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As per my instructions, I find you spread out on the Queen sized bed, blindfolded and bound with the equipment I had you purchase. Your legs are cuffed together twice, once above the knees and once at the ankles with a yard wide spreader bar. You have a wide leather belt fastened about your waist through which you have run a rope and attached it to the spreader bar, dragging your feet to your ass. Then your hands are handcuffed through an eyehole in the wall above the bed. All and all not an uncomfortable position but one that is hard to escape from on your own. On the floor beside the bed I see your suitcase. Opening it up I see that you have indeed followed my instructions almost to perfection. There is one set of clothes consisting of a soft white shirt, a pair of long black slacks and shoes that look two sizes too small. Also in the suitcase is a wide selection of toys, leather goods, and bondage outfits that you have had to either make yourself or have specially fitted for body. You hear me rustle around in the suitcase and stand up. I speak to you for the first time, "You may answer me using only the words `yes' or `no'. If you say anything else, I will consider the contract broken and leave immediately. Is that clear?" A parched yes escapes your lips."You have read, signed and placed the contract on the dresser?" You are sure that you followed my instructions to a `t' and you say yes."You have read all the stories I sent you and acknowledge that I might, at anytime, do anything contained in those stories... to you?"You remember the stories..., others you had never seen before. You remember reading them over and over again masturbating over the scenes. If you answer yes now you know that your life will forever be changed. Are you ready for it, or is it too late, if you say no will the contract still be valid? "Yes," you say, verbally repeating what you had already consented to on paper. As the reality of what you have just consented to sinks in a little farther, a cold plastic form is pressed against your mouth. You recognize it as the ball gag that you had bought last week. The size had been specified to be at least 2 inches in diameter, but you were feeling adventurous that evening and bought a larger size that really stretched your mouth. Now it was in place, tied snug behind your head. Your left hand is released from its wall cuff and held firmly. "It's time to sign and seal the contract," I say. You feel a sharp prick on the thumb of your left hand. Then your thumb is squeezed hard, you figure out that you are to leave a bl**d print on the contract. "It is done."The hand cuff reclaims your wrist and once again you hear me rummaging around in the suitcase. "The contract being signed and sealed," I continue, "it is time to brand you as a member of my herd." Am I going to brand you? the thought makes you twist with expected pain. Surely things are going to go slow at first? But maybe not. Maybe I will try to wear you down. You mind races... then you feel something pressuring your asshole trying to get in. When the head of the dildo breaks its way in, you know that I have decided to use the biggest one first. It is so huge that you don't know how it is going to fit. And it isn't even lubed. It tears open your ass, working into you, causing enormous pain that you strain against your bonds. You scream as the dildo hits bottom, but the gag muffles the sound. Still I push it in farther and you are sure that it will rip you apart. Tears fall down your eyes as I slide the dildo out of your ass. Then without warning, the dildo slams back into its previous position. I hold it there and you feel another strap going around your waist. I string it through your legs and use it to hold the dildo in. You feel a little shocked when the dildo begins to vibrate. And you realize that this isn't even the largest toy you brought with you. This is a smaller, though not much, vibrator. As the vibrator hums away in your ass the pain gradually subsides and your pleasure increases. But you have lost track of where I am. You can't even be sure if I am in the same room with you. Then you hear a swish and a paddle strikes your ass. It drives the vibrator against your inner walls causing tremendous pain. You strain against you bonds and I strike you again. The paddle strikes again and again. Each time driving the vibrator into your pained ass. You lose count at fifty strokes as your body enters into orgasmic convulsions. The paddling continues even as you cum not stopping until you think that you are most likely bleeding from the hits. You feel my hands grip your ass and you try to scream from the pain... but the ache in your mouth is now almost as bad as the burning sensation in your vibrating butt. Thankfully, you think, I let go of your ass and you hear me walk across the room. As you lie there you feel tiny drops of warm bl**d hitting the insides of your thighs, dripping down from your ass."Hardly a sound," I say approvingly. But you know that if you hadn't been gagged the whole town would have heard your screams. Finally the vibrator is withdrawn from your ass. I untie your legs, but you find that to move them from anything but a kneeling position causes your body to be covered in pain. Nevertheless I roll you onto your back and retie your legs into a spread eagle position. The process of this causes you to pass out....
Posted by JDETA18 2 years ago
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