The double ender strap on

The double ender strap on, pleasure for both.

Derek is 26 years old and Livia is 25 years old
and they are both happily married.

They also have a great kinky sex life Derek sometimes ties up
Livia and Livia fucks Derek here and there with a strap on.

This time Derek is going to the sex shop to buy something new.
He goes in to the sex shop and walks around a bit and sees all kinds
of interesting things.
He goes to the part were the strap ons are and finds something really interesting.
A special strap on with a double ender.
This strap on has two heads and a round part in the middle seperating the two.
The harness has two rings, the round middle part of the double ender
goes in between these rings so it stays in place.
He decides to buy this strap on for him and his wife so they both can have
great pleasure while playing with a strap on.
He pays the strap on and goes home again.
Once back home he says to Livia I have a suprise.
I can't wait she says.
He says close your eyes and don't open them until I say so.
He unwraps the strap on and puts the double ender in the harness.
You can open them he says.
She opens her eyes and can't believe what she sees, how wonderfull she says.
That's a great gift.
Why don't we try it out right now she says.
That's a good idea he says.
They start kissing and undressing each other.
And Livia puts the strap on on and puts on part of the double ender in her pussy and the other
part sticks out.
She strokes her strap on while he is looking at her and bounces around with it.
Derek gets really hard from this.
He dribs some lube on her strap on and begins stroking the strap on with her while kissing with her.
She puts some lube on her finger and starts to finger Derek.
First one finger and then two fingers.
He then lays down on the floor with his back up and with his legs open wide.
She sits down between his legs and puts her hands besides his shoulders and gently bites and
sucks his ear lobe.
She slowly puts the strap on in without using her hands and rides it in.
He is really relaxed and looks at her from the sides while she kisses and sucks his ear lobe.
She slowly begins to fuck him and felt the double ender going in and out of her pussy.
This is great she says.
Glad you like my present he says.
Livia her pussy begins to get really wet
She loves fucking him.
She keeps fucking him going in and out of him and the harder she fucked him the harder
the double ender was going in her pussy.
She fucks him and fucks him and fondles her breasts while she does it.
Now they change position and Derek lays with his back on the floor and she fucks him like this
while they kis.
She also starts to stroke his cock while she fucks him.
Derek feels the strap on going in and out of him and really enjoys it.
And she feels the dildo sliding up and down her pussy and fucks him harder and harder so
the dildo goes in her pussy harder and harder.
She keeps fucking him and Derek already cums after a couple of minutes he loves her strap on
inside him.
They just continue after he cums and Livia her pussy feels great and Derek begins to put his
hands through her hair.
Livia also begins to come and she fucks him as hard as she can
so the dildo goes in really hard in her pussy and inside him with every movement.
I'm coming she says I'm coming.
Derek smiles at her and put his hand on her leg.
Livia came with great pleasure and couldn't fuck him anymore her pussy was to sensitive.
Derek kissed Livia and says good girl this was great.
Yes, it really was Livia says.

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