For most, it was just another Friday night, but for the huntress clad in her tight leather mini skirt and red halter top that clung to her pert double d's and showed off her shapely figure, it was the hunt and the prowl. She was in her mid 40's, lonely, dismayed and above all else, horny. She was a tigress looking for prey and she'd found the perfect spot.

It was a dive in the corner of a small town, where names and faces seemed to disappear in the smoky atmosphere that smelled of sex, booze and regret. The perfect aroma. She found a spot in the corner and ordered a drink, scanning the room for the nights bounty and in the corner she found him. He stood there with his friends, 6 foot tall with medium brown hair covered by a beanie, lip ring and tattoo's that ran down his sleek twenty-something arms. They locked eyes for a minute and she smirked, turning her head away. She could tell that he was hooked and the prey would soon come running, believing themselves to be the hunter when they were the conquest.

Hours passed and after a few brief glimpses, exchanges of lust and desire in the dark atmosphere, he began to walk over and she knew the prey had come to indulge in the viper. A poor mouse alone in a pit of female lust. It was orgasmic.

"Can I buy you a drink?" He smiled suavely, the way arrogant twenty-somethings do when they believe their on top of the world.
"Huh?. Oh, I don't know. I was just about too leave." She tossed her hair about her shoulders, letting loose a pungent aroma of honey and citrus that seemed to buckle his knees and leave him breathless.
"Oh. I see." He looked defeated, ready to slink back to his friends.
"But, I guess one more couldn't hurt." She was cruel to do this to him, leading him to the brink of oblivion and then salvation once more, but she couldn't help herself. This was a game to her and she'd already won from the moment they locked eyes.

He ordered her a drink and they began to talk. He droned on about the things twenty-somethings normally do, a small bit of rebellion and idle apathy behind his words. More time passed and he continued to drone on, but she was tired of the idle chitchat. She took him by the hand and lead him to the bathroom, smiling as she did so.

They were in the plush stall of this otherwise pungent dive and a flurry of hands began groping. He leaned forward to kiss her, mistaking lust for something more and she simply put a finger to his lips, shaking her head. He began to speak when she went down on her knees and took his pants off, slipping his rock hard member into her mouth. Words were replaced with moans as his hands grabbed her hair, caressing it and pulling like a wild a****l caught in a trap. She took all of it and slurped passionately until he was on the brink of eternity.

She then stood back up and slid her panties aside, hiking up the tight leather mini skirt and sliding her moist opening on to his protruding member. They grinded on each others flesh, the sound of moist passion screaming and bathroom stalls rocking against the noise of bone on bone. Neither of them knew how much time passed, could have been hours or minutes, they were so focused on the raw lust and passion. He began to tense up and she pulled him out, bent down and received his warm gift into her mouth, feeling the hot rush of liquid scream down her throat. He tasted of youth in its prime and she drank it up.

He stood there a stammering wreck as she readjusted the casualties of the events. He went to ask for her phone number, a name or anything but she just winked and walked out. He was prey, nothing more and the huntress had milked her quarry for all it was worth.

She walked back out into the warm, summer air and fumbled around for a cigarette in her purse. She placed it between the smudged cherry rid lipstick that coated her soft, sensual lips and lit it, smiling as she left the dive on the horizon, satisfied with the nights events.

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