Emily's story - the story of a submissive

I was wide awake, spooning into daddy, smelling his hair, my pussy wouldn't stop throbbing and tingling an hour after he'd buried his seed deep inside me. We'd returned home after a weekend away and had spent the afternoon fucking like a pair of bunnies reliving the events of our threesome with Sally. It had been another first with daddy, we'd talked about it and planned it for a long time; it was something I'd fantasised about for years. I call it a first but that's not counting the sl**p-over with my school friend when we were 15. That was just curious little girls exploring but I had thought about it a lot ever since and I had fantasised about doing it again. When I first told daddy about my school girl tryst he nearly came in his pants and set about finding us a girl to play with and maybe join us and that's how we come to find Sally.

I call him daddy but of course he's not my real daddy. He loves me, takes care of me, teaches me and punishes me when I am naughty just like a real daddy and he's old enough to be my daddy, in fact he's older than my real daddy but unlike my real daddy he hasn't run off and he is also my lover as well as being my daddy and I'm his Emily.

I met daddy Jack on-line about a year ago. Although I was 24 when we met I'd probably had less sex than your average 16 year old. A combination of shyness and my 'plain Jane' looks had brought few boys to my bed. In fact I was 21 when I first lost my virginity and that was a painful disaster. It was at the office Christmas party, I had a crush on my boss Harry, dreaming about him sweeping me off my feet. Unfortunately his dream didn't coincide with mine, all he wanted was a quick shag. Emboldened after a few drinks I made a play for him, he took me into the stationery cupboard, turned me round, lifted up my dress and pushed his thick hard cock into my tight virgin pussy. I say virgin, of course I'd masturbated since the age of 12 but I'd had nothing bigger than a felt pen and the edge of my hairbrush inside me and Harry felt bigger than both those put together. I'd had half a dozen other boyfriends but none of them lasted, all of them were a disappointment. I was thoroughly depressed, I was starting to wonder about whether I should become a nun or a lesbian when I came across Jack's profile on a dating web site. He was nearly 30 years older than me but still looked good, I remember thinking how confident and self assured he looked. His profile said was looking for someone to share and explore life with, he was well established with his own business and all life's comforts and he was looking for a partner, a 'ying for his yang' with age and looks being of no relevance. I took the plunge, we started conversing by email, then on skype (he lived in another state) and eventually we met.

He came to my home town for our first meet. Over the past months we'd explored our sexuality and discovered a lot about each other. I liked to be dominated and I liked to please and be pussy spanked when I am naughty (naughty is playing with my pussy without daddy's permission).. Jack loves all that and like me wanted to explore new stuff. He had told me how much he liked the idea of girls not wearing panties outside the house in pubic and keen to please, for our first meeting, I was pantiless - I was naked beneath my skirt. I sat by the phone with a box of tissues waiting for his call. The tissues were to mop us the juice oozing from my excited pussy. I hadn't anticipated that the thoughts of what was to come would make me so wet and I was now worried about my dripping pussy forming a damp patch on my skirt. I had butterflies in my stomach, my knees were shaking, I’d fixed and re-fixed my hair multiple times. I had been waiting for this moment for three months and now it was finally here. I knew a lot of things were about to change, I was nervous, excited, and mildly scared but I was ready.

I looked out the window of my apartment and saw him walking down the sidewalk towards the bar on the corner. My head filled with all of the images I had about the things that were going to happen to me; after all the dreams and fantasies, it was now going to be real. The phone rang, it was time, he was waiting for me in the bar.

As I left my apartment I felt the cool breeze playing with the damp heat between my legs reminding me that any attempt by me to ignore my tingling pussy was futile. Entering the bar I felt my stomach come into my throat when he made eye contact with me and smiled. I could feel myself blushing but the beaming smile on my face spoke for me. Standing up he towered over me. Looking down at me he held his arms apart for a hug. Still smiling, I gladly obliged. nearly collapsing into his arms. His warm embrace was everything I had been hoping for and so much more.

Jack sat alongside me. We small-talked for a while, then I felt his hand slip over my knee and his fingers made their way to my inner thigh. I knew what he has looking for. I jumped slightly, my blushing cheeks quickly becoming enflamed again. Slowly his hand slid inexorably along my thigh towards the source of the damp heat. I gasped and he groaned in unison when his finger tips touched my sex. Smiling at me "thank you" he said, "thank you for doing that for me you don't know how much it turns me on," he continued. I wanted to speak, I wanted to tell him how much turning him on turned me on but I just blushed and shyly lowered my gaze.

