Awakenings part 4

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The holiday finished with Malcolm being a little surly and avoiding me. Although confused by his manner I felt so alive following the previous two evenings experience it did not affect my mood at all, indeed my parents commented on how much good the holiday had done me.

On returning home I knew it would be a couple of weeks before I would see Malcolm again; however the good memories of our lovemaking meant that I was not too worried about it. I continued my paper round and kept spying on Mr Compton in the hope I might catch him and his friend fucking again, alas the most I got was him bare chested on the phone in his bedroom, though my heart skipped a beat and my balls tingled when he smiled and waved at me.

My fascination with men’s bodies, in particular their cocks became fully rooted during this period. I searched out any pictures of naked and semi-naked men I could, remember this was some time before the advent of the internet and pornography had very limited availability for a teenager such as I, anything that included men was even less available, and gay porn completely non existent in my part of the world.

Despite all of this my masturbation sessions became ever more adventurous as time went by. I soon learnt that pinching and rubbing my nipples was a good way to get myself started, rubbing my legs and pinching, grabbing and rubbing my buttocks gave me a huge thrill, I kissed whatever part of the body I could and loved the tenderness of it. The way I enjoyed doing these things to myself has aided me in my relationships with others, so as well as being self gratifying it also became a learning experience which has aided me. I was enthusiastically experimenting with my anus as well, tapping and rubbing it with my fingers and gently teasing myself there, I would wet my fingers and push them inside enjoying the pressure as I squeezed them past my tight arse muscles. I started using other objects too Hair brush handles were a favourite; I gave myself a huge amount of pleasure with those.

I was desperate to feel a man again; Malcolm and his mother visited us a fortnight after our holiday. Unfortunately we never got a chance to make love, however, we did get some time to chat in my bedroom but were not brave enough to do too much as everybody else was in the house down stairs. My heart was in my mouth as he held my hand; he seemed to have got over some of his issues from the holiday and was once again flirting with me. He told me how he liked the way I looked in the stockings and the t-shirt looking like a mini dress, he once again emphasised that he wasn’t gay but saw me as a girl replacement while he couldn’t get a girl, which looking back was cruel but I was so desperate to enjoy his body and for him to enjoy mine that at the time I didn’t really worry about it. He talked about how he liked heels and girls underwear, so I vowed to myself I’d get some to turn him on. He told me how he loved filling my arse with his cock and cum, how great I was at giving a blow job, it was the best he’d ever had, or so he said. A kiss and a grope at my groin was enough to leave me breathless and desperate to have time together again, but was all I could have until his next promised visit. So I carried on masturbating at every free moment

