Madonna vs Chelsea FC

Madonna didn't enjoy these charity ceremonies, but she did like the after show parties, and tonight, with Guy away filming in LA and the k**s staying with their nanny, she decided to let her hair down and give it a go. The limo dropped her off at the end of the red carpet, and she was met by a battery of flashlights from the assembled paparazzi that were fighting amongst themselves to get the pictures of her that would be splashed across tomorrow's newspapers. Members of the public cheered in delight at the world famous icon. Madonna waved and blew kisses to them, while disappearing through the revolving door of the London Savoy Hotel.

She knew she looked good in a figure hugging, black, £50,000 handmade Versace strapless dress that showed her huge boobs that were pushed right up. The dress was slashed to the thigh revealing her gorgeous toned legs in all their glory. Teetering in very sexy black 4-inch Gucci high heels, she swept confidently into the massive function room while dripping in about £5,000,000 of enormous sparkling diamonds. Her blonde hair was tied up sexily and she glowed with the feeling of all the heads turning to appreciate her. A couple of pink champagnes relaxed her and she was soon mingling with the good and the great of the country and enjoying it.

As the evening wore on she found herself sitting with four very familiar premier league footballers and, she had to admit, four very attractive premier league footballers at that. As the drink flowed the level of conversation deteriorated.

"You're pretty popular among the lads in the dressing room," one of them said. "Most of us would do you if we had a chance."

Madonna laughed, "Don't be silly, I'm old enough to be your mum," she said, smiling at him.

He winked at her, "Exactly, an attractive and experienced woman. That must be every young guy's dream!"

She felt herself redden and took another big gulp of bubbly. One of the other players moved over and sat next to her.

"He's right you know, there's something very fuckable about you!" He put his hand on her firm thigh and squeezed it gently.

"Oi, stop it," she said, pulling his hand away rather half-heartedly. "I'm not one of those young sluts you lot seem to pick up all the time!" the queen of pop added.

He leaned in close to her, eyeing up the huge sparkling diamonds, "I can see that, you're far classier."

She was enjoying the attention enormously and flashed a smile as dazzling as her jewellery at him as he sank back into the sofa.

"So, Madge, you ever shagged a black bloke before?" piped up Didier, the 6 foot 4 inch hero of the African nation Ivory Coast.

Giggling, Madonna squealed, "You are so rude."

"He'd fucking ruin you," said one of the others.

Screaming with laughter, one of the other lads piped, "He's hung like a donkey, plays like one to."

They laughed and she couldn't help herself from glancing down at Didier's groin. She felt excited and turned on, and, although she knew it was wrong, she wanted him, badly. She looked at his face and he was staring straight at her.

"Seen enough?" he asked, "Or would you like to see more?"

She bit her lip and glanced around; the others were still laughing. She felt horny but was unsure about the press getting hold of the story.

"I think I had better go before I get into trouble," claimed the pop icon.

They pleaded with her to stay and she had to admit she wanted to, but it was getting late and the Crystal champagne was having an effect on her.

Madonna sighed, "Sorry lads, maybe another time."

She went out to the foyer and was about to phone her driver to get her when a gleaming red Ferrari appeared.

"Want a lift?" It was Didier at the wheel with a huge smile across his black face.

Her heart was pounding, she couldn't say no and five minutes later they were in his sports car and driving through the empty streets of London. There was an uneasy silence in the car; they both knew what they wanted but neither wanted to make the first move. In the end he simply drove straight back to his expensive waterfront apartment and Madonna didn't even protest.

"Night cap?" he said as he opened the car door.

As soon as they were inside his flat Madonna made the first move.

"You footballers are so flash, I bet you won't be able to handle me!" she shrieked.

He turned to her, looking her up and down.

"You don't mean that, you want me, it's obvious," whispered Didier confidently.

"You pretentious....", she never finished the sentence.

Didier bent forward and kissed her; she resisted for a millisecond and then responded. They kissed long and passionately, tongues probing each other's mouths. His hands roamed over her body, squeezing her massive 34C breasts and grabbing handfuls of tight American buttock. His cock hardened as he felt the outline of stockings and suspenders through the material of the dress. He pushed her back, pinning her against the wall, pulling her dress up, and she gasped as he thrust his hand between her legs, cupping her crotch. Madonna pushed against him, eager for him to carry on.

