Hey this is a true story wrote about me and this l

Devastated, heart left impaled,

Needed a comfort,

I reached out

And called the one I didn't really like.

Just wanted my promised foot massage,

Maybe even by silence and silhouette candlelight...

I once again turned the key,
This time leaving the door open only slightly ajar,
Just enough to embrace the rest of the night.
Soft tones of fire fell,
From room to room,
The smell of weakness began to set in.
Filling the room with his gentle sensations,
He who was a magician whose spell was bewitchingly plum.
Carrying my pain on the length of his shoulders,
He was momentously a shadow, full of climactic emotion,
enough to hinder my guarded distrust.
Taking hand to foot, kiss to knee….oh wait a minute,
Let's….mmmm… slow ….the mo-ment...down……..
Ringed-toe to his tongue, cupping my feminine foot,
The toffee silk of my leg rested as a Queen against his chest.
Maxwell's eight pulling us in,
He, the magician, the mysterious King? took away each breath.
Not a thought of resistance,
As he rubbed the anguish from my back
Quietly kissing the open wounds
I absorbed a lost of art of tranquility.
Moving down my spine,
vibing me to turn over,
Whispering, "How are you feeling?"
Asking me from time to time.
"I'm feeling fine," exasperated back.
Three hours into the evening, the candles were fading fast.
Weightless and vulnerable,
He showed me how hot my center could be
When he splashed inside hot water from his mouth

My skin was numb with, la petit morte

biting down into the nerves in the curve of my neck
Sending my back into an arch,
He confidently marked up my body with a hint of his impression .
A dance of authenticity
With unmediated positions,
I was vulnerable to his touch the rest of the night…
Falling asl**p, lying across his chest,
During the stirring daylight,
Kissing me into my last conscious breath,
He vanished out of sight.……

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2 years ago
Very good piece :)