My paper round gave me the opportunity to help with my masturbation sessions and to prepare for Malcolm’s next visit. One of the apartments I delivered to had an open shoe rack outside normally there were wet boots and trainers there, however on one particular day a pair of ladies court shoes with three inch heels were in the rack I noticed they were the same size as my shoes and without thinking I gathered the pair and put them in my bag. When I got home I didn’t know what to do I could hardly believe what I had done but I was not going to throw them away so I hid them with my porn collection. On another day soon after at the corner shop while collecting the papers for collection the manager had been stacking the hosiery display and a few packs had been left lying about so again I picked them up and stuffed them in my bag, again hiding them away when I got back home. The thievery added to the thrill of actually obtaining them, though I am not proud of my criminal past.
The following Saturday went through a usual pattern everyone had left the house to do various chores or go visiting so by ten o’clock I had finished my paper round and had the best part of three hours to myself. It was masturbation time so I stripped down as was usual looking at myself in the full length mirror of my room admiring my nakedness and gently caressing my chest legs and buttocks. I then gathered up my magazines and of course the shoes and hosiery were with them, I had partly put them out of my mind until this point. I sat on the bed and held them in front of me, I opened one of the packs which were of tights (pantyhose) they looked a bit odd but then I thought about how Malcolm had talked about how they had looked on girls and turned him on. I fingered the line where the denier changed and remembered Malcolm referring to it as a giggle line (if you’d got to that point you were laughing he had said). I had started to rub the tights I had in between my fingers and was enjoying the feel of them and how Malcolm would enjoy the feel of them on me. I rolled one of the legs over my hand and forearm the feeling was great, I used my nylon covered hand to caress my body, lingering over my nipples and buttocks, the touch on my anus was fantastic. The urges were coming on strong already I had a strong erection. I dangled the tights so they gently brushed my skin and penis, I did not want to touch myself there for some time to make this feeling last. I held them to my face and kissed the gusset imagining Malcolm doing that to me, before I had thought it through I had started to put them on. I rolled up the first leg stretched it over my toes and then gently unrolled the material over my right foot. I audibly gasped as I carried on up my calf I stopped at my knees and caressed my lower leg; I then put my left leg in up to the same point and was now rubbing both lower legs. I probably looked ridiculous sat on the edge of my bed with the gusset at my knees but I didn’t care as I felt fantastic. I stood up and slowly hitched the tights up to just below my buttocks. The feeling as I pulled the material up my thighs was incredible I was breathing hard I rubbed my thighs and could feel a little liquid seeping out the end of my penis. I pulled the tights all the way up looking at the reflection in the mirror I loved the sight of my manhood within the nylon. The feeling of the clinging material on my buttocks was greater than anything I could of imagined at that moment in time, the pressure on my cock was indescribable I held back the first reaction of ejaculation, I wanted this moment to last, I caressed every part of my body which was wrapped in the heavy denier, traced my finger nails up my legs fingered, palmed and squeezed the smooth material above the giggle line, imagining it was Malcolm caressing me the only part I avoided was my groin as there was an explosion primed to go there and I wanted to save that. All this time I was still watching my reflection. I was only looking at that part of me clothed; it could have been anyone there. I turned round; the crack between my buttocks was just discernable; I bent over. “Thinner denier and I would see my hole” I thought. I turned a couple of times took a couple of fairy steps, rubbed my inner thighs together, wiggled my bum watching every movement, each motion sending shockwaves through my body causing my cock to twitch and me to pant. I put on the shoes and tried to walk around but all I managed was a very undignified totter.

It was at this point that somebody came into the house. My heart froze as I heard the main door close. I guessed it must have been one of my parents as they were the only ones with keys. Whoever it was started up the stairs, I could not think of anything else to do so I got into bed still wearing the tights and shoes making sure that I was completely covered by the bed linen.

When Malcolm’s face appeared around the door I didn’t know whether I was relieved or not. I was still not sure I wanted him to see what I was wearing.

“Hi,” he said all cheery, “your mum let me borrow her key, why you in bed? Are you ok?”

“Yep I um ah,” I stammered not knowing what to say

“Are you naked under there?” he asked with a lecherous grin and sat on the bed, I pulled the covers tight “I hope you’re not playing hard to get.”

I relaxed a little which was all he needed, he stood up and yanked the covers off in one motion leaving me completely exposed, my erection had subsided but my cock was still visible through the nylon of my tights I tried to cover it but then realised it was the tights and shoes I was wearing that caused my embarrassment and just lay there glowing red with humiliation.

Malcolm stood and stared at me his mouth agape.

“Fucking wow” he exclaimed after a moment he studied me up and down, my discomfort subsided a little as I realised he actually liked what he saw.

After a few moments he asked if I would stand up. I struggled up onto the heels I grinned as I saw the approval and desire in his face. My cock started to swell again. I did a slow turn, more out of fear from falling whilst wearing the shoes but it had the desired effect. I felt sure Malcolm was almost drooling, when I stopped turning and faced him.

“You, gorgeous, sexy tart,” he almost growled. Then he grabbed me in his arms and pulled me to him, kissing me hard and with more passion than even our first coupling. I opened my mouth to let his tongue push past my lips our kissing was wet, messy and full of lust I put my arms around his neck he pulled me closer our groins rubbed the flimsy nylon doing little to protect my erection from the bulge in his jeans. He rubbed his hands all over my buttocks kneading the flesh through the thin denier of my hosiery. All this action made me almost giddy with lust and I was disappointed when he broke our embrace.

