Yaoi wrestling

Alex and Axel are going to the university and are both 21 years old.
They're not in the same class but see each other a lot in their free time.
Mostly they go to the gym or have drink at a bench in the park.
And sometimes go out to meet some girls and have a drink.
And they never had any sexual contact with each other.

This time Axel was home alone and Alex came to visit him.
Axel had two rooms one for fitness with weights and a big mat
and one bedroom.
They first sat down at the couch downstairs and watched some television
What do you want to drink Axel asked to Alex.
I'd like some soda please.
So Axel got a soda for him and for himself.
As there was nothing interesting on the television Axel asked Alex
if he wanted to go upstairs to his weight and fitness room.
Yeah, that's a good idea said Alex.
So they went upstairs.
Axel then asked Alex shall we practice shirts off ?
It's really hot so.
Actually Axel just wanted to see Alex half naked and look at his muscles and
his body.
That's a great idea let's do that Alex said.
So they both undressed their top.
They both picked up some dumbells and did exercises with them.
They looked at each other here and there while having an interval.
After a while Alex asked Axel shall we make some room and do some
wrestling on the mat ?
Yes, that's fine he said.
So they made some room on the mat and started wrestling.
Axel got Alex down first and put him in an arm lock.
Then Alex got Axel down and put him in a leg lock.
And now they both got down after a somewhat failed takedown.
And they laughed a bit at each other and wrestled on the ground,
none of them could get the upper hand so they kept wrestling.
They both began to get a bit of hard one from grinding onto each other
and looking at each other and they could even feel each others breath.
Not to mention they were already shirtless so there was a lot of body contact.
As none of them got the upper hand they decided to stand up again.
Axel asked Alex shall we make a deal or a bet ?
What do you have in mind said Alex ?
I don't know... Axel said
But while Axel looked at Alex his hard on he knew he might ask something sexualy.
So Axel said what if the loser has to blowjob the winner ?
Alex then said well why not.
Okay deal Axel said.
So they both got in to position and Axel tried to takedown Alex
but that didn't work yet and Alex tried to takedown Axel but it was hard
Then Axel lifted Alex of the floor and took him down he fastly put
on an arm bar and Alex tapped off.
So Axel was the winner.
Now Alex had to give Axel a blowjob.
Axel took his pants off and Alex sat down on his knees waiting for
Axel to put his cock in his mouth.
It's pretty big Alex thought.
Axel then put his cock in Alex his mouth and he began sucking his cock.
Axel his cock went in and out of his mouth while he sucked his cock.
They did this for around 5 minutes and Alex sucked his cock all this time.
Now Axel was being nice and said how about I'll give you a blowjob now ?
That would be nice Alex said.
So take your pants off and lay on the floor Axel said.
Alex put his pants off and layed down on the floor.
You have a nice cock Axel said.
Thanks he replied.
Axel sat down and began sucking Alex his cock and his cock felt great
in his mouth.
he kept sucking and sucking him.
He sucked him really good.
How about we make another bet Axel asked to Alex
and this time you decide what we are going to do.
Alex thought a little about it and said what if the winner
fucks the loser ?
Axel didn't even doubt about it and said great let's do that
and shall we do it so that the winner fucks the loser in the
position he lost ?
That's a good idea Alex said and maybe whe can do it multiple times.
They both got in to position and this time Alex took down Axel but
Axel came in to position again on the ground and got on top and
managed to put on a choke.
Alex tapped off and lost while laying with his abs against the ground.
So you get to fuck me first Alex said.
I'll be gentle he laughed.
Axel put on a condom and kneeled down at Alex his butt.
He first rided against his butt without putting his cock up his ass
and got a really hard one.
Alex watched Axel from the side and got really hard too.
Axel slowly put his cock in Alex his ass and slowly went
deeper with every movement.
Now he was in completely and began to fuck Alex.
He put his arms beside Alex his shoulders and went in and out of his ass.
He looked at Alex while he fucked him and Alex could feel his breath.
He fucked him for a while and then they both got in to a kneeled position
to wrestle again and this time Alex got the upperhand and got Axel in an armbar
while he was laying on his back.
Now Alex also put on a condom and said finally my turn.
Well I'm gonna enjoy it Axel said.
Alex sat down between Axel his legs and stroke his cock while riding against
his ass after a while he put his cock up and slowly began putting his cock in.
he put it further and further in very slowly and then was in completely.
He fucked him for a while while stroking his cock sometimes stopping a
moment to suck his cock.
He put his cock all the way in and out of his ass fucking him pretty hard.
And already came after a couple of minutes.
They now both got some rest and Axel began sucking Alex his cock after a while again so he got hard again.
Now Alex laid down on his back and Axel put his cock up his ass and fucked
him for a while.
Sometimes teasing him by going slowly and then suddenly very fast and
putting his cock in very slowly and then suddenly in very hard and fast.
And then Axel also came while being inside him.

They decided to do this more often, put their clothes on again and
went downstairs to have a drink


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