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I am in a room talking to people when all of a sudden from behind me someone grabs me, ties my hands behind my back, blindfolds me and drags me away. Nothing is said, it is quiet except for my breathing.
I am thrown into a room where I am untied, stripped and retied. I am told to stay quiet by a low husky voice. I am caressed, hands touch me softly at first and then roughly. He is strong, smells wonderful and I can feel his body heat. I squirm in eager anticipation. “You are here to be taught a lesson. You are a slut and you will be treated like one. You will submit or pay the consequences, make no noise or be gagged. You will not see who is talking to you or touching you. It is you and I and no one else. "I am thrown over his knee, his hand rubs my ass, then he brings it down quickly on my very naked ass. His blows come repeatedly. I squirm, I hate barehanded spankings. He grabs me and holds me tighter and his blows come faster and harder. He stops for a second and rubs my ass and slides his hand into my pussy and laughs. "For someone who doesn't like it, you sure are wet. "This person knows me, how is that possible? He knows what I think, what I have told almost no one. He continues, I am breathing heavy, struggling to get up and away. I am let go, stood up, slapped, nipple pinched, pulled, twisted, bitten. I am groaning, struggling. My head is pulled back by my hair, he kisses me hard, deep. I respond, groan inward, getting hotter by the minute. He f***es me to my knees, grabs me by the back of the hair and f***es his very hard cock into my mouth, deeper and deeper, making me gag. I hear his laugh and know that he is enjoying every moment of this and my agony of not knowing who he is. I pull myself away, asking who the hell he thinks he is and that I am not going to let him do this to me. That laugh comes again.
"Do you really think you have a choice, bitch? You will do as I say and enjoy every second of it and you know it. You will be used and abused at my will. Stop struggling, you know you want it. "I do not submit, I cannot submit, that is not me. I am the cold hearted one. Yet loving every minute. I am suddenly pulled over something and the first blow from a whip lands across my back, they proceed to land on my ass and back. I squirm, it doesn't hurt, but I do not want to surrender. The blows become more intense. A hand feels my ass for heat, it is run across my back and a whisper in my ear, "You like it, admit it, say it, you want more." I shake my head, refuse. The whip starts again. I am groaning, I am drifting, going somewhere I shouldn't. I feel my body responding against my will. A hand starts pushing its way into my pussy. I move, I am pulled back. It probes deeper. I cannot control myself, I start to cum and soak myself and him. "Thought you didn't want this bitch. You didn't ask for permission did you?"
A harder flogger strikes me and I groan. I want more, I want to feel helpless, I want to be used and abused, but I will not admit it to him. I feel him grab me by the back of the head and slam his cock into me, but he knows that is what I want and doesn't want me to enjoy it. I feel his cool skin against the welts on my ass. He goes deeper and deeper, harder, faster, making me moan.
I am thrown to the floor, slapped and his cock is shoved into my mouth. I am about to cum again, just as he is.

Posted by JDETA18 2 years ago
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