auroras while you stroke the sides of my torso up to the base of my neck.

While my hands are lightly touching and fondling your breasts, I begin nibbling your soft neck. I alternate between lightly biting the skin with my front teeth, and sucking the skin softly into my mouth -- without giving you a hicky. You follow my lead, but with greater abandon. A couple of times I wince in pain, but a pain that a small part of me enjoys.

Slowly I give up my play of your breasts and begin sliding one hand down towards your bikini bottoms. My left hand returns to your upper back where it strokes and performs little circles, while the right hand is pressed up against your lower stomach, playing with the top of your bikini. I slide my hand between your swim suit and crotch, feeling the small amount of hair run between my open fingers. As my fingers delve lower I can feel a radiant heat coming from your vagina. I rest my hands on your groin area, happy with simply having my hand resting against your soft flesh. Now your hands are tucked underneath my board shorts, kneading my bottom with both hands.

Gently I begin running my index finger along your outer lips. They feel so soft and warm, and I have to restrain myself jumping on top of you right now! Quickly I find your clitoris, and each time I pass over it I push down a little harder. After a while I push my finger deeper, and begin running it up and down your wet opening. At this stage a soft moan escapes your lips. I move my head from where it was resting on your shoulder and see your head bent down, eyes closed and obviously focused on the movements on my hand.

You move one of your hands from my bottom and slide it under my shorts, grasping my hard penis in the process. Its now my turn to sigh a little from the pleasure your hand brings me. I turn my attention back to your pussy, and begin sliding one my finger inside you. This time a greater moan escapes your lips and you momentarily stop the sliding of your hand on my cock. Ever so slowly I push deeper inside your hole, which is by now very wet. I rotate my finger, caressing the inside walls of your pussy. I decide it's time to move things to the next stage, and so I gently remove your hand from my cock with my left hand while my right was still inside you. I then slide back down onto my belly and move my head closer to your crotch. There I push your bikini bottoms asidep and partially divide your lips. Then I lean even closer, and begin licking your clit. I start by licking up and down, and then start circling around and around. Your hips begin to move up and down in response to my tongue, and you whisper small-nothings, urging me on.

After a few minutes I can tell that you are coming close to an orgasm. I redouble my efforts, spurred on by the prospect of seeing you cum. However you have other plans, and firmly push me away. I look up in surprise. However you simply urge me to turn over, then begin removing my board shorts. Quickly they are off as I begin to catch on to your intentions. Now I am on my back, my cock almost painfully hard and pointing upright like a sundial. You proceed to remove your swimsuit bottoms and straddle me. At this time I am able to gaze up at you, with your hair slightly messed, cheeks reddened and breasts heaving. I slide my hands along your hips and grasp them, while you scratch my chest hard with your fingers. Then you lean forwards and lower yourself on my cock. For a moment you sit there, and we both enjoy merely sensations of me inside of you. Then you begin moving your hips backwards and forwards. I grip hard at your hips and lean upwards to share a lust fuelled kiss. I love the sensation of my penis moving deep inside you, pressing against the front, inner walls. You obviously do to, because I see that you are getting close to cumming again. Then you begin to move up and down on top of me, adjusting the moment so it emphases the head of my cock penetrating you. From past experience you surely know that doing this will make me orgasm quickly. So every time you begin to move down, I lift my hips and pull you down on top of me hard. With such a tempo neither one of us last much longer. You begin shuddering and desperately drawing in breath as you cum on top of me. I then begin to cum too, pushing myself even deeper inside of you as I erupt.

As your orgasm subsides, you lie down alongside me. We both are content to lie in the afternoon heat, the light breeze rippling over our naked bodies and enjoying the after glow of orgasm.

After imagining all of this, I am even more desperate to see you. I cannot wait until I can be in your arms once again and tell you I love you.

Forever yours,
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