strap on threesome ffm

Alice and jon have been dating for 2 years
And had and still have great kinky sex.

One day Alice her friend Lucy came to visit.
And Jon wasn't home yet.
They talked about sex and Alice bragged about
fucking Jon with a strap on and that he
even came while she fucked him.
Lucy was pretty interested in this and got
a bit wet from it.
Alice asked Lucy if she ever fucked some one
with a strap on.
No, I haven't Lucy replied.
You should really try it out Alice said.
Then Lucy asked can't I watch you fuck
Jon with a strap on ?
Fine by me alice said shall I call Jon right
now ?
Yes, do that she replied.
So Alice gave Jon a call and asked him if
it would be allright if Lucy watched her
fuck him with a strap on.
That's fine by me Jon said.
We can even do that today he said I'm home
in 10 minutes.
That's a good idea Alice said I'll see you in
a moment then.
See you in 10 minutes Jon said.
Then Lucy asked Alice can't I join you two ?
I don't know Alice said you mean you wan't
to fuck Jon too ?
Yes, that's what I meant Lucy said.
Alice replied I don't know about that I think
Jon want's to fuck you first if you want to
fuck him and that's fine by me but I don't know
if he will let you fuck him I'll leave that up to him.
What we can do Alice said is already put on a strap on I've got two of them.
But you have to undress completely Alice said but I will keep wearing my jeans.
That's okay Lucy said.
So Lucy undressed completely and Alice gave her a strap on
and she put it on and Alice also put on a strap on.
Now they were both wearing strap ons and sat down on the couch waiting for Jon.
They fantasised a bit how they were going to fuck him.
Even some positions came up.

Jon then entered the house and said now that's a suprise I want
he said when seeing two strap on girls.
But Jon said I first want to fuck Lucy before she does me.
I already told her that Alice said.
Jon undressed himself while the two strap on girls watched him.
And said to Lucy so if you want to fuck me I first want to fuck you if you don't mind.
That's okay Lucy said.
Alice and Lucy both sucked Jon his cock and then Lucy bend over standing so Jon could fuck her.
Jon grabbed her and put his cock up Lucy her pussy and began fucking her.
He fucked her pretty hard and Alice kissed Jon while he fucked Lucy.
Jon fucked her and fucked her than he got his cock out and came all over her butt.

Jon sat down at the couch and Alice and Lucy gave him a blowjob while licking and kissing his cock
untill he got hard again.
Okay I'm hard again Jon said.
He grabbed both their strap ons and began stroking them and they smiled at each other.
He also sucked their strap ons and they were looking at him while he did that.
This is really fun Lucy said.
I said so didn't I Alice said.
Now how about Lucy fucks me first Jon said.
That's okay she did her best Alice said.
Alice gave Lucy a condom and she put it on.
And then Alice grabbed some lube and put it on Lucy her strap on.
And Lucy stroke her strap on so the lube was everywhere.
Jon then laid down on his abs on the ground.
And Lucy asked for the lube and dripped some lube on Jon his ass.
Alice sat down by Jon's face and put her cock up his mouth so Jon began sucking her strap on.
Lucy began riding Jon his ass but didn't put it in yet.
Alice fucked Jon's mouth with her strap on and Lucy slowly began putting her strap on in Jon
his ass and smiled.
She was filled with pleasure as she put her strap on in Jon his ass.
She began stroking her breasts while she was putting her strap on deeper and deeper in Jon his ass.
And the strap on was pretty big.
She now really began fucking Jon while he was sucking Alice her strap on.
She put her strap on all the way in his ass and went in and out of his ass.
Jon felt great and was really enjoying getting fucked.
Lucy fucked Jon a bit harder and fucked him and fucked him.
You're right Lucy said to Alice this is really fun.
I know I told you.
Lucy kept fucking Jon.
And then Alice said now it's my turn.
Alice put a condom on her strap on and Jon laid down on his back.
Alice put her strap on in really hard and began fucking him really hard right from
the beginning.
Just how I like it Jon said.
And Lucy put her condom off and sat down on Jon his chest with her strap on in his face.
Lucy began riding his face with her strap on and put the strap on in his mouth
and Jon sucked her strap on.
Alice kept fucking Jon and began stroking his cock.
She fucked him good and hard.
She had a pretty big strap on and put her strap on all the way in and out sometimes.
Jon his mouth and ass were getting fucked pretty good and he enjoyed it all.
Alice just kept fucking Jon and he almost came.
Alice asked Lucy do you want to fuck him while he cums ?
Lucy said yes offcourse I do.
So they changed and now Lucy began fucking Jon again with her strap on
She did it a little bit rougher this time and Alice put her condom off and
put her strap on in Jon's mouth again while playing with her breast watching
Lucy fuck Jon.
Lucy fucked Jon and fucked him really good, Jon now almost came and said
I have to cum.
Come on fuck me while I cum Jon said.
Lucy fucked him a bit harder and stroke his cock until he really came and they both watched him
He shoots a really big load.
They were both filled with joy and laughed at each other.
And then they both kissed Jon.


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2 months ago
I LOVE it when there's two ladies with strap-ons wanting to fuck me.