Fat chicks and fuckin'

One time this fat girl wanted to fuck me and I let her. She wasn't like huge or anything but she was a fat chick. First of all, if you're a fat bitch- let me tell you. It is a gddamm workout trying fuck you and all the rest of you. So anyway, I could barely keep my dick erect because I really am not very turned on by fat whores. Funny, she claimed to give the worlds greatest head, too! Plus, from what I hear fat girls have to! So, here I am barely keepin the dick hard by sqeezin my shaft and what the fuck this bitch say? "do you like anal?" I'm like not personally, but, if it's your stinky ass you want fucked (and they are all stinky) I don't see how it can't hurt! But, I have a pretty fuckin enormous cock really and I don't think I got in past the head before this bitch is like OH OH OH- ooowuh. It hurts. So I guess it did then didn't it? Ha! End of ass fuck.
So now my dicks soft again and shes not doing a damn thing for me bj wise, but, I like ta fuck so I start shovin my dick back inside this hos sloppy pussy. One thing about a fat ass puss- they got slop! So, if'n yer needin' ta shove a few fingers in ta get the poor thing back inside and going it's a cakewalk. Literally- that is where the cake she ate walked down and never left ha! Finally, she's like I want to get on top.
Seriously? Bitch, you WANT to get on top but you can't! Because your a fat chick and can hardly lift your own lazy fat ass up of the couch most days. Now, you think your gonna reverse cow-girl me like a russian porn star? If you did a little more tryin to ride the dick maybe you wouldn't be 200+ lbs and placin NSA ads online and makin anonymous videos of you and your fat sloppy pussy-shootin fatty-fluids-ass everywhere to post on XHAMSTER!

But, that's just my story and I'm stickin' to it.

We love them fat bitches though, poor, lazy, horny little boring ass fuckers![/user]
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Posted by IshootU
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2 years ago
horrible. why even waste time spewing this literary diarrhoea. garbage.
2 years ago
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
please rate and comment every body thanks! I'll tell some more if I feel like people got it! Also, XHamster RULES and don't support walmart or chain stores of any kind- buy local. THANKS AGAIN WORLD!