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I told you I was going to offer you up some distractions, keep your mind from getting bored.
That morning you wake up and go to the shower, I follow you, coming in as you are soaping your hair.
You are surprised and a smile comes across your face. I help you soap your body with my hands and then rubbing my body next to yours. I wrap my arms around you from behind and kiss your neck; you hands come back and push my head harder into your flesh. I am already aroused at your beautiful body and all it has to offer. You turn on me and kiss me hard, your tongue dances in my mouth and your breasts press tight against me. We haven’t had this time together in a long time.
My hand reaches down and feels you clit, hard ad excited. I position my cock so the head is rubbing your slit. We keep kissing, as I feel you hips working their way to sliding me inside you. I grab your hair, turn you around and bend you over! Spreading your sexy ass, I slide my cock into your pussy. Water pours down on us, our bodies slapping together as I fuck you hard. It isn’t long and we are both ready to cum.
Your legs shake and your walls tighten around my cock. I feel you shutter in excitement, as your pussy milks my cock for all its cum. You stand up facing me, smiling as we both needed that.
Getting dressed and off to work, you keep thinking about your morning. As the day progresses I sent you text messages, telling you how much I miss you. A package arrives at work, for you, from me..What is it?
A small teddy bear, with a note and box attached. You read the note, it says “Sweety, I really enjoyed this morning, been looking forward to it for a while now, hope we can continue when you get home.”
You open the box, inside an I-pod video player. You turn it on; it is us in the shower! You think, “That sneaky ass put some of his covert cameras in the bathroom”. You keep watching, getting more excited about how good it felt this morning. You have to go, the First Lady wants to go out and you are her number one. Quickly you put the I-pod back in your pocket and leave.
You take your job serious and that is why you are the best at what you do. I respect that and you know I would never do anything to prevent that.
Your first stop is a coffee shop for some coffee. You both walk in, she tells you she will be right back, bathroom break. You do your thing, check the room and leave here to her privacy. Your phone buzzes, it is an instant message. You look and it is from me, saying how much I miss you, wished you were here.
The principle come out of the bathroom and sees you smiling, she comments how pretty your smile is and you leave. Her next stop is her spa; you know this is going to be at least an hour. You take her in, she gets her room and you wait. She leaves you in the room while she goes to here session. A knock comes to the door, I walk in. You look shocked, but also ask what the hell? I close the door and walk over to where you’re sitting, you telling me to “get out, what if she comes back”, knowing she won’t anytime soon. Without saying a word, I unzip my pants, pull out my cock, grab your hair and f***e feed you my member. Looking at me in total shock, you gag and choke as I fuck you mouth. It takes a minute, but you come around and begin doing what you do best, take me deep and swallow my cum gulp after gulp. You finish me with a tongue around the head of my cock to get the last drop and tell me to get the hell out of there. I smile and leave, telling you I will see you later!
First lady comes back from her session; you’re sitting with a glazed look in your eyes. You do snap to as she walks in and let her know you are ready when she is.
As you drive away, you feel your phone buzz again. You wait till you arrive at your next venue and read the message. It was me again, telling you “Good Girl, you got it all suck out of me.” Then a short video attachment, you play it; it was you taking my cock in that room! Once again, my button camera got it all on digits. Now you are paranoid, where else do I have cameras?
You wait for the client and wonder what the hell is going on. She comes out and says it is almost time for her golf lesson; she needs to go home and change. After changing, you take her to the Country Club. Once inside you watch her, but know that everyone there has security of some sort so things are good. What you don’t see is me there, watching you. Watching you look at the I-pod, watching the video from the shower, Licking your lips and rubbing your thighs together. You contact your team, tell them you are going to be offline a minute, bathroom. You walk in, I’m already there, shutting and locking the door. You say “No, you’re going to get me in trouble”. I quickly unbutton your pants, bend you over and begin taking you from behind. Hard and fast, your tits bouncing under your shirt. I go steady for about 2 minutes and pull out, shooting a load onto your sexy ass. I pull up your panties and then your pants kiss you hard and tell you that I will see you later. Your eyes are again in shock, your legs are shaking! I leave, you follow. You don’t care about the wet sticky feeling of my cum in your ass crack, you still can’t figure it out.
Sitting down at your table waiting, a IM comes in and you think OMG, not again. Yes, another video, us in the bathroom. A clear shot of me slamming you from behind, you ass spread for viewing and then the money shot, my hot cum in your ass crack.
You quickly send me an IM, “You’re in so much trouble when I get home.”
I respond, Tell me what you are going to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by JDETA18 2 years ago
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