First year of college away from the parents and Kelly knew this would be the time of her life. Having been raised in a strict household her outside entertainment had been extremely limited. She had managed to get many scholarships that, when combined, paid for 5 full time semesters including books and living expenses would be paid by her parents. She had signed the rental release to her first apartment the same day she moved in. Her b*****r and his friends moved the furniture and boxes, as well as get the television hooked up correctly with the other devices. Once they were all gone and Kelly was by herself in her own apartment she sat back and smiled.

Curious about the noise coming from upstairs she sat still and listened. Realizing there was a rhythm to the noise she knew that her upstairs neighbors must be having sex. Because Kelly was a virgin didn't mean that she was ignorant to the act of sex. She would sit back and listen to her friends tell their stories and get excited. She would rush home and run to her room and imagine the stories she had heard and rub her clit slowly so she wouldn't cum too fast.

Kelly decided she was going to masterbate her first night in her apartment without being worried about getting caught. She stripped while in the living room and began to pull on her nipples. She had always had very sensitive nipples and anytime she would tug on them they would get rock hard and send quick jolts of pleasure straight to her clit causing it to contract. She walked into the bathroom and was going to do something she had only heard about. Since her first experience with getting herself off it had only been with her two fingers rubbing her clit in circles until her pussy became so hot and she came. Today was going to be a new experience.

Turning the bathtub knob to get the water to a perfect comfortable degree she stepped in and scooted her body as far down as it could possibly go so that when she opened her legs the water would stream on her pussy. She slowly opened her legs and realized the water was too fast and a bit too hot for her delicate clit so she adjusted the temperature and the stream and laid down once more to let the water do it's job. The feel of the water hitting her hooded clit sent chills throughout her body. Without even touching her nipples they were so hard that she decided they needed attention. She raised up on her left elbow and softly ran her hand over her nipples. The contact with her rock hard nipples immediately shot down to her clit that was getting hammered by the water. She raised up a bit more to see what was going on and watch the water move her clit from side to side and hit the hood until she actually watched herself have an orgasm for the first time. She moved back from the water and saw that her clit was hard. She was hooked. Water massage was her new passion. She had found a new love, a bathtub love.
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4 years ago
Good story you have a talent for erotic writing.
4 years ago
good one, when is the next one coming out?
4 years ago
Very nice writing. Love the story and can't wait until the next posting
4 years ago

promising story but i would have liked it longer!

have you checked mine?

4 years ago
hot story! nice descriptions!
4 years ago
hop ethere will be more hopefully a boyfriend to start her on a sexual experience properly and beyond to all holes are goals