The lawyer

When younger and full of high spirits I found myself on the wrong side of the law and in need of some legal advice.

It was a late afternoon appointment on a glorious sunny day; and despite the heat I wore my best navy blue suit, shirt and tie hoping it made me look smart and sensible, I didn’t want my lawyer thinking I was some kind of yob!

My lawyer introduced himself as Richard and showed me into his office. As I made myself comfortable I could hear him explain to his secretary that I was the last client of the day and if she had finished the filing she should take the post for delivery and go home for the day.

The office was fairly small there was a main desk which I was sat in front, the other side there was high backed leather chair on casters, the desk was clear except for a writing pad and what I assumed was my file. There was a computer on a smaller desk to the side of the main desk.

Richard entered the room and gave me a smile of greeting, he was wearing a very smart well cut grey suit with a pale blue shirt and dark tie, he was taller than me but not by much, but it was notable

As he sat down he pushed his almost pure white hair back from his face, I knew that he was in his late forties from his profile on the law companies flyer, however other than the hair he looked younger and seemed to be in very good shape, built like a runner and his face only slightly lined in a quite attractive way, I found myself fancying him just a bit.

“Right Mr Sharp lets see if I can help you.” Richard’s tone was authorative; to the point and as well as bringing me back to earth made me realise he was very much in charge.

We discussed the details of my inquiries and Richard agreed that he would take the matter further. For which I was very grateful. Richard tapped at the computer keyboard for a moment or two and then explained that he was going to pick some pieces off of the printer for me to sign. He left the room; it was obvious that the secretary had gone. I heard Richard lock the main door and then he returned with half a dozen sheets of paper.

“Right for us to go further with this I need you to sign this statement that we will be acting for you and then we would need to hold £500 on account to cover upcoming expenses.”

“How much?” I stammered, “I didn’t expect that much so soon.”

“Sorry, standard practice,” he stated and nonchalantly removed his jacket hanging it over his seat, he then perched on the edge of the desk and with his tone a little friendlier asked how much I could put on the account.

I couldn’t even offer half of what he was asking.

“We’ll have to find another way of sorting this out” he said.

“Anything please” I was pleading.

“Well you are quite cute.” He murmured, “Are you keen on older men?”

“Sorry!” I stammered again not sure I heard him right

“I said you are lovely Are you keen on older men?” His tone was more f***eful

“Uh um thanks for the compliment, but,”

“Don’t come all coy!” he said sounding almost irritated “The nature of the complaint against you…”

He left the sentence unfinished, however, being charged with lewd behaviour in the Gentlemen’s toilet at the local park pretty much gave away my desires.

I flushed red all the way to my boots, then a penny dropped “Ah um I could be very keen.” I mumbled

Richard ordered me to stand up remove my jacket and give a slow turn, so that he could check me out. I did as I was told his manner was such that I did not dare say no.

He complimented me on my fit body, choice of shirt and tie then demanded I take them off. I stood in front of him naked to the waist; he was still perched on the edge of the desk and seemed to like what he was seeing.

“Come closer.” He asked his manner back to gentle I did as he asked my thigh brushing his knee.

He then put his hand on my head and pulled me close to kiss me full on the mouth, I was not expecting him to be so quick so gave a bit of a gasp of surprise but then responded to his kiss putting my own hands on his head as our lips and tongues danced against each other.

He then worked his kisses very slowly down my face, nibbling my neck as I ran my fingers through his hair.

My nipples were up like stalks and my skin went all goose pimply as he ran his tongue and lips all over my chest. My cock mimicked my nipples by stiffening in my pants.

I could only hold his head as my breathing faltered at his marvellous touch he squeezed my tight bum as he took a nipple into his mouth he sucked gently at first and then harder and biting just enough to make me wince but also enough to make me groan in pleasure

I unbuttoned his shirt with fumbling fingers, leaving his tie but exposing a smooth ripped chest, he was definitely fit, not hugely muscled but defined I was caressing his skin .kneading his muscles and squeezing his nipples until they were hard while he continued to lick and kiss my chest neck and face.

Richard stood and slipped off of the desk, gently he turned me around and pushed me onto the desk he expertly undid my belt and fly and slid his hand into my black shorts and squeezed my erect cock; as he lay me back on the desk top; the file and writing pad falling off as I lay back.

