Lisa's Fantasy Evolves

Leaning back in the chair, sitting in the kitchen, the morning sun streaking in, you scoot to the edge of the chair, spreading your legs a bit further as the warm sticky syrup tickles a path from your tummy to you pussy, your own fingers spreading it around and along your thighs as I kneel before you, my young daughter, licking my look out the window and watch the cars zipping by, no doubt other dads whisking their little girls to school as your daddy flicks his tongue through your wet slit, tasting his perfect angel and the maple syrup mixed together....

...your eyes flutter closed as my tongue tickles over your tiny, young clit. Your body shudders as my lips press to your cunt. You lean back and push your hips forward as I slip my tongue inside you, tasting every drop of honey my little girl produces while cleaning the sticky sryup from your body. My cock strains inside my shorts, desperate to escape and slide inside you again, to feel your hot wet tightnesss wrapped around me again. I reach down with one hand and squeeze my hard shaft.

I feel a desparate need for my little girl, a need like I have never felt before. I smile and stand up, lifting your naked body into my arms as I wrap your tiny arms around my neck and press your lips to my throat, nibbling and kissing me in this sensitive, soft area...but I don't carry you far...I set your bare ass on the kitchen counter. You squeal as your tiny ass hits the cold tile, but your legs spread naturally allowing me inside...I push my underwear down letting my cock free, your eyes stare at your daddy's cock as I take it in my hand and press the tip to your wet lips...I slide the shaft up, the head of my cock spreading your tiny pussy lips, your moisture glistening aginst my cock as I slide the head up and down through your lips...

I presss forward...parting your tiny cunt with my massive cock...your head rocks back, "oh daddy, yes, fuck me daddy"

The doorbell rings and we stop in midstroke...our eyes wide open... together we look out the open window, the sidewalk from the driveway to the front door passes this window...neither of us recognize the car parked behind my truck...a knock on the door lets us know whoever it is...hasn't left yet...

...scrambling together you rush off back to my bedroom, your naked ass leaving a visual trail in my mind as I hop on one foot trying to get my pants back on fast enough to answer the I am pulling my t-shirt back in place, I am opening the door, hoping I don't look as red as I feel....

Standing in the doorway is my s****r and her daughter, almost the same age as you are, just a little older...if she saw anything, she doesn't act like it. She is in a hurry and as I invite her in she says she doesn't have time...but really needs a favor and is practically begging me to watch your cousin for her...for the weekend! She has to go out of town last minute and has no one else to call on.

You join me at the door and wrap your arms around me "Please daddy...can Tricia stay with us? Please???" Even before the events of the last few days, I was never able to resist you...I agree and we invite Tricia inside. Your aunt hands me her suitcase and with a hug and a flurry of thank-yous is rushing back to her car, apparently with a plane to catch.

I turn and see you and Tricia whispering to each other...only later will I learn that while my s****r didn't see anything....Tricia did....

I watch with a smile as my little girl and her cousin rush off in a fit of giggles. I carry the small suitcase into the living room and then head into the kitchen to clean up from "breakfast."

After awhile, and more than a little curious at the silence, I make my way down the hall to check on the two girls. The door to your room is closed so I listen through the door. I now know what your little moans of pleasure sound like now and I am certain I hear them through the door every now and then. I listen for several minutes, feeling my cock stir in my pants. I reach down to adjust myself and continue to listen.

As my hand comes off my cock, I reach for the door handle and slowly twist it, careful not to make any noise. I push and pull the door at the same time, trying to open it without a sound..I don't want to disturb what I think is happeneing, but I have to see it... I hold my breath... are lying back on your bed, your cousin is kissing nad nibbling your neck, the source of your tiny moans. I watch my daughter and her cousin make out from the doorway, your tiny hands roaming across Tricia's back.

Tricia seems unsure, but certainly in lust as her lips move across your skin and higher to your lips. The two of you kiss together, your tongue leading the charge into her mouth, teaching her how to kiss. Tricia moans into your mouth and I watch as your leg, still covered by the denim of your jeans, wraps around her leg, pulling her against you. Your hand travels across her back and I watch as you pull her against you, your hand on her ass, pulling her tighter to you.

Tricia moans as you break the kiss and roll her over, taking charge, sure that she wants to learn from you. You kiss and nibble along her jaw line until your are at her ear. Whispering softly so that I can't hear, you tell Tricia how lovely she is and how you have wanted this for so long. Your tongue pushes inisde her ear and Tricia lets out a long contented sigh, her head rocking back, her hips arching up. You press your thigh between her legs, agaisnt her pussy and kiss your way lower.

Tasting her neck, your hand slips up under her t-shirt and touches the soft quivering skin of her belly. Her eyes fly open and she looks at you. You lift your head to look into her eyes. You lean up and kiss her again on the lips..."relax, Trish...if you want me to show what daddy and I do together, you have to let me do this...remember? You promised..."

Tricia nodded her haid and lay back trying to relax. Your tongue snaked into her ear again as your hand pushed her t-shirt up. Your small hand closed around her breast and without knowing why, she arched her back, pressing her breast into your palm. You smiled against her ear and kissed a wet trail along her neck and skipped over the bunched up t-shirt.

You pressed your lips to her tiny pink nipple and sat back to watch as it grew to a tiny little nub. You let your tongue flick out across her and then closed your lips around her breast, sucking gently. She sighed and squiremed on the bed beneath you as you pressed your belly to her. You reached down underneath your own body and popped the button on your jean. With a wiggle, you lowered the zipper and began to wiggle out of your jeans never taking your mouth off your cousin.

With your jeans around your thighs and your pantieshalfway between, you reach up to the top of Tricia's jeans. Son she is lifting her ass off the bed and letting you wiggle her out of them. She watches you closely, shy and horny at the same time. You take the time to push your own jeand and panties off and toss them all into the corner of the room. You lift your t-shirt and join Tricia back on the bed completely naked. You kiss her tummy and whisper for her to relax....she tries, but bites her bottom lips as your lips press to the top of her swollen mound and the soft fur there.

Doing what I did to you earlier, you let your tongue slip through her slit, tasting your cousin's juices, and savoring the flavor of her. She maons a bit louder and her hands grip the blankets of your bed as you tease her clit without really knowing you are doing it. Your whole mouth just slides over her pussy, your tongue pushing into her and then slipping up. Tricia is shaking, twisitng against the bed and your mouth. You use both hands to wrpa around her thighs and just hold on as she cries out.

YOu lift your head just enough to say "shhhhh: but quickly dive back in for more. You know how good this feels when I do it to you, so you know what Tricia is going through for the first time now. You smile as you eat her young pussy, the first ime she has ever experianced ANYTHING like this. Just about 30 minutes ago you gave her her first real kiss and now her first orgasm.

You kissed her swoelln soaked pussy and climbed up her body pressing your naked skin to hers. Your lips find hers and you push your otngue into her mouth...Tricia moans against you tasting hersel on your lips and knows she has to return the favor.

Tricia knows this will be the best weekend ever. But as the two of you twist over so that Tricia is lying on top and kissing her way down your naked body...I silently step out of the room. Stripping off my own clothes, I leave them as a trail from your bedroom to mine...where I will wait naked and hard for my two little girls to discover me...
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3 years ago

And you are such a tease!
I can't wait for more
Let me know if you need more inspiration
3 years ago
can we have some more please
3 years ago
Why cut it short, to interesting to stop please carry on