Truth or Dare With Beth

It started out as an online game of truth or dare. It was fun to tell him all about her secrets, her fantasies, her experiences, her desires and lusts. Beth has already revealed the “truth” about her first time (she was 14), the secret kiss she shared with her best friend after soccer practice one day, and the time she went down on her boyfriend while he was driving along the freeway after a concert one night. She was now looking at the one word on her screen that she was about to send in reply to the latest truth she just read about (his first time when he was 17 – his conquest was the neighbor’s babysitter – its not what you think – she was 36 and seduced him though exhibitionism while the c***dren she was supposed to be watching were playing in the next room).

Her heart was beating in her chest as she stared at the single word…what would be his response? What would she have to do? She could feel her own wetness as she pondered changing her response…truth has been simple so far, just tell a true story from her heart, or her imagination. The most embarrassing thing was the story of when she got caught by her mom masturbating. But dare. The word seemed to be larger than the size 12 font on her computer monitor.

She squeezed her thighs together as she hit the send button. Her pussy contracted slightly and she heard her own soft murmur as the screen flickered and her message appeared in the conversation window – one word: “dare.”
She closed the chat window as her playmate was not online at the moment and returned to her profile page to scan the messages that have piled up since her last visit, soon distracted by the hot avatars, the suggestions for more stories, the pictures and videos that she followed…she found herself watching a video – a young girl, about her own age, lying back on the floor as several men surrounded her. Her clothes were in disarray, her skirt still on but bunched around her waist, her panties still on, sort of, the had been ripped and the waistband was still intact, but her pussy was exposed. Her bra was still on and concealed both breasts. Her face was already covered in sperm even as the men around her continued to stroke their own cocks. Beth watched as the girl flinched when another hot blast of cum splashed across her face. Another man penetrated the young girl’s pussy at the same moment causing her to cry out, her mouth flying open to catch the flying sperm. Beth felt her hand slipping inside her panties as she watched the girl being used.

Before she knew, her head was thrown back, her eyes squeezed tightly closed and she was trapped in the grip of her orgasm. He toes curled as she pushed her feet against the edge of the desk, the chair rolled backward a few inches on the carpeted floor in her bedroom. Her mouth hung open and her guttural moan escaped her lips. Her thighs were still trembling when Beth looked back at the screen. She slipped the mouse cursor up and clicked the back button returning to her profile page. Looking at the message window, Beth saw she had a new private message and she clicked the little icon even as she struggled to catch her breath.
Her message window led with a new message from her truth or dare partner. The green letters below his avatar let Beth know he was online now. She felt her pussy contract – was that from the orgasm or the anticipation of what she was about to read? His message opened in a new window and she felt her heart skipping as she saw a short response to her request for a dare. An underlined hyperlink directed her to an email account followed by “I dare you to send me three pictures of yourself. One fully dressed and with your friends. Another with you nude or semi-nude. And the third, you naked, with a copy of today’s newspaper held up.”

This was something Beth was not sure she was ready for. Her friend claimed to be from a place far away so it was not likely he would know her, but what if he used the pictures for something else, what if he posted them on his page. She replied to his dare asking for assurances that he would never ever share the pictures and while she waited for his reply, she searched her archives for the pictures she already knew she was going to send…the river flowing from her pussy told her as much.

Her carefully selected photos were ready…she had already copied them into the email she was ready to send, the only thing left was to get his response and to take a new photo of herself. His reply offered no real safety, and she knew it, but the way her heart raced, the way her breathe rushed from her lungs, she had to admit, the fear of how he might use these photos, was a turn on all by itself. She hit the send button on her email and then logged off xhamster. She was not ready to face him just yet. But, while her lust was still high, she grabbed her cell phone and rushed to the full length mirror….she took several photos and then remembered the newspaper part of the dare. Without getting dressed she peeked out the front door and saw no one in the neighborhood so she darted outside for the paper. It was reckless and dangerous and it made her already aching body long for more attention. She wanted to rush back inside and instead of more pictures, she wanted more orgasms.

As she knelt down to pick up the paper the image flashed in her mind of her toys, her vibrator sitting on the desk next to the computer, cleaned and ready for another rush of play. She decided she would wait for the picture – she need a second orgasm first. She turned and rushed back toward the door and saw with a little bit of horror that it was slipping closed! She darted the last few steps trying to push t open before it clicked shut, but she was just this much late and missed it. She already knew, but she reached for the door handle anyway. She tried turning it back and forth. Wondering why she had tried this!

She was locked out and naked! Her front door was slightly hidden from the street by a tree at the end of the walkway and the entryway, but she knew, no matter how much she tried to convince herself, she was exposed to anyone walking by. She had to find a way I quickly! She glanced around and rushed around the side of the house exposing herself to the world. Her bare feet sank into the cool grass as she headed for the back gate. Reaching up on her tip-toes, she reached over the fence for the latch hoping the lock was not in place. She sighed with relief as she felt the latch lift up without obstruction. She slipped into the backyard grateful that she had not been caught. She heard laughter and loud voices and glanced toward the back fence. Her neighbors behind her house were having a BBQ!!! It seemed to be all men! It was Saturday, so she had an idea it was some silly football get together.

