My first daddy:Part 1

I had just turned the ripe old age of 18, and still a virgin anally, I fooled about with oral stuff, but had never taken or gave. At the time I was boyish looking/smooth and very much inexperienced, till I met this fine distinguished chap.

It was a rather hot day, and I was out in the park catching some rays, I had my top off, exposing my slim, silky smooth body, with nice tight football shorts on, exposing my bulge. I decided it was getting a bit hot so wandered off to the road, where a nice expensive car caught my eye, and so did the rather handsome older guy inside it, he had a good look at me, specifically around my body and crotch area, I knew he was up for some action. I walked further up the road, where I could see him following slowly, he stopped and asked 'would you like a lift somewhere?' I reluctant at first said yes.

I got into his car, he was in business dress, a pinstripe suit, he was probably in his early to mid-fifties with a nice big moustache, I knew he was old enough to be my Dad, but felt strangely attracted to him.

We got chatting and he pulled out a packet of cigars and asked if I wanted one, to which I replied 'No Thanks' he lit one up, and I started to become hard from watching him smoke this huge cigar, he noticed my cock getting harder, and he put his hand on my tight shorts 'Mmmm' very nice' he said 'Do you want to come back to my house?' I agreed, en-route he kept rubbing my crotch and running his rough hands up and down my silky smooth body, 'Mmm I love smooth boys' he said in a deep husky voice, I could feel his cock through his pinstripe trousers throbbing, he was thick and big and I couldn't wait to see what was under it.

We finally arrived at his flat, I was so turned on at this point, he closed the door, went into the sitting room, and sat on the sofa, he started kissing me, I loved the smell of the cigar from his breath as well as his facial hair rubbing off my boyish face, he also had a big juicy tongue and could feel it rubbing off he back of my throat, his hands were down the back of my shorts, where I could feel his finger rubbing up and down my hole. 'Hmm you have shaven for Daddy have you?' A bit taken aback, and turned on at the same time by this 'Daddy' revelation I played along and said 'Yes daddy' I could feel him gradually getting more and more turned on by my slight submissiveness, I could feel his facial hair rubbing while he kissed my neck and his tongue run down my back, while his hands were squeezing my buttock's. he stood me up and pulled my shorts down to my ankles and could see he was inspecting my ass, 'Hmmm he said what a lovely ass you have' he said 'How many guys have fucked that?' 'None I said' He replied 'oh so I'm going to be the first, so you're nice and tight?' never been fucked before I was sceptical, nervous but excited at the same time, I felt at ease with this guy so we mutually agreed to go with the flow. I then turned round to face him, and sat on his lap, I passionately kissed him again, and un-did his tie slowly, followed by his shirt while I gradually rubbed my pink hole on his bulging cock.he was hairy, just what I liked, manly and hairy, I rubbed my hands through his windswept body hair, whilst rubbing my hole through his suit trousers, into his cock, we did that for almost 15 minute's whilst he kissed me rubbing each other's body off each other, hairy to smooth.

I was completely naked at this point, and he had his suit trouser's on, He slid his finger into my ass, although sore at first, I started shaking, not with pain but with the up most pleasure, he could see in my eye's the pleasure it was giving me, and slipped another finger into my pink shaved hole. I started unbuttoning his trouser's, and seen his bulging meat through his underwear, whilst his finger's were rotating about inside me. @god you feel so tight my boy' he said, I just groaned with pleasure. I then took down his underwear, and seen finally that huge thick cock, he must have been around 8' at least, with lot's of girth, he still had his fingers in my hole, and I kissed and licked all down from his hairy chest, rock hard nipples, and slipped his mammoth cock into my mouth, I could see the pleasure in his face, as my mouth ran up and down his shaft, he then removed his finger's from my now wet and pulsating hole, went for a 69 position and rammed his hot wet tongue into my hole, this point I was ready to explode, I have never felt a sensation like that before, his facial hair rubbing on my hole along with his wet tongue, amazing and will never forget it! I continued sucking his throbbing cock, he lifted his head and said 'get Daddy's cock nice and wet boy' I could feel my hole getting wetter and wetter with his tongue as well.

He then man=handled me against a table, lifted my leg onto a chair and could feel his now, pre-cum and saliva dripping cock rubbing against my hole. I was so scared but so turned on at the same time. 'You ready for Daddy's huge load boy?' I begged and pleaded as I have never wanted something so much 'Yes Daddy fuck me' I first felt the head slipping in, then he slowly took it out, and back in more and more gradually, it was like pain I never encountered before painful, but really pleasurable at the same time, he slowly slid from the base of his shaft to the top in and out' 'God boy you're so tight, you really are a virgin eh? You're the tightest boy i've ever had' I groaned with pleasure, could hear him groan too when I tightened the muscles around my ass area. He pinned me up against the wall and could feel his hairy body, slide up and down whilst his slippy dick thrusted in and out of me, kissing my neck and shoulders, I could feel him stopping and holding his dick in me as he didn't want to cum too soon.

He then took his cock out, took my hand and sat me on the sofa, where he lifted my legs into the air and slipped his now throbbing cock back into my now semi-red hole. He started pounding my hole faster and a lot harder, I was now broken inn, so it wasn't as painful, I rubbed my hand's through his hairy, sweaty manly body, I was so turned on and so close to erupting my load. 'You wanna cum boy?' 'Yes Daddy I am gonna explode' I replied, he sat his dick in me still and took my cock and jerked me off hard, till my huge thick load squirted out all the way up his chest and also onto his moustache, I screamed with pleasure, I was shaking head to foot as well as covered with his and my hot sweat. He rubbed my cum all over his and my body while his dick was still throbbing inside me.'Ok Daddy's turn' he said 'You can't still be a virgin till my Load's inside of you, I wanna be the first to impregnate you boy' he said. he started thrusting in and out slowly again, gradually faster and faster, I could hear the pleasure build up in his voice, until I felt him exploding inside of me, it felt like a huge load too, I could feel a hot sensation in my stomach, he had officially de-flowered me. We lay there for a while while his dick got softer inside of me, I felt it come out along with some of his hot load, he lit another cigar and we cuddled, I ended up staying the night, and had more adventures with my new found sugar daddy fuck buddy x

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1 year ago
hot storie
2 years ago
Hot story !!
2 years ago
Thanks yes he was/still is he lives abroad now but still see him time-to-time
2 years ago
Great story! Sounds like an amazing daddy