She felt his big black thumb on her gash, nudging and probing her, she was already getting wet and she wanted to know if what the others had said about him was true. Without warning he sank to his knees and pushed his face against her crotch, nuzzling in and pushing his tongue against it. She put her hands on the back of his dreadlocked head, pulling him closer as his hands shot up her dress and roughly tore her tiny lace thong clean off. Thrusting his face back into her neatly trimmed mature bush, she groaned as his huge tongue slipped along her lips and flicked over her clit. He didn't wait there long.

He rose to his feet and towered over her petite 5ft 4" body. Even in 4-inch killer heels, Didier was still far taller and looked at her with a wicked expression on his face. She slipped her hand between his huge muscular legs and pulled his Armani trousers open, allowing them to fall to his ankles.

"My God," she whispered.

Her widening eyes alighted on the biggest cock she had ever seen, it was at least 12 inches long and so thick. She wrapped her tiny manicured fingers around the shaft and gently stroked it while he lifted her dress again, exposing her sexy silk black stockings and lace suspender belt, and pushed forward. Didier lifted her slightly off the floor whilst staring into her eyes and she guided the monster to the mouth of her cunt, where he took over, pushing into her slowly. She opened her mouth to gasp but no noise came out, it felt incredible, she thought she would burst as he went further and further up her, stretching her in a way that she hadn't felt since she had her k**s.

Madonna was pinned back against the wall and he had lifted her clear off the floor, her legs were wrapped around him as he started slipping up and down her, at first it hurt but as her vagina grew accustomed to the size of his cock and she began to enjoy it more and more. He got quicker and quicker and each thrust made her gasp louder. He was so strong that he was virtually sliding her up and down his cock. She was impaled on his massive rod and loving it.

Madonna felt wonderful and was completely lost in the experience. She felt the first ripples of an orgasm deep inside her and gripped him tighter with her magnificent dancers' legs. He pushed hard up her, shoving his big black dick as far into her as possible. She shrieked in ecstasy and couldn't stop herself from coming in torrents. Didier grunted and his eyes rolled back into his head as he began pumping his come deep into her. The two of them climaxed hard and long; Madonna had never felt anything like it since her wild sessions with black NBA star Kobe Bryant. After he pulled out they stood there panting.

"Man", he said, "that was fucking amazing; you older babes are so good."

She was surprised and secretly pleased with the compliment. "You're not bad yourself," she replied.

He nodded, "So, you want to stay?" he asked.

Wild horses couldn't have dragged her away.

Didier grabbed Madonna and swept her off her feet over his huge shoulder, carrying her in a fireman's lift, he walked through the flat. His big black hands groped her sexy ass that was sticking up in front, her arms dangled down behind his back. He felt amazing as he paraded his trophy and eventually strode into the master bedroom and let her down. Didier slumped down on the huge bed.

"I like a lady who puts on a show," he said, "Do a strip for me M; make it as sexy as you can," added Didier with an arrogant look on his face.

The horny footballer then laid back, hand on his knob, as Madonna smiled seductively at him and started swaying sexily, pulling at her dress, lifting it enough to show her cunt, then letting it fall back in place. She ran her tiny hands over her big boobs then turned around and thrust her pert ass out at him.

"Holy shit that's an amazing piece of ass," gasped the horny premiership star.

Didier was stroking his big black tool as he watched her perform. She turned to face him again and reached behind her to unclasp the dress; as she released it her large firm breasts burst out. She wasn't wearing a bra, so she held the material in place, teasing him for a few seconds before finally letting it drop and revealing her amazingly toned body decked out in sexy black stockings, suspender belt and high heels. The tiny thong lay ripped apart on the floor where Didier had tossed it aside after tearing it off. She felt good that this muscular black sportsman, who seemed to be enjoying the view as his big cock was already springing back to life, was ogling her tight 53-year-old body.

Madonna wanted that huge dick back inside her and she walked over to the bed to rectify the situation, he watched her massive breasts as they swayed in time with her walk. She climbed up beside him and ran her nails down his chest and over his awesome stomach, rolling her fingers around his pubic hair then down over the long shaft of his hardening prick. She stroked it, mesmerised by its size, she bowed her head and kissed the tip, licking up and down its length, flicking her tongue over the eye and taking the very end of it inside her red lipstick covered mouth. She gently bobbed her head up and down, his foreskin riding up and down with each movement.

