My first time witha a shemale.

I was holiday in Spain with my friend and his Mum when i was 17, we didnt have any problems getting served in the bars so went out every night drinking. Half way through the holiday we all went out and me and my friend ending up in a club quite the worse for wear, a girl was dancing against a pole and keeped looking at me so i look backand maintain eye contact, she danced in my direction so i danced up to her and as she started to grind against me i started feeling her tits, she turned round and led me by hand to the girls toilets, there was other girls in there but we went straight to a cubicle. She squated down and undone my belt and pulled my jeans and boxers down and eagerly started sucking my already erect cock, she was rough with the head and i twice told her to slow down but she barely responded, she then stood up so i lean into feel her pussy and as she went to block my arm i got a stroke of cock and balls, I instantly froze in shock to which the shemale urged me onto the toilet seat and immediatly sat on my cock and rode it well.
After a few minutes of riding which i enjoyed in a some what confused manner she/he pulled her skirt down so i buttoned myself up, she then led me out of the toilets and then remembering my friend i paniced and didnt want him to see me with the shemale so i lost her on the dance floor and went straight back to the hotel.
I felt shame the next day and didnt know what to make of it, i kept thinking it must have been the booze, i dismissed the incident on return to London and tried to forget it.
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3 years ago
What an experience ...
3 years ago
You enjoyed it its not shameful to have been fuck by a shemale you had fun and got your rock off too go back and enjoy it over and over again thanks