Jack asked how I was feeling. I told him that I was happier than I'd ever been and how comfortable I felt with him. We both knew what being comfortable meant, it meant it was time to go someplace more private. We finished our beers and prepared to leave. I hesitated. "Are you OK Emily?" Jack asked with a worried look on his face. I was worried about the damp patch in the back of my dress caused by my leaking pussy. I motioned to him and he lowered his ear to my mouth. My nostril flared as a drank in the musky smell of his hair. I whispered my fears to him. He motioned me up to walk ahead of him to protect my embarrassment from public view. I could feel his eyes burning into my rear end which did nothing to help - it made me even wetter. We walked back to my place holding hands. I felt warm and safe holding big strong hand. I wondered what was going through his mind, what would he want of me, would I please him; all my nervousness came rushing back.

We get into the elevator to head up to my apartment. Jack put his hand around my waist. His hand slid down to my ass, I shivered when he squeezed it lightly before he softly placed it back on my lower back. The butterflies in my stomach were making me sick, I looked into Jack's eyes and he smiled at me, we both knew what was about to happen to me. My pussy tingled and juice oozed from it, I could feel the juice trickling down my inner thigh. I unlocked the door and we entered. Now I knew it was no longer my apartment it's now daddy's playground!

Jack slipped my coat off my shoulders and tossed it onto the chair. Standing behind me Jack put his arms around me cupping my breasts, one in each hand and nuzzling into the side of my neck he kissed me, sweet little nibbles and kisses. I put my hand back and around his waist pulling him into me. I could feel his steel hard erection pressing into my back. I shivered at the thought of what was to come. "Are you OK?" Jack asked, as ever caring about me, assuring me that he would be tender with me. I nodded shyly. Taking my hand he led me to the bedroom.

Standing me in front of him he brought his lips onto mine. Our first kiss. My head went dizzy as the tips of our tongues met and gently played with each other. I'd never kissed or been kissed like that before. If it had all ended there, that kiss alone would have been enough for me to masturbate on for the rest of my life.

He sat on the end of the bed, holding my hands. I watching his eyes go up and down my body surveying every inch. Nodding his head "you are truly beautiful," he told me. I bit my lip so hard I nearly drew bl**d. He put his hand between my legs and slowly stroked his way up my inner thigh to the dripping damp heat of my throbbing pussy. I felt his finger slide slowly into my super lubed vagina. My whole body was shaking with excited anticipation. He brought his hand out and put his finger in his mouth tasting my juices. I stifled a groan and squoze my thighs together in an attempt to quell the throbbing itch deep inside my pussy.

Unbuttoning my blouse and bra he exposed my chest. I could see the delight in his eyes as he watched his hands stroking over my tits, gently kneading them and squeezing my erect nipples. Lowering his head he covered my right nipple with his mouth and sucked like a baby. An uncontrollable smile came onto my face as I held his head in my hands as he sucked on my breast. Without taking his mouth off my breast he undid my skirt and dropped it to the floor. He sat back on the end of the bed staring at my freshly shaved pussy. He looked up and smiled, "you have THE most beautiful pussy," he told me. I blushed.

Standing up he ripped of his shirt and shed his pants in seconds. I was too scared to look down. I wanted to look but he was looking at me, he'd see me looking, I was too shy. Pulling me too him, he again covered my lips with his. His steel hard erection pushed into my chest as our tongues danced together. Time stood still I didn't want it to end, I wanted our lips to stay together forever.

Holding my hands he sat down again and with the slightest of encouragement pulled on my hands bringing me to my knees in front of him between his legs. He placed his hand at the back of my head. He didn't push or put any pressure on me but I knew what he wanted. I'd never done this before, I'd seen a zillion clips on porn sites but I had never done it myself. I was so nervous, I didn't want to get it wrong. Daddy Jack took hold of my hand a placed it around his erection. It was hot, I was surprised how hot it was and hard, so very hard. I looked at it, it was throbbing, the purple head looked like it was going to burst and clear liquid was oozing from his piss slit. I slowly lowered my head until my lips met the sticky clear fluid oozing from his slit. I tasted it with the tip of my tongue before opening my mouth and taking the head of daddy Jack's throbbing man meat to the back of my throat. Jack groaned as my tongue hungrily rasped and lapped away at his hot hard cock. After only a few seconds . . . "OK, your turn now baby," Jack said as he gently pulled my head off his cock. "If you don't stop now I'll cum too soon, your just too good for me," Jack said. 'Too good', wow I thought, praise from my daddy wow again, I felt a little tinge of pride; I'd done good.

