My mum teasing.

I posted on here once about my mum teasing me when I was younger, I never realised I had a message asking me to go in to more detail till only recently, so I will tell the story, some will find it boring perhaps.

It started many years ago when I was still living at home, I was 18 years old my mum was in her early 40's.
Up until that time I never looked her as being sexy in any way, she was just my mum and that's it.
I was out of work at the time so was home a fair bit, this particular day I walked in the living room and got a bit of a shock, she was standing there in a black pair of tights and a woollen top, I said I was sorry but she just looked at me without trying to cover up.
I sat on the arm of the chair just looking, she said she had just bought the tights, they are what a lot are wearing now instead of stockings, I am not sure what I said but she walked up and down and I remember feeling a bit weired, seeing her like this.
The tights were not the see through nylon type but proper black thicker material, it was then I noticed she had nice legs, she said, "It's no use me trying to cover up you have seen me now," I said something like they looked nice, she carried on walking up and down in them then she asked me to leave the room while she took them off.
After she had taken them off she came in the kitchen and she said, "Don't tell your dad you saw me like that, he won't like it," I said I wouldn't.
I couldn't stop thinking about it all that day and when I woke the following morning I was thinking of it again, when she walked in the kitchen I said, "Can I say something but promise you won't go mad at me?" She said, "What is it?" I said kind of shyly, "Yesterday when you were in those tights, I thought you had nice legs, don't be mad I am just saying."
She said, "Do you think so, you shouldn't have been looking at me like that?" I said, "I'm sorry but I just wanted to say," She something like, "Yes well thanks any way."

Nothing happened like that for a while even though I wanted it to, but I did look at her legs more though and I was kind of turned on by them.
Then one day right out of the blue she came in the living room where I was sat and she lifted her skirt about a few inches above her knees and asked if I thought she should wear it shorter like this, I was a bit nervous and said, "Well you do have nice legs I don't mind but what will dad say?" She said, "Yes you are right, I best not, I don't think he would like it short."
After about half an hour I went to her and said, "Why don't you wear your skirt short in the house but when dad comes home you can lower it or put another one on?" She said, "I know why you want me too so you can look at my legs."
I said, "No I was thinking if you wanted to I won't say anything," she said, "May be I'll think about it."

Again nothing happened for a while though I still kept trying to get a glimpse whenever I could, nothing much just certain times when she bent over or went to do something she showed a bit more than normal, every inch was a bonus to me.

She came in one day and said one of my aunties had given her some new tights and she was going to try them on and said she was going in her bedroom so don't come in. My mind was racing, I was hoping she was going to show me, then she came in the living room wearing her clothes but I could see she had stockings on or so I thought, she said she had them on. Then she said, "They are different than the other ones, these are like stockings but have knickers attached." then she folded down the top of her skirt to show me the top of them, I couldn't see anything only what looked like the tops of her knickers.
I knew later these were pantyhose, but at the time these things were new as most women wore stockings in those days.

Then one day as I was entering the living room she was coming out at the same time and we kind of bumped in to each other, I don't know what happened properly but I just kissed her on the lips, she said, "What was that for?" I said, "Sorry I just wanted to do it," then I went forward and put my arms round her and kissed her again, she had her back against the wall and I was pressing against her and it was a long passionate kiss, she didn't bother at first then it was like she realised what was happening and she pushed me off and said, "That's enough, I'm your mother," I said, "It was only a kiss," she replied, "Yes well there is kissing and there is kissing, that was a bit more that just a kiss."
Later when it was near time for my dad to come home she said, "Don't tell your dad we were kissing like that," I said, "Don't be daft I won't tell him that," she said, "Good, I know you was just showing me you love me but that was a bit too much," I said I was sorry then she said, "Well no harm done."

About a few weeks later she got a job working in a factory kitchen with a woman across the road, I noticed she started to dress a bit nicer, she hardly ever wore makeup, she had nice skin and didn't need it really.
It was one afternoon I had been out somewhere when I came home, I went to go round to the back door because I didn't have a front door key, I didn't know she was home and as I past the side window I just noticed her in the kitchen, this window was to a small utility room next to the kitchen and the door was open and I could see through.
She had her back to me but had one leg on a kitchen chair, she was rubbing oil or cream on her legs, her skirt was almost round her waist, I ducked back a bit so she couldn't see me, she did both legs, I was erect by then, I know it doesn't sound much but the sight of her rubbing her legs was very erotic for some reason.
As she lowered her skirt I knew that was the show over, I walked back a bit and opened and slammed the side gate to make a noise as if I had just arrived, I went to the back door and walked in the kitchen and pretended to be surprised she was there, she had finished early it seemed, but later my mind was racing with thoughts of her rubbing those sexy legs.

One day she said, "I was doing your bedding before I found this under the bed," it was an old vest I used to clean myself off after I masturbated, I was very embarrassed, I could feel myself blushing, she said, "If you have to do that go in the toilet," I left the room as fast as I could.
This leads me to one day she was sat in the living room she was knitting, she did that a lot, her legs were crossed but her skirt was a little high, I kept looking and I was getting hard.
She saw me looking and said, "What are you looking at?" Then she stood up and lifter her skirt, I could almost see the gusset then she said, "Here have a good look," then she lowered it and said, "I know you keep looking you need to concentrate on something else." I said I wasn't then she said, "What is it about my legs that you are fascinated with?" I said, "I can't help it, they are nice, I just like to look," she said, "Do you look at other women's legs when you are out?" I said, "Course I do."
She said, "Remember when I shortened my skirt and you said I could wear it round the house like that?" My mind went in overdrive, I said,"Yes," she said, "Would it suit you if I wore it like that then you wouldn't need to keep looking so hard?" I said, "If you want."
With that I stood up but I had an erection, it was hard in my pants and she looked straight at it and said, "If you need to touch yourself go in the toilet," I just went to my room, again a bit nervous and embarrassed.

