The power of rain

The rain usually it looks gloomy and dark and forbidding but sometimes it can be sensual too.

I picture us somewhere alone. Probably out in the woods or somewhere isolated at a cabin with a back deck. We are watching a Barcelona championship game. In between lulls in the game, I am looking at you and your body. Marveling at it and desiring to taste and feel its pleasures once again.

Near the end of the second half, a rainstorm began to come down. As the game was ending, I tip your chin to look up at my face. I bend down to give you a light kiss. This kiss turned into a more passionate kiss. You giggle at this.

"Why are you laughing," I asked.

"I don't know. Just happy I guess," you respond.

I then hint that now that the game is over, I am in the mode for some loving. There was no protest from you as you started to remove your clothes on the couch. I also took my clothes off as well. As we embraced each other and began our "dance," I looked outside and saw the rain pouring down. My imagination began to turn as I continued to share my kiss with you.

"Wait," I whispered.

You looked at me puzzled but I quickly smiled at you to show you that nothing was wrong. I then picked you up in my arms and carried you outside.

"Hey, its raining!" you shouted with a bit of amusement in your voice.

"I know," I said seductively.

I then put you down and lead you outside to get wet.

You were distracted by the water at first but then forgot all about it when I kissed those lips again. We slowly went down onto our deck and laid on it as the rain kept coming down. Something about the water on our bodies just made this experience even more passionate!

You then had me lay on my back while you put your rear end in my face while you faced my dick. I knew what to do as I began to lick your pussy and even around your butthole while you sucked my dick and nuts in the pouring storm! Doing the 69 in this pure environment was a big turn on. Your warm mouth on my body mixed with the cool rain made for an interesting sensation. I could feel by the goosebumps on your body that you were having the same emotions.

After several minutes of this, you then turned around and got on top of me to put in my cock inside of you. I couldn't see real good but I sure could feel it. I felt like a blind man having sex but it was GOOD SEX! The sensations were tremendous as you rode my dick up and down in a slow but deep motion, getting as much of it as you could inside of you. As you did this, you also leaned over to give me kisses as I returned them and also got a bit of your breasts as well. The mixture of your perfume, body odor and the rain gave this experience a natural flavor that I can't explain. The water felt cold but your body was warm against my own. I never had felt so complete than in that moment.

I then turned you over with my dick still inside of you and fucked you missionary. The rain on my back with your hands massaging my back was soothing and unbelievable. This feeling was one of such pleasure as I felt you cum several times during this.

Finally, wanting to cum myself, I took your legs and put them on my shoulders to get deeper as I wanted all of your pussy! Still new to this, your pussy was still tight but I loved it that way! I performed short but deep thrust, grinding myself into your stuff. Giving you all that I had while getting all of what you had. Finally, as if to coincided with the storm, I finally came as the thunder and lightning blasted out of the sky!

As we calmed down, the rain finally subsided. As it stopped, there laid two naked people who just had an experience they would remember for their remaining days!

We then went inside to dry off from the rain with the memory of what just happened still fresh in my mind. As I dried off, my eyes couldn't look away from the female being that I had just made love too. Her shoulder length black hair that looked like it was made of silk. Her nice sized breasts with brown nipples that were still perking out from the activity that had just happened. Her slim waist which went hand in hand with that curvy back. Those nice thin but shapely legs which wrapped around my waist during our "stormy" love making. And that butt, that small tight, shapely firm backside just made me hard and horny again. I couldn't control myself watching her dry off. I had to have more.

Bringing myself under control, I slowly walked over to her still undressed and blew a light blow just behind her neck. She felt it and laughed.

"That tickles," she whispered.

"I know," I replied as I turned her around to look deep into her light brown eyes and touch her caramel skin.

"Baby, I love you and I hunger for more of you right now," I pleaded.

"Well, I thought you'd never ask. I'd like a little more myself. What did you have in mind?" she asked me.

I smiled and then took her hand as we walked towards the bathroom. Soon, we started the shower and stepped inside. I then took one of those shower puffs and lathered it up with "Softsoap" Body Wash-Romantic. The scent of it alone was intoxicating as I washed her body with it. After she was cleansed, she then did the same to me, making sure every square inch was clean. She then seductively tossed the puff aside and began staring at me. I returned the glance.