Jack motioned me to lay on the bed. He parted my legs and climbed between them. I lay there wondering what was going to happen next. I could feel his breath on my sex. I felt his fingers parting my pussy lips. Then, OMG, I felt his mouth cover my sex and his tongue enter me, then his tongue rasped up my slit onto my clit and his lips covered and sucked on my clit like it was a nipple, then his tongue ran down and stabbed at my tightly puckered ring. My head was a whirl, so many different feelings, simply too many to understand, all felt fabulous and then he did it again, shove his tongue into my hole, then suckled my clit, sucking and rasping and slurping on my sex. Again, this was something I'd seen on porn sites but seeing and feeing was a world apart.

Tingles ran up and down my body like little electric shocks, I was just starting to really enjoy it when he stopped and crawled up along my body, laying on top of me, his eyes looking into mine, his face smiling. This was it, now was the time - would it hurt, I was determined not to squeal or cry. I felt his knob end gently tapping at the entrance to my sex. "You OK honey?" he asked politely, checking I was ready. With trepidation and excited anticipation I nodded. I felt the pressure at the entrance to my hole. Slowly, little by little I felt his steel hard hot man meat pushing deeper and deeper inside until it hit my cervix and he stopped. He lay still his cock throbbing inside me. "You OK honey?" he asked again. "I'll wait until you're ready" he reassured.

My head searched for information on what was happening inside me. I felt full but it didn't hurt; I was OK. "I'm OK" I told him. Slowly he pulled back and then pushed forward and then back and forward each time his pelvic bone crashed into my clit it sent and electric shock through my body. At the same time the rim of his bell end rasped the sides of the walls inside my vagina as it made its way to a crash into my cervix and then back. Each thrust was faster and deeper. He put his arms under my knees and lifted my legs high burying his cock even deeper inside me, his balls slapping at my anal ring each time he bottomed out. The orgasm I had was overwhelming and I passed out waking up to find him laying beside me panting. I reached down to feel for damage. Cupping my hole, feeling tentatively for damage - I was OK, nothing torn or broken. I felt daddy's hot sticky seed oozing from my hole into my hand. Cupping my crotch I staggered to the bathroom and filled the tub with warm soothing water.

That was my first time with daddy and we fucked like rabbits for the whole of that weekend. I moved down to live with him, he gave me a job in the office of his company introducing me as his daughter from a previous marriage.

Daddy's taught me so much over the following 12 months, under his tutelage I was now much more self assured. We've explored each other in so many ways searching for ways in which we can bring pleasure to each other (of course my greatest pleasure is seeing and feeling daddy happy and satisfied). We've talked about dogging but daddy doesn't want another man entering me but we do like the idea of me pulling them off and watching them shooting their load over me. We've booked a trip to one of those nudist beach resorts and he may let me pull a few guys off there to see how we feel. When he asked me about doing it with another girl and I told him about my school friend daddy nearly came in his pants and after we explored what we'd like from a third person in our lives he set about finding someone. I wanted more sex and he wanted to see me with a girl and he wanted me to help him pleasure another girl. We eventually found Sally on a site called xhamster. Our attention was first captured by her choice of user name 'pleasemakemebeg.' She described herself as 'a submissive sweetheart, fairly new to BDSM and sex in general, but with a very strong love for both'. We spent some time getting to know her on-line before setting up a meet at her place which was about 100 miles north of us.

We drove up there on a Saturday afternoon. On the drive up my mind wondered back to the time when I first met daddy, how nervous and how inexperienced I was, that seemed like a life time ago, I was now much more self assured. I wondered if Sally was a nervous as I had been?

We arrived at the coffee shop she'd specified for out meet. Sally appeared shortly after our arrival. She looked nervous; I was excited. We smiled at her as she entered the coffee shop, she blushed as she smiled back. Daddy held open his rams to hug her and she fell into his hold like he was a warm blanket wrapping around her. She then turned to me and I hugged her. I kissed her cheek smelling her hair and her perfume, She was lovely much prettier in real life, I just knew we would become good friends

Sally sat down and Daddy slid into the booth alongside her, I sat across from them. We small-talked for a while. I saw daddy's hand go under the table. Sally bit her lip, her face flushed with blushing again. I knew what daddy was doing. I knew that he'd asked her not to wear any panties. I also was pantiless; daddy liked it that way. I watched Sally's face as daddy's hand slid up her inner thigh. I smiled at her, nodding, indicating I knew what was happening and approved. I saw Sally jump slightly - he'd touched her naked sex; my pussy tingled with excitement.

After talking for a while daddy asked Sally how she was feeling, she told him that she was happier than she had ever been and how comfortable she felt with us. It was like de ja vue, I could see myself 12 months earlier just where Sally was now. I knew what she was thinking, I knew what she was feeling - nervous, excited, worried, eager, nauseous, all those things but more than anything else - desire, the deep need and desire to be fulfilled. It was time to leave, time for her to take the next step.

