Shemale suprise Colt and Celia

Colt is a young man and doesn't have a girlfriend and just turned 21 years old
He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Celia is a shemale and is 20 years old
She has half long to long light brown hair and bleu eyes.
She's got small shemale breasts and a beautiful thick cock and looks really feminine.
She likes to fuck and get fucked.

Colt and Celia don't know each other yet but go to the same bar,
but on different days.

Now Colt gets the idea of going to the bar on saturday instead of on friday.
This is the same day Celia goes to the bar.

Colt ordered a beer and Celia just enters the bar.
She sits down next to Colt and they say hi to each other.
And Colt offers Celia a drink, what would you like he says.
Well I'd like a margerita she says.
A margerita for this beautiful lady he says to the barman.
And celia gets a free drink.
Celia begins talking to Colt and they have a normall conversation
getting to know each other better.
Celia really likes Colt his appearance and she likes the conversation.
Colt finds Celia really beautiful and enjoys the conversation.
After a few drinks they decide to go to Celia's house to continue the evening.
So they leave the bar and go to Celia.
Once in Celia's house she says enjoy yourself and make yourself at home.
So Colt does that and sits down at the couch.
What would you like to drink Celia asks.
Just some soda please.
So Celia gets some soda for him and some apple juice for herself.
They keep talking and find out a lot about each other.
And Celia keeps looking at Colt and her beautiful cock begins to get hard.
Colt also begins to get sexual from her.
They talk a bit about kissing and find out they both really like kissing.
So they smile at each other and Colt begins to stroke through Celia her hair.
And she begins to blush.
Colt slowly begins to move towards her and puts his lips on her mouth and they begin to kis.
They keep kissing and Colt starts to fondle her breasts.
Celia is however getting a bit nervous about her thick cock and if Colt will still
like her if he finds out.
Colt takes his shirt off and has strong beautiful abs and Celia kisses his abs
She starts kissing down and begins unzipping his pants.
And Colt goes through her hair while she is doing that.
She puts his cock in her mouth and begins sucking him.
She sucks him for a while and gets really hard she almost can't wait to get fucked.
She can feel her ass longing for a cock.
Colt asks her shall I give you some pleasure now ?
I don't know Celia says a bit nervous.
Why not he says.
well I can't tell she replies.
Colt sits next to her and starts to kiss her again and put his hand on her cock.
He suddenly pulls his hand back and says WHAT ?
He feels a cock between her legs.
And Celia blushed and said well...
You know...
Colt needs a second and then says well I don't care I like you so if you
have a cock that's fine.
Yes, I'm a shemale she says.
That's fine he repleis I like you so and you look really feminine.
Would you mind getting naked he says.
No, I don't she says but you have to undress me.
That's fine he says so he begins to undress her.
And when she is completely undressed he is stunned at how beautiful she is.
He grabs her cock and begins stroking her first.
He is doing that for a while and she really enjoys it.
He then kisses her cock a few times and slowly begins sucking her.
This is a first for him but he really enjoys it.
he keeps sucking her for a while while playing with her breasts.
She then lays down on the floor and he puts a condom on his cock.
he sits down between her legs and looks at her ass and begins stroking her
and her ass looks really beautiful.
This is the first time he will fuck some one up the ass.
He slides his cock right in her ass in one movement and she really feels it and begins to moan a bit
He begins stroking her cock while he fucks her and actualy begins to like the fact that she is
a shemale and begins to like her thick cock in his hands.
he keeps stroking her cock and fucks her pretty hard while sometimes giving her a kiss.
He also begins to pinch her nipples while he fucks her.
And Celia really likes what he is doing to her.
Fuck me harder she says.
And he fucks her harder and harder.
he goes in and out of her ass and keeps fucking her and fucking her.
and then he comes while being inside of her while he has her cock in his hands
and is looking at her pretty face.
He really comes with great pleasure.
He gets his cock out and waits for a moment while he keeps stroking her cock.
You are really hard aren't you he says
Yes, I am she says.
Shall I go get a condom for you he says.
You really want to do that for me she says.
Yes, I do he says.
Then sure get a condom she says.
He go gets a condom and first sucks her for a moment and then puts a condom around her cock.
He looks at her and sits down at her cock first riding her cock without it going in his ass.
He moved to the sides and up and down on her cock and pinched her nipples.
He then puts her cock up and slowly her cock went inside of him.
She smiles at him.
And he begins riding her cock and her thick cock feels great up his ass and he
is really enjoying her cock.
He even gets hard again.
And then she also begins to move up and down a bit while he is riding her and they are
both filled with pleasure from each other.
He rides her cock for a while and she begins to stroke his hard cock while he is riding her.
He is riding her hard while she is stroking him.
He feels her cock going in and out of his ass.
And then they both have to cum and he came all over her and she came while being in him.
They kissed each other and hugged for a while.


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that was beautiful
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thanks for posting!