My best friend's s****r

I've known my best friend for 14 year's now, I get treated like f****y around in his place. I've always had a soft spot for his s****r. She's always friendly and chatty with me even when my friend is not there and I'm in the house we'd have a chat or the regular text to each other.

It all started one night when we headed out, we were having a great time out and knocking back the drink. When we left we headed back to his. The f****y had gone away for a dance competetion with his s****r. So i got to stay in her room. Something about being her bed got me extremely turned on. It must of been the smell of perfume of her pillow's. I decided to lock the door and play with myself. As soon as I put my hand to my hard throbbing cock I felt like exploding. Slowly stroking up and down, leaking pre-cum. I noticed one of her drawers were open. So i decided to snoop through. It was her underwear drawer! I could not control myself. I took out a black thong and matching bra and for some reason i decided to put them on. It felt so great. The silky feel of the thong and knowing that she wore it and it rubbed against her pussy made me explode and cum all over her bed. I quickly put it all away and cleaned up and went asl**p.

Next morning I awoke to a high pitched giggle. His s****r was home and she was looking at me in her bed, I was completely naked! I could see that she noticed I was hard and she said nothing and walked out with a big grin on her face. How long was she there? I thought to myself. I quickly jumped into the shower then headed home. By the time I got home she had already texted me saying it was nice to come home and have a naked man in her bed. I tried so hard not to text back flirting with her but in couldn't resist. We spent the whole day flirting then and I was looking for any reason to go back around to her.

Her b*****r rang me to say he was heading out and no one was in the house only his s****r and asked would I pop around later to make sure she was okay. He's very protective and doesn't like her being on her own. Trying not to sound to eager about it I said okay. I was getting myself worked up thinking what I was gonna do to her that she was alone. Before I headed around my phone beeped. It was a message from her. "Come around now. Doors open. I'm upstairs" with a winking face beside it. I hopped straight into the car and sped around to her.

Straight up the stairs and into her room. She was lying naked already waiting for me. She got up came over and stripped me down and started kissing me. Her lips were so soft. Her skin was even softer and firm. Nicely toned aswell from all the dancing she does. Squeezing her ass tightly I picked her up. She immediatley wrapped her legs around me. I could feel her pussy juices dripping on to my cock as my cock rubbed against her clit. Carrying her over to the wall and pinning her up against it, my cock slid inside her. She was so warm and tight that I nearly came straight away. Slowly pushing in her deeper I could feel her body shaking. She ad wanted this for so long and now she was filled with pleasure. I slowly got harder and harder with her til eventually I pulled my cock out and let her get a breath of air. I lay her on bed and decided to go down on her and roll my tongue around her clit. Her nails were digging deep into the top of my head so hard that it was staring to bleed. She pulled my head up and got up and pushed me down on the bed. She went down and licked my cock up along the shaft then all around the tip. My cock was throbbing. The veins looked like they were gonna pop. She then slowly put her mouth over it and pushed down on it. Slowly my cock disappeared in her throat. I could feel the very back of her throat as she started to gag. She got to work on me. I really couldn't control myself and pulled her head up as I shot a huge load all over her face. She got so turned on by it that she went to the end of the bed towards the dresser and bent right over it exposing her plum tight asshole. She spit and rubbed it in her ass and pushed a finger in. I knew straight away what she wanted. So I went over and slid my cock deep in her ass. She had the tightest ass I've ever felt. Pushing in her ass pounding her hard. I could feel her body orgasm. Her whole body shook and she was breathless. Just as she came I exploded again deep in her ass.

After an hour we were at it again. Now every chance we get when she's alone I head around to her and have the most amazing sex ever.

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3 years ago
This is what good friends sisters are good for
3 years ago
you should post pics of your best friends sister, assuming this happened in real life