The Neighbours Favour

NOTE: New To this but long time reader so if u find and please for improvement please don't hesitate to ask.

Just finished college and had no work so returned home for the summer having sorted work for the following September abroad. I was out mowing the lawn when my mother pointed out that the neighbours are away and the lawn could do with a cut. so went over and did so, a few later days Matilda or maddy our neighbour popped over to thank me for the help. she explained that her husband wasn't around anymore as he had run of with another man and she was not too happy bout that fact. She went on to explain that she and two of her daughters were going out to Germany to visit her eldest daughter May who was just married and living there full time and teaching English.

So I agreed to keep an eye on the house and cut the lawn while they were gone. they left and were gone for bout 3 weeks so for the first week I went out a cut the lawn and no problems occurred. in the middle of the second week when I was coming back from leaving me s****r in town with her friends in town. As I passed the house I noticed a light on in the house and was lost as the f****y was in Germany so I went in to check as I had a spare key. I went in and checked the house out seemed ok but then I saw a light flickering and in one of the bedrooms, so I went to look in and there was a tall black hair girl in a t-shirt and very short shorts. She screamed I heard a noise behind me and saw another girl and she looked pissed next thing I knew I was on the floor cupping my crotch from the hit she sent my way.

A voice spoke up and it was the maddy’s forth daughter Sarah the second eldest with some friend. I get up and slowly make it to the bed sit down and explain why I’m there and she does the same, her reason was that she heard bout her folks and came back to see her mom but didn’t no they were gone till it was too late. Sarah’s friend how I found was a travelling friend was named Tina and I have to admit she Was stunning, long blonde hair, slender wearing a t-shirt and also short shorts, which showed of her long and tanned legs. She points out that she is going to take a shower and left leaving me and Sarah to talk and catch up on things, bout college, work, Etc. she then suddenly looks me straight in the face and asks bluntly is my cock ok from what Tina had done. I just replied with a slight bit of embarrassment seems ok which she follow with show me.
Shocked I tried to get out some words that it wasn’t necessary but they didn’t seem to come out so she sat beside me and undid my pants and took my cock in her hand and replied that wow it sure has changed from the last time I saw it.

Being neighbours when we were younger we had played around with each other the usual show and tell granted I also did the same with the other s****rs but that’s another time.

Right now I was using all my control to avoid and get hard in front of her but too late I began to get hard and she just smiled saying that it seems to be fine if it is getting like this over me. I explained how could I not considering how hot she is to which she looked at me with a smirk and just nodded and began to rub her hands up and down my shaft. As the pre cum began to seep out she licked her lips and just said that it’s been a while since she had some cock and then began to lick the head and kiss it. I began to moan in pleasure as it had been a while since my last Blowjob and it was good she stops and orders me to stand up which I comply as she is still holding my cock and uses it to pull me up. My pants drop to my ankles and she gets on her knees and without a word begins again this time taking my cock in all the way and deep throats it to my surprise as the last few girls I had when they gave me head some needed cream to make it go down easier but here was my neighbour on her knees going hell for leather sucking my cock and playing with my balls. As I began to reach my limit I didn’t know what to do, do I tell her or just let blow so warning her which didn’t seem to slow her down she continued at it till I reached the point of no return I grab her head and begin to blow one of my loads I then felt a hand at my ass which suddenly had a finger followed by a second one enter my asshole I was too late to react and this just caused me to blow all over Sarah face and hair, this didn’t seem to stop her as she just went on and gulped it down with no problems. Once I had finished my legs went out below me and fell to my knees and facing Sarah and she just smiled as she wiped some cum off her cheek and sticking her mouth and replied yummy. She asked how was that and all I could say was WOW I have never came that hard or that much and that thing you did with your hand and my asshole was a surprise but was different if not weird. What about your ass I never touched it I turn around and there is Tina standing in just a towel looking at the both of us and asks if she was interrupting to which Sarah said no but you seemed interested to join us huh? Me I was still just toung tied and didn’t no what to say she walked over as stood up and as she took a hold of my cock with one hand she pulled me in and rammed her tongue into my mouth as she began to squase my cock beganing to wake it again.

At first I was shocked but then began to enjoy it till I remembered the fact that Sarah was still there, looking over at her she giggle and said ok your turn as she high fived Tina and says she is going to get a shower so she can be ready for later.
Later I asked and Tina just said never you mind just wait. She pushed me onto the bed and as I sat up she stradled me and began to again to f***e her toungue in my mouth which this time was well recived taking of my top she then began to kiss my neck. Collor bone chest and then went down and took hold of my cock shich was on a semi-hard state she began to squase it and then began to suck it till it had a spring in its step again, taking of her towel she revealed a pair of the biggest tit I ever saw she just said you like the DD then huh and tasking my hard-on stuck it between the girls and started to give me a titty fuck I just law back and began to revel in the pleasure as she began to suck my cock in-between the tit fucks as I was about to reach my limit I warned her and she continued to build it up till I was about to climax but she suddenly stops, she stands up pulls me off the bed with my cock in hand she lets the towel fall and then she foes and lies on the bed with her legs spread and motions to me with her hand and says I want you to fill me with that load. With out a second to respond I just looked at her body this tall 5’7 blonde babe with a tanned body, I made my way over to her got on her and began to suck on her tits as well as played with her pussy which was bare and soaking wet neither of us could wait any longer and I took my cock in hand and in one fell swoop a rammed it in which to her surprise she let out a high moan of o fuck that was naughty I just mentioned that she isn’t the only one that can be in charge she just giggled and said prove it then. I began to slowly pump it into her and began to increase in speed as she moaned and shouted yeah, yeah deeper, deeper dam it she warped her legs around my back and just said I told you deeper as she pulled me in reaching as deep as I could she shouts o FUCK and screams her pussy clamps down on my cock and she stops, followed with heavy panting I on the other hand didn’t reach my limit so I took out my cock and turned her over on to her knees. I stuck it back in as I began to start pounding it in and she started moaning again, as I went in deeper and deeper I could feel her cunt tightened again this time I was ready and as she reached her peak I just stopped dead in my tracks and she looks back at mean and demands to know why I stopped to which I moved up behind her with my cock sliding deep in her wet pussy and just whispered into he ear that I told you that you weren’t the only one in charge, it’s only fair you did the same to me Hmmm she just blushed a little and said fine but this time we both can enjoy the pleasure. Agreeing with her I began to ram it in to her and she started to moan again and scream, the more I fucked her the tighter she seemed to get till both she and I reached the end and as she came herself I blew a load if cum deep in her she collapses on to her chest and out pops my cock still dripping of cum I fall beside her, she looks at me and give me a deep passionate kiss and said fuck Sarah has one hell of a neighbour, not used to hearing this my ego getting a boost caused my cock to begin to stiffen in-between kisses from Tina she said that does this mean you want to Go for a second round, however before I could answer we were interrupted with no this time that one is for me. Standing at the door was Sarah dripping wet in a towel not looking amused saying that you couldn’t wait till I was done.

I was left dumb with my neighbour standing at her bedroom door as her neighbour and her friend fucked on her bed, Tina just giggled and enquired as to how long she was there to which she replied from when he said the first time that you weren’t the only one in charge. To which she followed up by saying that is true but he didn’t mean that he was referring to himself now was he. As Sarah Says this she slowly walks over to the bed dropping her towel and just says that it is time that I show you….

Hope you enjoy it if so comment and I may continue what happens next
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8 months ago
WOW just great, I would love have neighbors like that.
3 years ago
Awesome...and Damn I wish I had neighbors like that