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A little help!

I'm recent college grad and due to the lack luster job market and personal emergencies, I am barely able to pay off monthly student loans. I have been conserving but unfortunately may not be able pay the $132 dollars that I owe by August 21st. If anyone can help with a small job or any sort of help, that would greatly be appreciated.
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send me a message with your name/email address and I will send you a specially made masturbation video! include any requests in your first message. Sending your own pics as "inspiration" is greatly appreciated but not necessary

Hope to cum for you all soon !
Posted by Iposenude 2 years ago

[Story] Good little boy..

A bedroom. Bathroom attached. A large bed in the center. I; a young man of 23, lay with the woman I love. She ; a mature woman, full figured, beautiful. I love her for her kindness. She loves me for my youth, my energy, my eagerness to please.

I lie in bed, cuddled with her. My head laying on her breasts. She speaks softly, " Will you do something for me baby?" I shake my head without speaking. "I want you to masturbate for me." I leave the bed and stand across the room from her, about 5 or 6 feet.

"Take your clothes off baby" She says longingly. I undress slowly. Pulling my shirt over... Continue»
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No body loves me?

So I've noticed alot of people add me a friends, but never answer messages or return comments. I know there is alot of people hear, I just expected more common courtesy. So if anyone reads this and actually likes me as a person or (unlikely) sexual, send a message or leave a comment. Let me know I'm not just a face on a page.

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I am a recent college grad with a large amount of debt and no income. I am willing to do a variety of things to make some cash. Send me a message and I will let you know if I can do it for you.

Hoping for some help,

Posted by Iposenude 2 years ago

Another Fantasy

I've had this fantasy for awhile where I'm standing up against a wall with my hands chained so I'm standing arms spread out. I'm in my boxers blind folded, then a woman comes comes in the room and starts to rub my crotch through my underwear. She takes off my blindfold and pulls my boxers down. She then strips, lays on the ground and teases me, playing with herself. Once I get erect, the stands up and starts to jerk me off. She kisses me, bites my lips as she strokes my cock. Harder and faster until I'm rock hard. She kneels, looking up at me as she strokes. She strokes as hard as she can unti... Continue»
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I dream of this

I've always wanted to masturbate for a group of women, while they are in various states of undressed; encouraging me. Then they all fight over which one of them I get to cum on.
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