"So, what are you waiting for?" she asked in a seducing manner.

I took her mouth and pressed it against mine in a lingering kiss. The water still ran as I pulled her left leg up above my waist. Her hands then reached down and put my hardened cock near her waiting pussy. As I made my way inside of her, she put her other leg up so that I could thrust all the way in. With me holding her ass, we made love standing with the water still running down our bodies and with us still kissing in between gasps for air. We made love to each other as she used her hips and pussy muscles to ride up and down my dick as I held her in place with my hands on her butt as well as "return fire" with thrusts of my own. As time went on, our desire just got higher and higher until I felt her cum all over my cock! She twitched and tightened as her orgasm just rushed out of her body. I felt her body tightened and was turned on by it as I kept penetrating her to make the orgasm come forth. I felt her legs shake around my waist and tighten their grip as she seemed lost for a few moments. Finally, when the wave of this sensation had passed. She looked at me again and smiled.

"Your turn," she said. After that intense orgasm that she experienced, she still wanted more!

She then got down off of me and stepped out of the shower, leading me to our bedroom. Before we reached there, she saw me take the remain drops of cum from where she came and lick them off my fingers! She was both shocked and turned on by this!

"I just want to be part of you," I said.

"Well, you will baby. You are about to have all of me now," she replied.

When we reached our bedroom, she asked me to stand back for a second. She then reached for some baby oil and stood in a bent over position. My lover then poured it onto her butt and massaged it onto her butt cheeks as well as her butt hole!

Seeing her do this kept me excited and hard.

When she was finished, she turned to me and said, "Come get this."

Without hesitation, I walked forward and took her pussy first and a doggy-style position. As I thrusted into her, I kept massaging her butt and taking the excess oil on her "cheeks" and fingering her butt hole! When I was warmed up enough inside of her pussy, I took the oil and put it on my dick, making it slippery.

Finally, when I was ready, I slowly began to penetrate her ass! She willingly spread her buttocks to make entry easier.

"Yes baby, penetrate that tight asshole! Fill it up with your cock!" she moaned and begged for me to do.

Her booty was tight but we were both loving it! Soon it was just as easy a penetration as the pussy was as I was pumping it well and good but taking care not to hurt her. Still, we both were getting off on it.

After long minutes of fucking her asshole, I finally felt an eruption coming from my loins!

"Baby, I'm about to cum!" I managed to get out.

"Then let me taste you as you tasted me," she responded.

I quickly took out my cock as she quickly turned around and sat on the floor urging me to let it out! I then came and she opened her mouth to take every drop of cum from me! Some of it dripped off her chin and onto her chest but most went into her mouth as she swallowed most of it! I was shocked but actually warmed by this as I had earlier tasted her cum, she was now tasting mine!

After a few minutes of rest on the floor, we shared a kiss.

"You know, most men wouldn't kiss a woman after they came on them, especially in their mouth," she playfully mentioned.

"Well, I am not most men. You are my lover and my woman. After all, most women wouldn't kiss a man after licking their cum," I replied.

She then said with a devilish grin, "Well, then I guess I am not most women."

We then cuddled and hugged on the floor. After a few minutes to clean up a bit, we went to sl**p for the night with nothing covering us but our bed sheets and my arms holding you tightly.


You see, "Rain" isn't just the physical water created by nature. "Rain", in this case, is the warm passion that one can feel for another. In this case, it is the warm passion that can be felt between a man and a woman. The characters in this piece were so giving and loving when making love that they gave every drop of sweat and emotion as well as every part of their bodies to give pleasure to each other. They "rained" it all on each other. They went to a place that only a few have ever gone and in doing so, they make their bond stronger and stronger each time by forgetting about themselves as individuals and becoming "one" with each other.
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3 years ago
I am glad you liked it
3 years ago
Great theme indeed! I find rain to be a potentially sensual phenomenon myself. But I also like how you've interpreted rain in a metaphorical sense here, too. It's great to read stories where there's an emphasis on love rather than mere sex. Personally, I'm a big fan of romantic stuff, so this story was right up my alley. Keep up the good work man! :-)
3 years ago
very hot