* A.K.A. " JUICY'BOX "
------ Hey there "SEXY!" How are you doing? Doing me, when I get out, "No-Doubt!" My pussy's just dripping wet, thinking about it, and your harder then a rock too, I just bet! I'll first get down on my knees, then unzip your jeans! You play with my swollen clit a bit,while I stroke your enormous dick! Then I'll Insert it into my watering mouth, licking it,and moveing it around; pulling it in and out! Your butthole will pucker, when I spit on that mother fucker! You grab my hair, and slam your big cock, deep down my throat, as far as it will go! Several times 'til I choke! You're about to cum, so you stand up,I scream "You Fuck" As I get up, and throw you down, on your back! Now, watch and learn a couple of trick's you can use in the sack! As I proceeded to attack! I yell "You've been very Naughty," While I continue to caress and pleasure, your hot sweaty body! Quivering and in shock ,you let me do what I want! You lie ther in Awe, as I get on top, and ride your hard throbbing cock! You then yell in reply;"Fuck yeah baby! just "let -er-Buck!" you'll Frisk me; and Spank me; Just Do me, Baby, again,again and all over again, " Oh Baby!" It's like we're rolling hard off, and in pure exstasy! Grabbing my thighs, with my legs up high! You'll drive me harder, harder, you get larger, and larger making me cry! But ,your mouth is very dry, So, down you'll go on me! You'll dive right in, and you reply; "Damn you taste great," while I stroke your dick , and you suck me, dry! Saving the best for last, it's now time, for you to stick your magic stick , in my nice, tight ass! We'll start out slow, then we'll get fast, you'll have to hold back, 'until I reach my climax! But, you can't, so you then blow your load, of your sweet cream, all over my face! Oh, how I love, how you taste! In please, you then drop, to your knees! A wistful thrust, upon my bust, and twisting tongue, full-f***e to my clit! I begin to spit, "Ohh Baby," --"Fuck,"-- "Here I Cummmmmm!" ...... Then whispering softly to me, you tell me you love me! And hunny So, do I! We're meant' to be together! Then holding one another, really tight, we fall fast asl**p, Deep into the night!

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4 years ago
Wowa Chicka Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet Hope To Meet You Someday Lol :)
4 years ago