C nd T

It was a Saturday night and after a long hot day at work, I was excited that at last I was going to meet Chris and Trace. They were attending a wedding in Guildford near my home and I was in a rush to get showered and changed. Chris and I had talked for a long time via xhamster and emails, and had told Trace how much I lusted after her, loving her photo’s and her pert body. After a while we skyped all together, they told me they liked the idea of a threesome and that they wanted to meet, as friends, and see how it went. I arrived at the hotel where the reception was being held about 7.30, we were not due to meet till 8 but I wanted to see if I got a quick glance of them in the flesh so to speak. It was a busy night with wedding guests mulling around before the evening disco got in to full swing after a big wedding from that afternoon.
Holding on to my pint, I spotted a table with empty seats and had only just sat down when Chris arrived and said Hi Tony nice to meet you at last and sat with me a glass of wine in his hand. It was not long before I saw Trace walking towards us, she was wearing a very nice thin summer dress and looked gorgeous, high heels too and a nice handbag to set off her wedding guest look, she was smiling too. Chris got up to get her a drink and I stood and kissed her on the cheek and said nice to meet you at long last, she blushed and said yes it is, and as we sat down the smell of her perfume was very erotic to me.
Chris came back to the table with their drinks, he was a nice man and we had had many talks together so chatting was quite easy, and Trace his wife joined in too and we all got on well together. When I finished my pint, I offered to get them a drink, to which they accepted.
Standing at the bar, I could not help but think of Trace, what a looker she was dressed in her summery dress for the wedding and had beautiful firm breasts and a great figure, what a lucky chap Chris was.
Sitting back at the table with the drinks the conversation seemed to flow easy between the three of us, I knew a little about them and like wise with me.
It was the turn of Chris for the round and Trace excused herself for the toilet at the same time. I could see them talking and looking at me from just outside the door. Whatever was said Trace looked pleased when she came back to the table and sat next to me, pulling her dress up her leg as she stepped over the seat. The dress being pulled slightly higher than needed up her stockinged leg, which I got a glimpse of.
It was another ten minutes before Chris came back with the drinks and Trace seemed to be getting more flirtatious with me even when Chris arrived back. I watched Trace and Chris look at each other as he sat down and he started the conversation off talking about Trace’s dress and asked if I liked it.
How could I tell him that his wife looked hot and her cleavage was giving me a hard on, Trace patted my leg as I complimented her on her dress, patting and squeezing the leg my cock was hiding down and growing bigger by the second. Trace now had the palm of her hand sitting on my cock, gently moving back and forth over it and the conversation changed to more about sex.
The drinks were empty and it was my turn, turning away from Chris as I stood up as not to let him see what his wife had done, I grabbed the glasses and covered myself up. Trace said she would help and she wanted to visit the ladies again.
The bar was packed so I went to the men’s, meeting Trace in the corridor as she came back out of the ladies and looking all sexy,
“Can you manage that thing by yourself” she asked cheekily as her hand rubbed up the inside of my leg
“I might have a struggle getting it out from down my leg, now”
Someone was coming down the corridor and Trace let go of my leg
“See you at the bar” she said
Getting served, she opened her bag and started routing around in it
“I’m getting these” I said looking down at her, I saw a pair of white knickers sitting in her bag that she fiddling with, just like she was trying to catch my attention. Then she smiled up at me.
Sitting back down at the table, Trace lifted her dress like before as she stepped over the seat, but this time she did not bother to pull it back down again. Her legs on show to me as her hand slid up the inside of them, right up in to her crotch.
Chris was sitting opposite and smiling
“Do you like what you see” he asked
“Yes” was all I could say
“We were wondering if you would like to come back to our room now for a drink, we nicked a bottle of champagne from the wedding before, that needs drinking”
What could I say but “yes”
Trace sipped on her drink while her other hand felt my leg, running her hand up to my crotch and making me jump as she felt my balls.
“Drink up Trace, its time I think” said Chris
“We’ll let her go first and give her five minutes” he added to me
Trace was waiting with two glasses of champagne as Chris entered the room first, kissing him a long lingering kiss as she gave him a glass. Giving me the other glass, the palm of her hand squashed in to my crotch as she kissed me as well.
Trace broke off kissing me and sank to her knees undoing my jeans and pulled the zip down and pulling them and my boxers down off my feet.
My cock looked her straight in the face, its big purple head all swollen and angry looking, Trace paused looking at it as her fingers wrapped around it and she licked her lips.
Her warm mouth was now wrapped around my purple head and I could feel her tongue working the tip of it. It wasn’t long before my pre cum was lubricating her lips as she slid back and forth and stroked my balls with her other hand and wet sloppy noise could be heard
I was so wrapped up with Trace sucking my cock I forgot about Chris, as he unzipped her dress and slid the dress off her shoulders, exposing her bosom that was squeezing together in her white lacy bra.
