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Our Night

After a quiet dinner in a secluded corner of a restaurant,
> where we discussed everything and nothing, we leave for a
> long walk on this warm evening. Hand in hand we walk
> the dimly lit path winding through trees, occasionally
> skirting the edge of a large pond. The quiet of the night is
> broken only by the buzzing of the cicadas and the beating of
> our hearts. We talk, we laugh, we just walk in silence,
> enjoying the time and each other. At first, we stop every
> once in a while for a sweet kiss and a gentle caress and
> soon are walking with our arms around each other, you tucked
> under my arm with your head on my shoulder. Before long, the
> stops are more frequent, the kisses more probing, my hands
> exploring you, caressing you more urgently. We stop at the
> waters edge and I stand behind you as we look across the
> shimmering pond. As I kiss your neck my hands caress your
> bare arms and slowly slide up your sides. As my kisses move
> to your shoulders you lean
> your head back onto me, my hands slowly rise up to cup your
> breasts, and I feel you arch you back; pressing into my
> hands as your nipples urgently rise to my touch. Your
> breathing deepens as my hands caress you, and I spin you
> around and press you back against a nearby tree covering
> your mouth with mine. As our tongues dance with each other
> one of my legs slides between yours and as we kiss deeply,
> urgently, you slide on my leg, your passion mounting.....and
> you feel my hardness pressed into your hip. We grind, we
> kiss, we drink of each other...until the spell is broken by
> a sound. It's probably just a bird, but in unspoken
> agreement, we turn and head for home and more privacy.
> As we enter the door I turn on some music and get you something to
> drink as I slip out of the room to draw a bath. By the time
> the steaming water has filled the tub the bath oil and
> bubble bath have settled just right and I've lit the room
> with a few soft scented candles...sandalwood and vanilla,
> the erotic and the sweet. I return to you and pulling you to
> your feet I surround you with my arms and again cover your
> mouth with mine. Our passion returns quickly and as we move
> down the hall I pull off your clothing until your beauty is
> revealed just as we reach the bathroom. I quickly pull you
> inside and you gasp as you realize what I've prepared for
> you. You slink down into the tub as I tell you to lean back
> and enjoy. Starting with your hair...I wet it with the
> shower hose and slowly massage in the shampoo. Gently raking
> my fingers through your hair, I massage your scalp....gently
> along your temples, more firmly
> across your head and finally teasing at the nape of your
> neck. I feel you relax as you emit tiny sounds of comfort.
> Rinsing your hair, I now use a soft sponge to cleanse your
> body. The silky water sliding on your smooth body...i cannot
> resist and i finally abandon the sponge and replace it with
> my hands. So smooth and warm ... I caress your body and once
> again I cup your breasts. They are firm...I feel them
> swell...and i gently pinch your nipples. They are slippery
> with the bath, and they slip between my fingers and you sigh
> and squirm in the tub.
> I move further down your body, exploring. Trailing across
> your smooth belly, across you hips and down your smooth legs
> to your feet. I squeeze your feet gently and slide slowly
> back up your legs...to your inner thighs and slide my thumbs
> across your core, teasing, but ignoring your attempts to
> push yourself onto my hands. The water is cooling and I run
> to the dryer and pull out a large fluffy bath sheet .... hot
> from the dryers cycle. I return to the bath and pull you out
> and wrap you in the incredible warmth of the soft cloth.
> Your legs are rubber and you can barely stand....and after
> you're dried I lead you to the bedroom. The room is
> hot...after your bath it's necessary so you don't become
> chilled, because I remove the towel and lay you across the
> bed. Your pale skin shines in the moon light coming through
> the window, and I add a couple of candles to the light so I
> can enjoy our beauty. Pulling warm oil from a bottle, I heat
> it further with my hands,
> and begin your massage. Firmly I need your muscles with my
> strong hands. Deep tissue massage to draw out your tensions.
> I move slowly and surely down your back until my hands
> surround your cheeks and I hear you groan softly as i firmly
> squeeze and massage you. I move down your legs and I can
> feel the tension leaving your body as your muscles all relax
> under my touch. No part of you is left out as I work on your
> feet and even your toes get their own personal treatment.
> Finally...I start back up you body again...but this time
> with soft caresses instead of deep massage. Stroking and
> teasing your skin I move up your calves to the back of your
> knees. I caress your soft skin of your inner legs and as my
> fingers slide inside your thighs they open to me. Slowly,
> lovingly I caress your body, moving higher each stroke until
> I just brush that spot where your thighs meet.
> You are aroused...I can smell your intoxicating scent and
> each time my hands approach your groin you involuntarily
> move your self into my hands.....wanting me to touch you, to
> stroke you. I continue to tease, finally trailing my fingers
> all around your open inflamed lips....just barely touching
> them. I hear you say "please" softly. Not
> yet...and I move back up your aroused body....softly
> touching the skin on your back as I calm you back down and
> ask you to turn over. Now I start with your face...massaging
> your temples. Your urgency has passed for now as the front
> of your body receives the same treatment your back did
> before. Deep massage from top to bottom...including your
> breasts but not touching your nipples...down your torso and
> across your hips. Pulling out the tension with deep
> massage...working around your groin and to your legs. As I
> work my way back up, now with gentle caresses, your need is
> more urgent and you wantonly open yourself wide as i
> move up you inner thighs....still.....I just work around
> and close but not into your core. My hands slowly press
> around your pubic bone causing you to lift your self to me
> as your clitoris is stimulated indirectly. I bend down and
> capture a nipple between my lips as I finally slide a finger
> inside of you. You are incredibly aroused and your juices
> are flowing freely now as my hands play you. I probe you
> deeply with one hand while the other concentrates on
> stimulating that bud of flesh that drives it all. Your body
> is in constant motion. Reacting to my touch and letting all
> the tension and feelings run through you. I am thrilled as I
> watch you, feeling your energy and feeding off of
> you......as I watch you grab your breasts,
> I slide my hands down and under you and hold your cheeks in
> my hands as I cover you with my mouth and drive my tongue
> deep inside of you. I know you are close so I suck hard and
> drink your juices as I fuck you with tongue. I probe deep
> and lick around and around .... more urgently now. You are
> flooding me and as the juices run between your cheeks I take
> finger and rub them around your rosebud...enjoying your
> groan as all of those nerves become involved in your
> passion. I chase the river with my tongue and as I allow my
> hands to once again drive into you, I let the tip of my
> tongue push into your forbidden opening below and enjoy
> feeling you jerk and react as I rim you lightly. I can sense
> you peaking, hearing your cry's so I move back up to take
> your clit between my lips...flicking you with my tongue as
> my fingers relentlessly drive into you, taking you over the
> top. I feel your joy and energy as you cum....rolling like
> thunder as the waves crash over
> your body. Finally as they slow I slide up your body and
> drive my hard flesh into you. Your orgasm starts a new round
> as you feel my cock hit bottom inside of you and I drive in
> and out to carry your through. I'm so aroused by your
> excitement that within a minute I'm cumming with you,
> letting my very soul pour itself into you as we both spend
> ourselves and cumming together pulls our souls together. We
> cling to each other, arms surrounding and legs wrapped
> around waists as we finally glide down from the peak of
> bliss to a contented plateau of satisfaction. I remain
> inside of you and pull a light blanket over the top of us
> and we kiss and cuddle our way to a restful slumber.
> Recovering for the next round when our passion again
> overtakes us.

Posted by JDETA18 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Thank you Sir it is the best night any pet could ask for. You make it easy for me to want this bad. Kissing you all over in return.
2 years ago
Love this, would be a perfect night!
2 years ago
mmmm nice :)