I lifted my head looking over my chest and belly as Richard slipped off his shirt and tie. He seemed to be pondering his next move as he unzipped his trousers and let them fall to the floor, revealing tight black shorts which contrasted sharply against his pale skin. The shape and size of his cock clearly apparent through the material also noticeable was a small damp patch indicating a little pre-cum. I bit my lip in anticipation as he wriggled out of those shorts leaving him in just his socks his cock seemed huge in the middle of his slim frame and I felt butterflies in my stomach and the thought of what he might do with it.

He stepped closer to the desk his cock knocking against my groin his hands slipped under my bum and he grabbed the waistband of both my trousers and underpants in what must have been a practiced move he had them both off of my buttocks and down to my knees my cock waving springing up to attention, trying to stand like a flagpole as he did so I raised my knees and in a second swift movement my clothes were off.

Richard grabbed my left leg and started to kiss my feet and caress my thigh with his other hand. I dropped my head and felt electric tremors through my skin as he kissed, nibbled and licked his way along my leg.

By the time Richard reached the top of my legs I was writhing in pleasure, his nibbles were becoming quite strong bites and I arched my back and lifted my hips squeezing my bum every time his teeth nipped my skin.

“Dear God” I shouted when Richard eventually got to my cock and kissed it straight on., He then nibbled and sucked on my foreskin, before licking up, down and around my glands. I was rock hard and squirming like a tickled c***d.

My hands were on his head and I lifted my hips, his tongue felt so hot even against the heat of my manhood. I was very close to coming when he took his head away.

I groaned as I was so close.

“You are a very naughty boy.” He said and blew gently on the tip of my erection. I just groaned a reply I could hardly bear it I was so close and he had stopped but his breathing kissing and blowing was just enough to keep me on the edge.

“I said you are a very naughty boy” his voice was firmer this time and he was still blowing making me writhe in a pleasurable agony.

“I I I’m not” I stammered my reply.

“Oh yes you are” and he bit me, and then continued to tease me with his breathe

“And you will refer to me as sir when you speak to Me.” he said pinching me hard on the buttock.

“Ow!” I exclaimed more out of shock than pain.

“Ow what?” this time the pinch was harder and he twisted causing some real pain.

“Ow , Sssir,” I almost hysterically giggled.

“You have been a very naughty boy, and as a representative of the legal profession I think it is my duty to show you the error of your ways.”

“But sir I am a good boy.” I cried a reply.

“Oh no you are not you are so very naughty.” His tone became a sort of mock stern, “you come here in a sexy suit, trying to look so normal and innocent, yet I know that you have been masturbating in front of a macho policeman in public toilets. I bet it is not the 1st time you have been acting the slut with others

“But Sir, I only want a little loving and to give some back I was only trying to please” I was pleading.

“Hmm lets see how good you are” he said and he and rolled me over, so that I was lying face down on the desk. I felt his hands all over my buttocks, he pulled at the hairs, kneaded my flesh and then when I was least expecting it he slapped me very hard.

“Ow!” I exclaimed, this time with pain as well as surprise. I arched up off the desk but was firmly pushed back down

“Ow, what do you say?” he smacked my backside with each word.

“Ow sir” I mumbled

“I – did – not – hear – you” he said again a spank for each word.

”Ow sir” I almost sobbed, my backside must have glowed red as he was not tapping me they were full bl**ded smacks, but as painful as the hits may have been they were insignificant to the pleasure I was feeling. The heat from my beaten buttocks spread right through my body and I could feel that my cock was already letting a little juice out.

“I think six of the best should do it” He picked up his belt and folded it in half and he gave me six incredibly hard smacks with it, which I could only just endure.

“Hmm that’s enough of that for now.” his tone was gentler again and his hands were once again gentle on my skin. He let go and walked around the desk so that he was at my head

I breathed him in, the burning in my own cock and balls was getting higher as he pushed his groin into my face and I started kissing his whopping great cock, then I pulled at his foreskin with my lips. My tongue gently searched for his helmet flicking at it as my hands were all over his beautiful tight buttocks.

