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He was very handsome and very curious to certain sexual acts. He had been longing for a woman to take him anally, he spent most of his masturbating thinking of his dream woman all in black leather, thigh high boots, and she place’s his collar around his neck leading him into her private room with all of her toys for pleasure with the attached leash. She smiled at him seeing he was nervous being with her, his eyes widened when she picked up her flogger and began strapping her hand.

“I think you have been a very naughty boy.” She told him in an almost eerie whisper.

“Yes Mistress, I have been masturbating without your permission.” He said with his heart pounding in his throat and chest.

He heard the sound of the flogger snapping in her hand as she leads him to a wall with chains and hand cuffs. She quickly cuffed him to these chains and he felt her pulling his jeans down around his ankles, his heart was racing wildly now and then he felt it, the flogger smacking his ass. She giggled from his reaction of flinching and gasping from the shock of the flogger on his ass.

“Now are you ever going to do anything without my permission?” she asked and then again the flogger went across his ass with a slight moan from her lips.

“No Mistress, I will always ask first.” He said as he felt his cock beginning to get hard and he knew this could lead to more punishment.

“My, my is that an erection I see growing there?” she asked smacking him again across his ass watching his cock twitch from the pleasure with a smile on her face.

“Please forgive me Mistress, but I have tried to control it.” He told her so humbly.

“I am disappointed in you.” She told him walking in front of him and placing her hands on his masculine chest and squeezing it with her hands.

She smiled looking deep into his eyes feeling his chest rising from his intense breathing, she looked down seeing his now hard erection and placed it in her hand, squeezing it with just enough pressure that she could still slide her hand up and down the shaft as she placed her hand behind his neck bringing his lips to hers and kissing him so passionately and sucking on his bottom lip. His cock was throbbing and he wanted her so bad he could taste it, but dare not to make any type of advancement toward her for fear of the punishment.

She stepped backward smiling at him and walked to a table with her toys, his heart was beating wildly as he watched her placing her double headed strap on and smiling at him with a devilish smile as his eyes widened with fear for he knew what she was going to be doing to his ass. The anticipation almost made him cum as she walked toward him. He felt her behind him and felt something gooey on her fingers that she was putting all over his asshole. Her hands gripped his hips, then he felt the head of the dildo up against his asshole trying not to tighten up as she entered his ass.

Slowly she went in and heard his moan from the pleasure he was feeling, she began taking harder stokes into his ass as the dildo was bringing her dripping pussy such erotic pleasure as she fucked him watching him stroking his cock in the mirror in front of them. Now she was ramming the dildo deeper and harder into the two of them until they both exploded into a hot raging climax as his hand was stroking his cock just as fast and hard as the dildo was banging his tight ass. Cum was spewing on the tile floor as her knees were feeling so weak from the orgasm she was having.

The door opened slowly when an older, larger man walked into the room smiling. I need to feel some hot tongues on my aching cock from listening to you two in here fucking and moaning. She smiled as she looked into his eyes seeing the questioning of what was being said to them. He heard her laugh and un cuffed him,

“You are going to join me in sucking a cock baby.” She said taking his hand as the older man pulled his pants down around his ankles and then both were on their knees on each side of his large hard cock.

He was slow at putting his tongue to the mans throbbing cock and once he made contact with his tongue to the cock watching her pink tongue sliding up and down the shaft, then he felt her hand directing his head in front of the cock and the man shoved it into his mouth. First he gagged and then he began to like the taste and felt his own erection building again and her mouth on his cock now as her fingers played with her pussy as the three of them enjoyed his first threesome. He felt the mans cum shoot down his throat as his own cum was being sucked up by his mistress, his love hearing her moaning and knowing her cum was oozing all over her fingers that he would lick clean for her.
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