“I’ve got to get naked.” He said and started to pull his t-shirt over his head, I went to kick off my shoes.

“No!” he ordered, “You stay as you are for a minute.”

It took only a split second for him to get naked. I once again found myself admiring his fit body, his strong chest and shoulders and the engorged firm cock which seemed to be staring at me out of its little eye. I wanted to get down on my knees and take it in my mouth again but Malcolm grabbed me again pulling me close and once more we were kissing passionately.

Our cocks rubbed against each other through the nylon. Malcolm’s hands were all over my buttocks again squeezing them rubbing them pulling them apart, I felt sure that the tights were going to tear. I found myself doing similar to him grabbing his muscular bum cheeks as he rubbed his cock against mine. I touched his anus with my finger, he flinched for half a second, however, he didn’t react as he did on our first encounter, so I carried on caressing.

One of Malcolm’s hands crept inside the waistband of my tights working its way down my arse cheeks he did the same as I and started to finger my bum hole. He worked at me a little harder than I dare him and soon he was prodding and pulling at my anus with quite some f***e, I absolutely loved the feeling as he pushed the tip of his finger in and pulled it about.

After a short while he withdrew his hand from my arse and gently pushed me back onto the bed, I lay on my back, parted and raised my legs as he lay on top of me. He crushed my mouth with his as he rubbed his cock against mine. I put my arms around his back holding him close so our chests squeezed against each other. Malcolm’s groin movements were becoming a little clumsy with his passion and his cock sometimes stabbed against my balls or slid to my buttocks. My own cock was weeping pre-cum and it was taking all my effort not to ejaculate with every move, I was so loving this passionate lusty Malcolm I did not want the moment to end.

Malcolm kneeled back from me; I took a breath and admired his body as it seemingly towered over me he was flushed and sweaty with excitement and lust. He pushed my legs up raising my buttocks from the bed I held them up where he had placed them as he ripped his way into my tights. He then parted my bum cheeks a little and spat on his finger before rubbing the spittle around my anus. He pushed against the tight muscle and seemed satisfied when with only a little effort and a huge gasp from me he managed to squeeze his finger in. He withdrew his finger and positioned himself so the tip of his engorged cock was pressing against my man hole. He gently pressed against me as I concentrated on pushing the muscles of my anus letting him enter me. There was a little stabbing pain at first but once he had completely entered me all I could feel was the beautiful warmth and fullness.

I looked up taking in the marvellous site of this handsome fit man between my legs his hands on the back of my thighs as I could feel him gently slowly and firmly start to pump at my hole. My cock rubbed against the nylon as he moved in and out of me.

It was only a few moments before he started to move faster and harder. He lay down on top of me I pulled my legs up he seemed to fill my cavity even more. We kissed as he fucked me with more vigour. A glorious heat started in my arse spread to my balls and with a groan I came hot and sticky. This encouraged Malcolm who ploughed into me harder for a few moments more before ramming home and I felt his cock jerk as with a cry he came deep into me.

Malcolm collapsed onto me. My first worry was that he might do as he had last time and want to get away, however he lay still gently kissing me as his erection subsided and slipped out of my arse. I kissed and held him savouring the moment enjoying the feeling of his body in my arms.

About an hour later, Malcolm fucked me again adding to the come that was already in my arse. Over the next year we would often find a way to sneak away from our parents, it was even easier when he passed his driving test and we’d drive off together, we’d park up and I’d wank myself off while sucking him to ejaculation, unfortunately he never sucked me or allowed me to fuck him, however, I was happy to have his cock up my arse or in my mouth, I always got off on it.

Sadly Malcolm got himself a girlfriend and my moments with him came to an end, however, he had started my love for all things man sex, and soon after my time with him finished I started work and a whole host of other adventures began.

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2 years ago
wow i came reading this chapter too thanks
3 years ago
Absolutely amazing! I definitely need to go "take care" of something now ;) Would love to read about your other adventures, maybe Mr. Compton will get to have you?
3 years ago
Your stories are great :)
3 years ago
good story - i hope u share ur other adventures with us too ;)
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good story..glad you found your way so early in life.