Trace pulled her mouth off my cock, pulling her dress off each arm before squeezing her tits together around my cock. With her fingers inside her bra, she pulled her bra down off her tits letting them fall out.
Then squeezing them together again around my cock with her hard nipples circled by her finger and thumb visible for me to see. Just watching my purple head popping out of her valley and seeing my pre cum sticking to her tits had me ready to cum and I was quite happy to cover her tits and her nipples if that’s what she wants.
On the orders of Chris, calling her a slut, she pulled back and stood up letting her dress drop to the floor, standing Chris undid her bra just in her bra and I at last saw her perfect boobs, she stepped backwards to the bed revealed more of her nakedness to me. She had a perfect body with a trim lightly hairy pussy that I had to touch.
Chris told Trace to sit down on the side of the bed and apologized for the single beds, no double rooms were left. She lay back on her elbows and lifted her feet on to the frame of the bed, parting her sexy looking stocking clad legs; her whole pussy was now exposed to me.
Sinking on to my knees and threading my arms under her raised legs, I could not resist from wanting to bury my head into her soft pussy. As her legs parted fully her lips were revealed through a thin short hair surrounding her pussy and her pink lips glistening with her pussy lube.
I licked her sweet tasting pussy lips of her juice, working my tongue in and out of her and up to her button.
Trace kept squashing and gyrating her pussy in to my face and let out little sharp moans.
I heard a belt being undone and a zip, looking up to see Chris pointing his big angry looking cock into the face of Trace. Turning her head on to the side, he feed her his cock in to her eagerly waiting mouth.
Trace’s moans were muffled but louder and I slipped a finger inside her pussy feeling her warm wet inner walls. Her clit was big and hard as I sucked on it while my finger gave her a good finger fucking.
A loud wet sloppy noise was starting to come from her pussy with every thrust of my finger and Chris was fucking her face just as fast. A warm wetness flooded her pussy and I could feel her muscles pulsing and contracting inside her pussy.
Chris pulled out of her mouth, letting her pant
“Now fuck her” he cried
Raising from my knees and with her legs resting on my arms I slid up her body sucking on her hard nipples until my cock found her wet glistening pussy entrance, now it was time to fuck her.
Lifting her legs into the air as I lifted up on my arms, I felt my cock push open her love hole. Her lips clinging tight around my cock as I pushed it in, forcing my cock in to her tight pussy I could feel her legs tensing and pushing against my arms.
I was in and she gave a gasp, slowly sliding back and forth she lowered herself off her elbows and on to the bed. Every push in to her felt as tight as the first, tensing her legs against me with every thrust.
Trace grabbed Chris’s cock as I bounced her on the bed, trying to pull him into her mouth and missed. His pre cum smearing across her face as his cock bounced up and down.
Trace’s pussy was so tight on my cock it would not be long before she had my juices flowing and fucking someone’s wife while he watched and joined in was a bit of a turn on as well.
She gasped on every thrust and her breathing was increasing to a pant, I think she is going to come. Now fucking her faster the bed creaked and her tits wobbled out of control
“Yes fuck me”
My rod kept filling her pussy faster and faster, her hands were holding her tits together and my crotch was rubbing against her pussy trying to fill the last few millimetres of her love hole.
Trace bucked and screamed wildly
“Fuck me, come in me”
The words set me going, any woman talking dirty and I cannot hold back. My cock twitched and heaved, shooting a fountain of hot, white, steaming, creamy cum in to this woman I had lusted over for so long.
“Fuck, fuck” she cried on every sharp breath
“I’m coming”
And didn’t I know, her fanny clung tight to my cock, lifting off the bed and her legs gripping around me, she had me wedged tight into her. My cock pumped in time with her fanny muscles filling her up to bursting point. Her pussy lips forming a good seal until now let go, all that air I pumped in to her tight fitting pussy escaped, leaving a wetness between us.
Her muscle contractions still carried on, rippling away on my cock. Both of us not moving apart from heavy breathing we stayed coupled together until I wilted away.
Gently relaxing her legs I climbed from between her legs, my cock soft and limp and her pussy open and running my condom full over flowing with cum.
Trace reached for Chris’s cock again
“Fuck me Chris”
I watched as Trace got on to all fours, her open pussy leaking long strings of her cum, wobbling her bum in the air, Chris guided his cock into his wife and fucked her slowly, Trace moaning and gasping as he filled her.
“Come here in front of me” Trace said
there was a small gap between the beds and I sat in front of Trace on the other bed as she got fucked again.
Resting on one elbow she reached out for my limp cock, touching my sticky balls, she licked her lips.
