College student pool party with three mexican men!

I am currently a 19 year old freshman college student attending a major university in Arizona. My f****y lives about 30 minutes from my university so I go home for weekends quite often. I am a rather tall, 5ft 10 natural brunette with a naturally thin and lanky physique. My breast are perky little b-cups with tiny pink nipples not much bigger than a dime. I decided to go home one Friday night on warm spring day to see my parents. I packed my bags and drove home, my parents have a pool and live in a large house far away from even are closest neighbors. I always enjoyed swimming in the pool, at times when my parents were out for the evening I would swim topless, even nude in the pool. I wasn’t sure if my parents would be out long enough for me to sneak in a quick nude swim. I arrived home later in the evening and to my surprise discovered my parents had gone without notice to Phoenix. I stripped off my clothes and walked to the shower lathering up with soap. Since my parents were out and I had the house to myself I decided to just stay nude for the rest of the night, watching TV, painting my toenails and making a salad. I was so relaxed I fell asl**p naked on the couch in the living room. I awoke around 10:30 a.m. when I heard a truck pulling into the driveway. I looked out the large window overlooking the long winding driveway to the house, I had totally forgotten that my parents employed 3 Latino gardeners and Saturdays were their workday for are property. They knocked at the door, I of course the night before reposted the note my parents had left me on the front door which read they would be gone until Sunday night. The gardeners read the note and realizing there was no one home decided to go for a swim. They ran to the fence and jumped it, tearing off their clothing until they were naked. The tree men were all of Mexican decent, about forty years old, and built in the typical stocky fashion of a 5ft 6in pudgy man. I observed this from the second story window that overlooked the pool. Without even realizing it I was beginning to get wet, and started to toy with my lips rubbing up and down ever so slowly. I started to fantasize about joining them, just walking outside and jumping in the pool with them. My heart began racing at that thought, that a group of men twice my age could see my tight, young 19 year old body. I let out several gasp as I came, experiencing one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. However after all of that I still couldn’t get the thought out of my head of me joining them, and allowing them to see all of me. I decided to do, I started walking down the hallway to the stairs to the kitchen of my house as the sound of my racing heartbeat drowned out the sound of my bare feet on the tile floor. I arrived at the sliding glass door, and slid it open, walking the twenty feet or so to the pool the men didn’t even notice me until I was standing right by the pool. One by one the men looked up at me, their moths dropped open. Immediately they started almost in unison apologizing for swimming and begging me not to tell on them and for seeing me naked. I assured them their secret was safe with me as I stood at the edge of the pool dipping my big toe into the water and making little circles with it. The men attempted to look away from me but I could tell they were enjoy the view of my recently waxed mound and perky little breast. I asked them if I could join them, they all said yes and I slipped slowly into the water by sitting on the side of the pool and slowly easing my way in to the water. We decided to play volleyball 2 v 2 in the deeper end of the pool, I was paired with Juan, a forty two year old recent immigrant from Mexico, Juan was shorter , about 5’6” with a little bit of a belly. We began to play and after a while the ball was hit out of the pool by Christian, Juan without even thinking jumped out of the pool to retrieve it, I immediately noticed he was getting hard. Juan’s penis was on the smaller side, about 5 inches erect. The other gardeners began giving him a difficult time about his state of arousal. Juan yelled back in Spanish before grabbing his erect penis and began to stroke it in front of all of us as if we were have a normal conversation. I felt mildly aroused by his bravery but being raised to masturbate in private I decided to jump out of the pool and lie down in one of the chairs. Christian called to me mocking Juan asking me to “suck him off”. Juan was now cuming in front of all of us, I watched as the head of his penis became even bigger and white liquid began to spill out on to the ground around him. After he finished cuming he called to me to asking “ Do you have a towel or something to clean up with?”. I tossed him my towel and he wiped the head of his shrinking cock and cleaned off his left hand. His penis now fully flaccid he lay down in the grass a few feet from me. Soon Christian and the other man named Eddy, jumped out of the pool and passed by me. I was lying in the chair with my legs spread open allowing air to reach my private parts. As Christian walked by I noticed he had an erection, he commented “you have a very nice body, I have never seen a woman with no pubic hair”. Christian was built like Juan but with a cute little erection and more facial hair, his penis was thick though. He grabbed his penis and began rubbing it, his next question nearly knocked me out of the chair, he said “Would you be offended if I masturbated to your body”. I couldn’t speak, but simply nodded yes, he moved in closer to my body and began to stroke it with just to finger ****d around his little cock. He then asked “ you haven’t taken your eyes off of my cock since I started, do you want to feel it?”. I reached out and felt the soft skin of his cock head with my pointer finger, making little circles over the head and feeling the pre-cum between my fingers. He asked me to taste it and I did, it was colder than I expected and tasted fairly bland. H e than asked me if I had ever tasted cum, I shook my head no curious what he may propose next. He then proposed I give him a blow job. I agreed and moved my mouth to just in front of his head, he then moved the tip of his penis over my outstretched tongue, wiping his pre cum all over my taste buds. By now Juan and Eddy were standing right by my chair both as hard as a rock. Eddy began to touch my breast with one hand while stroking his 5 inch cock with the other. Juan began touching my vagina rubbing my clit and sliding into my vaginal cannel. I spread my legs and without thinking gave him the go ahead to penetrate me. I felt his cock head sliding into me, spreading me open to accommodate him. I soon realized that not only was I having sex with someone besides my boyfriend but I was having interracial sex for the first time. Trying to fit three men onto a lawn chair is difficult so I suggested we go to my room. Part 2 to come!
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2 years ago
wow x
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3 years ago
love ur story.....
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
Looking forward to part 2
3 years ago
I'm working on Part 2 now!