“Mmm you’re so sexy” he said as he pushed his cock into my face, his hands on my head. “I love your tongue, I want to be deep in you”

I fought for breathe as he pushed his cock into my mouth I started swallowing so as not to gag, my tongue savoured his flavours. He started to pump at my mouth as if fucking my throat, though never going so deep as to make me fully choke his huge member did make me gag a few times. On a couple of occasions he would pull out completely and I would take deep breathes while he would inspect his cock covered in my slobber he would seem happy with what he saw and would go back to abusing my mouth and throat.

The hardness of my own cock was squashed against the hard smooth surface of the desk and I rolled my hips side to side enjoying the pressure. I knew I was being used but I loved every moment. He kept fucking my mouth and I sucked licked and swallowed his huge phallus as he groaned with pleasure.

After a while he pulled out and let go of my head. I looked up at him I was still sprawled across the desk. He was gasping for air and I assumed he was trying to regain some self control. It made me feel good because I was sure that I must have just brought him to the edge of climax.

Once he had calmed himself down he opened the top drawer of the desk and picked out a condom. My eyes widened as I realised I was about to get fucked.

“Stay exactly as you are.” He ordered, “I am going to fuck you right there, I want to know what those people were hoping to get at that toilet.”

I watched as he prowled around the desk

“Eyes front” he shouted when he got to the other side of the desk and he gave my already beaten buttocks a quick smack, I immediately complied.

My whole body tensed as I felt his hand on my thigh I was expecting another beating but instead his hand caressed my leg, I felt him position himself between my legs and he started to caress my other thigh as well. His hands gently stroked and kneaded the flesh of my upper leg; as he gently worked higher I could feel his breathe on my skin. He took a deep breathe and blew onto my balls, they tightened under the cool blast. He then kissed my buttocks one by one, then nibbled on them. His hands had worked their way to the top of my thigh and he pulled my arse cheeks apart. He then ran his tongue along my hairy valley. I could feel his breathe and the hot wetness of his tongue as he started licking at my anus as if it was an ice cream then after a short while pushing his tongue into my wet man hole I gently moved my hips from side to side as he ground his face against me. He grasped my buttocks digging nails into the soft flesh and my excitement built still further, once more I was breathing deeply as the pleasure waves ripped through my body.

He leaned back a moment, my groin was aching, he took a breath for half a second before making me gasp again as he slid a finger slowly in to my soggy arsehole. I offered little resistance as he slid a second in and started to stretch the muscles of my sphincter, all the time I was rubbing my cock into the desk.

He pulled his fingers out and stepped slightly away from me and pushed me so that I was once again on my back on the desk pulling me I found my legs in the air as he rubbed his cock around my groin area. As if fencing with my own hardness. My Knees were pushed up towards my chest. I grabbed them and held them there so that my bum was completely exposed to him. The tip of his penis rested against the star of my anus I took a deep breath held and then slowly let the air out as he slid his cock into me. I accepted his whole length and as he paused when he was fully inside me I clenched my bum tight around his shaft, the gasp he let out was ample reward. Gently and rhythmically he started to pump my hole, I met every full inward thrust with a squeeze.

The pumping became faster as did our breathing. I grabbed my own stiff meat and pulled at it as frantically as he was fucking my arse. It wasn’t long before things were becoming more than a bit haphazard; we were at it like a****ls, hot, sweaty, grunting, pumping, hard, man sex.

I fumbled and pulled at my cock feeling the pressure building until I came with a huge grunt, sending four or five huge sprays of hot white spunk over my belly.

This seemed to be the catalyst for Richard as he thrust three or four more times into my hole before burying himself as deep as he could. I could feel his cock twitching inside me as he came noisily.

We stay still for a moment the only noise our breathing, then he pulled his cock out of my arse I sat up a little sperm dripped onto the desk.

“Sorry I’ve made a little mess here.” I said

“That’s Ok,” he said “I’ll add it to the bill for next time.”

“Next time?” I asked.

“Well that’s only the down payment, there will be more bills to pay, that is if you still want my services.”

“Oh yes.” I replied, “Very much so”

“Fine I shall get my secretary to make an appointment for next week”
I smiled as I thought about paying my next instalment.

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4 years ago
My lawyer fucks me all the time, but never takes his clothes off.
4 years ago
well told a bit long though...