Chris was pounding his wife hard now from behind and as Trace went back and forth, so did her hand around my cock; my limp cock was not so limp anymore. The noise of Trace’s wet fanny being fucked made me want to join in and I stood in front of her.
Her mouth opened wide and I had to judge the rhythm right or she could end up with two black eyes. I was inside first time, all three of us moving in time, Trace’s tight mouth around my cock making me rock hard in no time at all,
The look on Chris’s face said he was about to fill his wife but he slowed down to a steady pace. I could now feel Trace working on my cock, her hand twisting and turning as it slides up and down my shaft, her tongue licking my purple head.
Trace had me ready again, my pre cum lubricating her lips making a sloppy noise as I fucked her mouth. Chris pulled out of his wife, coming around to the front of her and indicating for me to swap ends.
Chris filled her mouth again as I saw her open pussy lips hanging between her legs, all red and wet with the pounding it has taken. Holding my cock, I ran the tip up and down her lips a few times before pushing it straight in, up to my balls.
Nice and slow as I penetrated deeper in to her pussy than before and then reached forward taking each tit in my hands. The feel of her hard nipples squeezing in to the palms of my hand, and the weight of her gorgeous tits swinging as we both fucked her.
Letting go of one of her tits after some time of feeling and squeezing, I fetched my hand to her pussy finding her clit hard and enlarged and began circler movement with my finger.
If I was right she was about to come, making a V with my fingers I rubbed her clit up and down getting faster as her panting got faster. Just slowly sliding my cock in and out filling her pussy, she worked on Chris’s cock between her moans, her hand franticly wanking it in to her mouth.
I could feel her fanny getting tighter and her moaning getting louder, and then Chris pulled out of her mouth and slid under her, telling me to put my cock in her arse, I did as I was told, god she was so tight I nearly came, and now with Chris underneath her he slid his cock into her very wet pussy, we were giving her the time of her life by the sounds she made and we were enjoying it too, DP’d by 2 cocks she was screaming ‘fuck me boys !!. I could feel her contractions starting, even though I was in her arse, her muscles milking Chris and me.
She was panted hard now, Chris and I were slamming her harder and harder and then with like a fit she convulsed into a massive orgasm, which seemed to last forever, and Chris and I exploded too.
Trace kept moaning and panting from her last orgasm, a wet sloppy sound coming from her pussy and arse filled the room as Chris and I pulled out of her.
All of us stopping quite still, panting and trying to get our breath back, letting our orgasm’s run their course. She was sure to feel my cock inside her twitching as I could feel her arse muscles nipping and clenching around my cock, making my orgasm last the longest I have known.
The smell of warm sex rising between us all as we I peeled our bodies away from Trace Minutes after as my cock withered away letting a stream of cum out of her arse and the cum from Chris in her pussy mixed with her fanny juice seeping out.
Chris was sitting in front of Trace stroking one big aroused cock fetched me back to my senses. I had just fucked his wife and fucked her hard while with me.
Trace stretched over on to Chris’s cock on the other bed making her bum stick more in the air, her pussy lips more visible than before all red and swollen, covered in our joint love juice running down her leg.
She frantically sucked on his cock, her head bobbing up and down in his crotch faster and faster. Her whole body moving and bouncing about, love juice leaking out from her pussy and arse.
Trace pulled off, swinging around on the bed, she sat on the edge pushing her tits together with her nipples sticking through her fingers. Chris stood up and pushed his cock between his wife’s tits, his purple end popping out up her chest.
He fucked her tits like an expert, shiny pre cum lubricating his cock end as it slipped in and out of her cleavage. It wasn’t long before it squirted a long thin jet, shooting towards her neck then what seemed like bucket loads erupting like a volcano. Chris’s cock pointing to one side pumped and pumped creamy cum over one tit.
He grabbed hold of his cock milking it dry over the other tit, his cum running down over Trace’s fingers and her nipples. She sat there massaging hot creamy cum into her nipples, playing and pulling gently on them.
Grabbing my glass of champagne, I knocked it back in one as I was gasping for a drink, Chris got his glass as well and we watched her for another five minutes, one hand on her tit and the other playing with her fanny rubbing our cum in to her hairy triangle smiling.
She will remember this wedding for some time, I bet.
Trace got up went to the bathroom holding her hand between her legs; I found my jeans and boxers and got dressed.
When she came back and got dressed as did Chris, we agree it had been wonderful and so arranged to meet the week after for more of the same, but I would travel to them as a guest in there home for a long weekend. I was hard again just thinking about it on my drive home, that wonderful woman who I had lusted over so long, and a true friend in Chris for letting me fuck her.

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2 years ago
Fantastic story, so enjoyed reading it :)
2 years ago
Very good story, nicly done ;0)
2 years ago
Excellent story, loved it.. and who knows, parts of that can happen :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
fantastic story.