We'd booked into a local hotel. I drove the car, daddy sat in the back with Sally. I had one eye in the rear view mirror and one on the road. I could see Sally blushing and biting her lip. I knew daddy and I knew he wouldn't be able to stop his hands exploring Sally's inner thighs and beyond.

At the hotel we got into the elevator to head to our room. I couldn't help myself snake my arm around Sally's waist before sliding it down to her ass and squeezes it lightly before softly placing it back on her lower back. Daddy was smiling at me watching what I was doing and knowing what was to come.

Daddy unlocked the door to the room and allow us to go ahead. He placed the “do not disturb” sign on the doorknob, closed the door, and then locked it. Now Sally knew she was in daddy's playground. I took Sally's coat off her shoulders and tossed it onto the chair. Sally stood still in the middle of the floor, she was like a rabbit in the headlights. I walked in front of her and gently placed my hands on her breasts stroking them down to her tummy and up again to squeeze her 36DD super soft breasts. I brought my lips to hers and gently kissed her. The tips of our tongues danced together as I slid my hands under her shirt and into her bra, my finger tips finding and squeezing her nipples

Daddy came up behind Sally and pulling her shirt off over my head he kissed her shoulders and neck. Sally groaned as she savoured daddy's kisses and warm embrace.

Daddy left us to get himself ready. We continued to kiss as I slid my hands over Sally's back and ass, softly squeezing. Keen to feel what daddy had already felt I raised Sally's skirt until I could get my hand onto her soft plum pussy. I felt her gasp in my mouth, her kiss intensifying as my finger sunk into the damp heat of her slit. Sally put her arms around my waist pulling me to her, her fingers clawing at my waist as I fingered her slits searching under the hood of her ct to find her secret bud.

Sally was now ready for daddy, I undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor before leading her to the bedroom where daddy was waiting. I could feel her excitement as we entered the bedroom and she saw daddy there waiting and smiling at her.

Laying Sally onto the bed I stripped off and stood for a moment watching her eyes explore my body before sliding onto the bed alongside her and then of top of her. I covered her lips with mine as I pushed my pubic mound into hers, jiggling my hips to massage her clit with mine. "It's time for daddy now" I told her.

I rolled off Sally and daddy took my place.

I watched as daddy kissed her, biting her neck, blowing into her ear and whisper to her telling her how long he'd been waiting to take her as his own. Daddy's hands explored every inch of Sally's body. Hungrily he kissed, nibble and suckled her breasts. Sucking on her erect nipples he flicked his tongue over them testing their pertness. Daddy then slid down her body kissing each inch as he progressed lower and lower and lower. Sally was shaking with excitement as daddy's mouth neared the hot damp heat of her sex. I took daddy place suckling Sally's breast giving them the attention I knew they craved.

I looked into Sally's face, her eyes darted from side to side searching for answers to the questions exposed from daddy's attention to her sex. She moaned loudly as daddy's fingers explored depth of her tight pink vagina.

Daddy crawled back up Sally's body kissing each inch as he progressed until he looked into her eyes. The shaft of his steel hard member was pushed into the length of her Sally's slit. "Are you ready?" daddy asked. Sally nodded. I watched as daddy's butt raised up causing this dick to fall presenting his knob end at the entrance to Sally's honey pot.

Sally groaned as daddy's cock slowly pushed past her entrance and slid gently inside her. I lay beside Sally, holding her hand "good girl," I told her, "take daddy inside you, milk his cock sweetie." I encouraged. Sally gasped each time daddy pushed his knob end up against her cervix his pubic bone banging into her clit. Sally was moaning desperately trying to hold back from screaming as the pace quickened as daddy fucked her hard and deep Daddy gasped, his whole body shuddered as his balls exploded expelling their load deep inside Sally's womb. My finger was deep inside my own hole frigging my swollen clit. I knew what she was feeling, I knew what every nerve end was experiencing - I came with them my body shaking, my juices dripping to the floor.

Daddy rolled off Sally laying besides her panting and gasping. I immediately crawled between his legs and took his wet limp member into my mouth sucking on it savouring the taste of the mixture of their juices. I didn't spend long on daddy, I knew what daddy wanted me to do and I wanted to get to Sally before she moved. Crawling between her legs my nostrils flared as I d***k in the smell of their union. Covering her sex with my mouth I sucked their juices from her burying my tongue deep inside her hot, wet sweet sex. I was in love, I was in love with Sally's pussy, so plump, so soft, so warm, so sweet and covered with daddy's seed, it couldn't get better - or could it?

We all shagged ourselves to a standstill that weekend and then daddy and I returned home and shagged ourselves silly again reliving events.

We knew we wanted more of Sally in our lives but would she want us?


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