He had to admit it felt good, his liking for older women had never failed in the past and this wasn't to be the exception. She worked on his cock for 15 minutes, bringing it to full erection; she couldn't take her eyes off it and decided it was time to climb aboard. She threw her sexy leg over and straddled him with a look of excited anticipation on her face. Reaching down she fed the monster between her amazing legs. This time she was in control and eased it inside her and groaned loudly as she lowered herself on to him.

Madonna reached forward and grasped the headboard while starting to eagerly slide up and down the shaft, selfishly satisfying herself whilst ignoring him completely. He reached up and took hold of her famous breasts, groping and squeezing them firmly, pushing them together. He pushed his head forward and managed to get both nipples squashed together enough to insert both into his mouth. He slumped back after a few seconds and placed his hand on her arse, gripping her suspender straps that were pulled tight across her cheeks. He was trying to dictate her pace but she was having none of it and continued at her own frantic speed. Didier was amazed at her awesome energy. She didn't hear the door open, too lost in her oncoming orgasm to be distracted by the outside world. Didier heard it though and smiled to himself as he looked over and saw John Mikel, his 6ft tall and 24 year old, Nigerian team mate's grinning face. Didier indicted with his hand to hold on, the old lady was working the oracle on him and he wanted to empty his huge load up her before the rest of the fun began.

He arched his firm black back so he was deep inside her as he fucked her stupid.

"My God," she panted, "I'm, I'm going to...aaarrrggh." Madonna shrieked as she began to orgasm wildly.

For the second time that night she lost it, wave upon wave of pleasure coursed through her, Didier didn't care about her orgasm, he had been pumping up her for a few seconds already but she seemed totally oblivious to it. The two of them thrashed around for a while longer before her shrieks of delight died away and she finally opened her eyes and acknowledged he was part of the experience.

"Nice performance!" the voice from behind made her jump.

She fell off Didier and tried desperately to cover herself with the bedding. The three other lads from earlier were now all inside the room.

"Chill out Madonna, it's us, we are team mates, we share everything!" a voice piped up.

Madonna was confused and a bit dazed as she looked at Didier to see what he would do but the horny black footballer just beamed.

"She's fucking good man," he said smugly, "She loves it."

Madonna looked back at the others, not sure what to do or say.

"Lose the sheets darling; let's have a look at what's on offer." John Mikel demanded.

The huge black Nigerian walked towards them and Madonna felt nervous and very excited by the goings on as she looked down and let the sheet drop. The boys all gasped and then a huge cheer went up as they saw how good she looked in her sexy expensive lingerie and exclusive high heels.

"Jesus, even my missus doesn't have those high heels, and she is very high maintenance!" Mikel howled.

He stretched out a big black hand and lifted her breasts, weighing them up, stroking them.

"Holy shit, her tits are fucking massive boys!" Mikel gasped as he played with the globes.

Madonna bit her lip as he tweaked her nipples, the others came over too and the sheets were pulled off her. She didn't feel at all nervous as they started working on her. She lay back and felt one of them fingering her soaking wet cunt. Mikel was sucking her nipples whilst Frank, the 6ft 1inch tall, 33 year old England star, stood beside them, watching and waiting, trousers round his ankles. All the time Didier was lying there, propped up on one arm egging the others on.

"Shit, I got to do it," screamed Mikel.

The other two players let him through and he twisted Madonna over on to her front while pulling her over the edge of the bed so she was kneeling. He didn't hang around, she felt his massive cock slide easily up her, and it was just as awesome as Didier's. The pumped up stallion gripped her suspender straps tightly and took short, sharp jabs up her. One of the others lifted her head and slid beneath her so his cock was in her face, she didn't need a second invitation, slipping it into her mouth and working her tongue and lips around the big shaft. It was wonderful, the cock in her cunt was doing a good job and the harder he fucked her the more she gobbled the one in her mouth.

She hadn't seen Didier get up and leave and was totally blind to the fact that he was standing yards away, video camera in hand, filming the whole show. Not that she would have cared at that moment, she was aware that there was going to be an eruption of come soon but wasn't sure where it would be, the tightening grip on her hips and the groan of pleasure from behind was the only indication of who had come first. She didn't feel a spurt of come inside such was the dampness and elasticity left from the Ivory Coast hero. She opened her eyes and looked up at the face of the youngster who was close to coming in her mouth. Taking hold of his shaft and tossing it gently whilst sucking furiously, Madonna was going wild as he gripped the back of her head and let fly the warm salty fluid jetted into her mouth.

