Payback Bitch part 1

First Story.
Megan had long flowing blond hair, she was top cheerleader, huge round tits, everything a normal teenage boy would expect from his dream girl. and yet so much more.
Ashley was about the same but less then Megan she had black hair, nice round tits, but lacked the sparkle or sexiness that Megan had.
But Ashley knew how to take payback after she had seen Megan blowing her boyfriend, and she intended to enjoy every moment of it.
The plan was set she had the sex toys because her mother was a famous porn star, and tranquilizer darts because her dad was a dog catcher, it would flow naturally.
of course she invited her over to house and she willingly came, and her parents were out of town and it was a sl**pover, she would have all that night and most of the morning to make the little bitch pay.
Ashley heard the doorbell rang and invited Megan inside when she did she stuck the tranquilizer dart into Megan causing her to collapse to the floor, she took her upstairs and grabbed the rope and sex toys she had been storing in her bedroom, quickly she tied Megan up in a spread eagle bond also stripping her naked to reveal that perfect little pussy and those big round tits, and slapped her awake.
when Megan finally woke up she struggled and Ashley stripped down naked as well. she sat on Megan's face and commanded her to lick her pussy, when Megan wouldn't Ashley went to her large selection of sexual toys and torture devices and grabbed sticky pads to shock the little bitch. she placed four on each large round tit and two on each side of her pussy she sat back on her face with the controls in her hand and said
"you little bitch you can either lick my pussy in the next ten seconds or I am going to shock the living shit out of you."
she started to countdown from ten
Megan stood still
"alright bitch you asked for it."
Ashley turned the electricity on slowly to medium voltage Megan started to jerk in pain, her screams muffled by Ashley's pussy, Ashley felt Megan's nipples getting hard, the little bitch was enjoying this, this was going to be a fun night.
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4 years ago
excellent start & do carry on
4 years ago
carry on its a good start