She hoped no one looked over the fence with enough interest to catch her naked as she lunged toward the back door – God! Please let it be unlocked! Of course, she already knew she locks the door regularly and checks it every time she passes by. It was locked and so were the windows in the back. Her only hope was the side window to the bathroom. That meant a run back out front and around to the far side of the house. She sat down on the wooden deck to collect herself and wonder how she got into this silly predicament.

As she got up, ready to face the challenge of running around the house, she heard a voice from over the back fence “need some help?” A chuckle followed and then laughs as the other guys peered over the fence. Using the newspaper and her full body blush as best she could, Beth tried to cover up. Her voice squeaked as she spoke explain in only a few words that she got locked out. The boys were of course hysterical, losing themselves in immature laughter, but ever chivalrous, they were soon clamoring over the fence to help a damsel in distress.

About six of the boys were suddenly in her back yard, several others peering over the fence. Could this be the rescue she needed. She was ready to explain that she thought maybe the bathroom window was open on the side of the house, but the boys were around her too fast. She was suddenly nervous, but not sure why, until one of the boys asked to read the sports page and took the paper shield from her hands.

In just a moment, her situation went from rescue to attack. She was suddenly aware that not only was she naked, but still wet from her truth or dare, the videos and her orgasms. She knew it was her own fault and she felt the first guy grab her arm and spin her around. A hand slapped against her ass. She didn’t cry out. She was spun around again in the opposite direction. Another stinging blow to her ass. Beth struggled to get her bearings as she was spun around and around, her ass stinging from the slaps everytime she was spun around.

The boys pushed from the house as the spun her around, her bare feet once again stumbling through the grass. Until she lost her balance and fell to her knees. The boys yelled out with a victory cry as she sat there, her bare ass on the ground, her legs tucked underneath her. She started to get to her feet but one of the boys pushed her back down. She didn’t even know it was happening until she felt the first bare cock touch her face. She looked up. Someone grabbed her hair and tugged it backward forcing her mouth open. The cock in front of her face was now in her mouth. She gagged a little as he f***ed himself into her mouth, but her instincts betrayed her. Her tongue slide along the bottom ridge of his cock and she actually moaned. He boys were slapping high fives and stripping off their own clothes now. The boys on the other side of the fence were cheering as if they were watching a football game.

Beth felt her hips being lifted up, and she was soon on her hands and knees. Someone was pressing an unprotected cock to her wet pussy. She had never had sex without a condom before and she worried but knew the situation was helpless as she felt her cunt penetrated.

She moaned around the cock in her mouth struggling in her mind to just let it happen so it will be over soon. She was felt the cokc in her mouth swelling up and soon she was swallowing a blast of hot sticky cum. It was not her first time to taste sperm, but it was still a new experience, one she was not too keen on. She swallowed it only because she still had the cock in her mouth, she was f***ed to and then she nearh a grunting behind her and a white hot blast of sperm inside her cunt. Her eyes went wide, she didn’t expect that. As the cock slipped from her mouth she turned her head to scream at the boy still in her cunt only to have her head f***ed around and another dick shoved inside.

She heard the boys behind her arguing about fucking her after the first one came inside her. But the resolved the problem quickly enough. She felt her ass being spread open and the hot tip of another cock being pushed into her. Looking up she saw two of the guys climbing back over the fence and leving her backyard. She knew that once they were done wither, none of them were going to help get her back inside her house.

Her ass was stretched for the first time by a cock and she was being filled. Her eyes were watering and the pain was almost too much. Her own wetness and the sticky cum of the first boy were providing the lubrication as she was used, fucked and she felt the cock in her mouth slipping out. Her face was splashed with cum as the boy aimed for her face, stroking his own cock and letting his cum fly over her cheeks and lips, splashing into her hair. She closed her eyes tight as the hot liquid hit her balst after balst. She felt more across her back at that moment and realized that some of the boys weren’t able to wait, stroking themselves until they were cumming on her.

Beth’s ass was on fire as she felt the cock inside her swelling even more…she was grunting, but not screaming as she felt him cumming, his conquering cries echoing through the neighborhood. And then…it was over.

She lie there watching as the boys dressed and then climber over the fence….she found a way to stand on her wobbly legs and walked back to the gate of her fence…she went around the house no longer caring about the other neighbors. She was able to pull herself up and climb through the window, her ass stuck in the air for a moment before she tumbled to the bathroom floor.

With the newspaper in hand, and cum dripping from her face, ass and pussy…she snapped the last picture…a few moments later it was on its way to her Truth or dare partner…she wondered what the next dare would bring….

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1 year ago
lovely story
Zo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1 year ago
we loved the story, super sexy, such a turn on, we just fucked like rabbits with it in our minds eye xx Zara
3 years ago
Bet you'd be delighted to be on he end of this one Lexi!
3 years ago
Unexpected twist ....
3 years ago
very hot bad boys
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
nothing like a "good neighbor"!