She was at work the next few days and didn't get home till later afternoon by which time she got the tea ready then it was time for my dad to come home.
After a few days of being at work she came home early again one afternoon, she had a bag with her and put it on the couch, she said she had bought some new things and wanted to try them on and asked me to leave the room while she did.
I went to my bedroom again thinking all sorts of things, then she shouted me, I went in to the living room and she was stood there in a small girdle type thing wearing stocking and a bra.
My mouth must have dropped open, I just looked and she said, "Well what do you think?" I said, "Yeah, you look great." She walked up and down like she did that first day when I caught her in the black tights, I was coming a little in my pants I could feel it, I couldn't control it.
She said, "Do you prefer stocking or tights, I bet you prefer stockings don't you?" I said, "I don't mind either but stockings are more sexy." She said, "I will have to wear them more often then won't I?" Then she said, "Right, go on I want to take them off and get dressed before your dad comes home," I went back to my room but I was shaking, I had to adjust myself, I was hard as a rock and I wanted to masturbate but it was a bit awkward, I knew if I went to the toilet she would know what I was doing.
Then she passed by my room and said, "You can come out now I'm dressed," as I did she came back in the living room and said, "Was that exciting for you seeing me like that?" I said, "Yes it was good," she said, "Perhaps when I get anything else I'll let you have a look, we'll see."

I masturbated time after time with the thoughts of seeing her in that underwear, I kept hoping she would arrive home with another shopping bag, I was desperate to see that again.
Then it happened, I came home at lunchtime and she was in the kitchen, I went to the toilet before I had my lunch and saw on the couch some more underwear, when I came back in the kitchen she said, "Did you see it, I know you did?" I said, "What," she said, "The underwear on the couch, I'll put it on for you if you want," then she went out in to the living room and I followed her.
She said, "I was going to put it on then show you but you are here now so you can watch me."
I was shaking with excitement and I was very very nervous, she started to undress, not slow and sexy just normal undressing, when she got to her bra and knickers she turned her back to me and took her bra off, then she put the new one on still with her back to me, then she removed her knickers, I just got a slight glimpse of her pussy but not much, she was very quick at putting on the new ones, then she turned to face me.
She had a suspender belt and put that on then undid the packet that contained the stockings, they were light brown, she took one out of the packet and put it on, as it got to the top of her leg she said, "Do you want to fasten it fort me?"
I was shaking and went to do it, I fumbled a bit and she laughed, then after I managed it she did the same with the other one, I was slightly better at fastening this one but still I fumbled, then she did a twirl and said, "Do you like what you see?" I said, "Yes," I was just very nervous and couldn't think of any smart words, I just looked and couldn't believe what had happened happened.
She said, "I'll stay like this for a bit then you can have a good look," she was in that underwear all afternoon, I shot in my trousers as she was walking about the house, it was too much I couldn't hold it any longer.
Later she went to the bedroom and got dressed in her normal clothes, she said, "That will have to be out secret." I promised not to say anything.

I got a job not long after that and I was at work all day and only off at weekends but my dad was also off then too so I didn't see my mum like that for a long time, I used to think about it all the time and masturbated on the thoughts of it.

There was one more occasion but this was a lot different, I was off work with a cough and she was sat in the chair doing crochet. I was thinking of how I could get her to show me again but for some reason it was a bit awkward.
I went to my room and I was racking my brain to think of something so she would, I went back in to the living room and I said, "Mum, remember that secret we have?" She looked up and said, "Yes, what about it?" I said, "I was wondering..." She said, "I'm not putting anything on now," she looked at my bulge and said, "Are you that desperate, here look." with that she hitched her skirt up round her waist, I could see her knickers, she wasn't wearing stockings or tights.
I said, "I was wondering if you would do it for me," she said in a stern voice,"I'm not doing that, if you want to do it do it yourself." I was nervous but rock hard, I said, "I want to do it looking at you," she said, "Get a towel then, don't make a mess on this carpet."
I went to the bathroom got a towel and she said,"Put it on the floor and hurry up."
I undid my pants and let them drop to my knees, I was shaking but I still had a hard on, it was very exciting. When I dropped my underpants she looked at it and I could tell she was kind of enjoying looking, I started to rub myself and she never took her eyes of it.
It didn't last long I came very quick, when I shot some of it went on the chair but I managed to get the rest of it on the towel.
She said, "OK clean yourself up and put the towel in the washing," When I came back in the room, she said, "That will have to be the last time, it's wrong what we are doing and it could lead to other things, so no more now."

Well there was no more after that, I did used to get a glimpse of her legs every now and then but she used to give me a look that said, 'I know what you are looking at'

Thinking back to those times, I think even though my dad was a nice man and she did love him, I think when I said she had nice legs and liked looking at her she felt like a woman again, I also think she got pleasure from teasing me, in a way it was safe, she was in control, she knew I was nervous and wouldn't harm her in any way.

Well that's my story, I did say it might be boring to some as there was no hard screwing but that is the way it happened and it's something I'll never ever forget, even now I think of those times.
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7 months ago
Good little story. Sounds better as it sounds real. Thanks
1 year ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very interesting...
2 years ago
Great story. Shame she never did it again though - it could have lead to so much more.........
2 years ago
Much too short! Not boring at all! I always skip the boring screwing parts of stories, so this was perfect!
2 years ago
I liked it!
2 years ago