Madonna gasped and swallowed hungrily, her wrist was now working overtime on him, encouraging him to give her everything he had. When he had emptied his load down her she slowly pulled him out, paused for a while with the tip still in her mouth then released it, licking her lips as she did so. He grabbed her hair and pulled it out of the clasps that caused her blonde locks to roll down to her strong shoulders. The horny footballer grabbed a bunch of hair and wiped his dick over her famous Italian- American face. Madonna twisted her head, enjoying the feeling of warm cock nuzzling against her cheeks and nose.

A few minutes later all the lads were naked and Madonna was surrounded by firm young bodies. All the boys were 6ft or over and had huge muscle bound frames. They were all pumped up and giving each other high fives. The excited young footballers couldn't quite believe the important trophy they had just captured. Madonna looked straight into Didier's camera lens and smiled, allowing him to pan down her body. She turned around and looked at John Mikel,

"What are you fucking waiting for?" she said.

Spreading her legs wide, Mikel stared at the gleaming cunt and nodded.

"Let's go lads," he said, while an excited Frank bawled, "Holy shit boys, she is worth about £500,000,000 and we have bl**dy bagged her!"

Mikel climbed onto the bed and lay flat out. Madonna instinctively went to mount him but he stopped her,

"Turn around you fucking dirty bitch, face JT," he demanded.

Mikel nodded at the current England and Chelsea captain John Terry, who is a 6ft 2inch, 31 year-old powerhouse. He was the lucky lad that she had just gobbled off and as she twisted around Mikel immediately grabbed her by her slim hips and pulled her back onto him. She squealed with delight and tried to sit on him again but he grabbed her hair, yanking her straight.

"Listen Madge, do as I say, just relax and let us do the work," rasped the big African.

She murmured her approval before gasping out loud as she felt his cock pushing against her ass hole. It was easier then he thought and his huge black cock was soon easing up her back passage and ready to plough her. JT positioned himself and she looked at his young features while he grinned back, holding his 9 inch cock in his right hand as he shuffled forward. She didn't know what to do but Mikel pulled her back wards, jamming his huge cock into her anus and opening up her cunt. JT shifted closer and guided his cock towards her pussy, she panicked slightly but Mikel whispered encouragement and she breathed heavily as JT's cock pushed into her pussy.

It wasn't comfortable but thanks to the earlier proceedings her cunt was sufficiently stretched to cope and, as the two of them worked together on her for about 45 minutes of real hardcore lust, Madonna felt like a defenceless lamb being devoured by two hungry lions. The two footballers were having a hell of a time with the pop queen and Madonna started groaning louder at the incredible feeling of double penetration. Just as the wild woman thought she would burst she felt Frank's cock pressing against her cheek, Madonna turned her head and took him deep into her throat. It was too much for him and he almost fainted at the intensity of the massive orgasm that raced through him as he unloaded into that world famous mouth.

"I have just shot my fucking spunk into Madonna's throat!" screamed Frank as his big cock slipped out.

Madonna gasped as she pushed down hard onto Mikel. JT also slipped out and attempted to get back in but her petite body was writhing around too much so he gave up, fell back onto the bed and watched the amazing site of the 49 year old Michigan born superstar singer being fucked senseless in the ass by the 6ft tall, 24 year old black stallion.

"Hope your getting all this?" Mikel screamed to Didier.

The Ivory Coast footballer turned film director gave the thumbs up while tapping the side of the video camera as Madonna went limp as her climax passed. John Mikel wasn't finished as he was still bollocks deep in her ass and pounding away while managing to get her face down into the mattress. Her tight buttocks stuck into the air, which caused the suspender straps to tighten across them, as his enormous 12 inch black rod fucked the queen of pop until he reached the point of no return, flooding her anus with wave after wave of come.
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1 year ago
LOL she came too late to be serviced by Makalele, who is reputed to have a 13 inch cock that is as thick as a beer can.
2 years ago
cool thanks dude
2 years ago
i love madonna and reading porn awesome it felt amazing reading this story if ya know what i mean loved it
2 years ago
haha, thanks glad you like it :)
2 years ago
Omg i luv it wen i involves famous black dudes