My s****r

When i was 15 my s****r held a f****y gathering at her flat which was good as i saw relatives i haven't seen for ages. I had already asked to stay over on the sofa which was fine so i knew i could drink after my parents had left and not worry about going home after. It came the time when the last guest left and me and my s****r sat on the sofa and drank some more.
After we'd finish off the remainder of a bottle of Vodka my s****r went off to bed, so with the blankets ready i settled down onto the sofa in my boxers and closed my eyes.
As started to drift off to sl**p i woke to my s****r running the tap, she came into the living room in her dressing gown with a pint of water in hand. I sat up to allow her to sit which she did.
"can't forget to have a glass of water before bed" she said
"yeah you'll be glad in the morning" i replied
We spoke about trivial stuff but as we did her dressing gown opened wider and wider allowing me to see her bra with her big DD tits, i tried not to keep looking but eventually she caught me having a good look, she immediatly closed the dressing gown.
She continued to babble on until she started talking about kissing and asked me "have you ever kissed a girl?"
"of course" i answer
"i,m a great kisser" she boosted
"really" i replied
"yeah i think so" she said
"you think so do you?" i mockingly asked
"yeah, here you go i'll show you" she said as she leaned in
"what are you doing" i asked in shock
"what?its only a kiss" she said as she leaned in again
as her soft lips touched mine i opened my mouth to be met by her toungue reaching into my mouth, we passionatly kissed for what seemed like minutes.
As we broke away from each other she asked "so how far have you been with a girl"
"just kissing" i told her
"so you,ve never held tits in your hands" she asked
"no" i nervously replied
"have a feel o mine if you want" she said
i nodded as she allowed the dressing gown to roll off her shoulders and fall at the waist, she reached behind her back and release the bra which she guided off on to the sofa, her tits where so perfect, i reached a hand across and squeezed one, it felt so nice in my hand.
"don't be shy" she said
i then started feeling and exploring her boobs, she then in a quiet voice said "do you want to see my pussy?"
i nodded, she undone the belt of the dressing gown and pull down her knickers, she sat down on the sofa with her feet up and pussy spread, she took my hand and pulled it towards her pussy, as i made contact i felt her warmth, i rubbed and stroked it and noticed it getting wetter.
"take your boxers off" she ordered me
i did as i was told, she grabbed my cock and started sucking it, it felt so amazing that before even a minute i was verging on climax.
"i,m close to cumming" i announced
she stopped and got up and walked out the room much to my confusion, seconds late she returned with a condom. She opened the wrapper and put it on me and pushed me onto my back and sat on my hard cock, the warmth was perfect the whole feel and sensation was the best thing i'd ever discovered in my life at that point, she rode me hard and despite my best efforts to last i came after a 5 minutes but she carried on riding getting faster and faster when i thought she wet herself (i didnt know about squirters at the time).
She lay on top of me on the floor, we where both breathing heavily, she pulled the blacket from the sofa onto us and i fell asl**p.
90% (39/4)
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3 years ago
Good story but you need to write more, stretch it out to a better length for readers.
3 years ago
Awesome story! Hot sister!
3 years ago
Very good!!
3 years ago
Wow ...
3 years ago
got any pix of sis?
3 years ago
such a good sister
3 years ago
Nice story
3 years ago
great reading any more to tell?????????????