First time with my Aunt

I would like to let everyone know this is my first story and if it is well received i would love to share many more of my stories with you. All criticism is welcomed and actually expected.

Where do I begin, i assume the best place would be to describe my aunt to everyone. She is about 5'4 and very curvaceous. I am talking about a huge ass and very nice D-cup breasts that aren't perky but actually sag in a nice way. At the time she was 25 and i was about 16 so the age difference was definitely noticeable, however i was very mature for my age which sounds cliche but it is true.

My aunt married into the f****y and everyone really liked her because she was my uncle's first love and they married immediately after college. Here is where I come in, me and my uncle were always close and i would often spend a lot of my time over his apartment in New York, this meant i constantly heard them having sex in the other rooms of the house throughout the day. I even took it a step farther in that i would search through her underwear when they were at work and that is where i found her dildo and many different sex games,toys and books(kama sutra). Of course i would rub a few out to her underwear and poloroid pictures of her posing nude which they kept in a photo album. It wasn't long before i became more brazen with my acts such as cumming in her old panties that were going to be washed anyway. However one day i took it to far, i knew she would be home within 15 minutes but I just felt the urge to smell some of her underwear for some reason. I don't claim to be any marathon man when I'm masturbating but for some reason it took me forever to cum, sadly I didn't even notice the door open or my aunt watching me until I was finished, that was when she spoke up.

"Just what are you doing" she said in a very calm tone.


"It looks to me as if you are being slightly perverted aren't you"

I was still in total shock. Then to my utter surprise she bent over and picked up the panties i had just finished cumming into...and licked my cum off of them.

"mhhmmm. You taste so much better than your uncle, and now i have to show you how I plan on paying for my dessert."

I won't even pretend to write i said something cool back like "there's more where that came from" or something, i was honestly speechless.

Anyway she led me to her bed where she pulled my pants from my ankles completely off and ordered me to take off my shirt. She slowly kissed me down my chest, then my stomach, and finally write above my now rock-hard dick. At the time i was packing a normal 7 inch which was pretty thick. She slowly kissed around my dick until she started licking me up and down my shaft.

"Oh my god. This is your first time isn't it" she said with a smile on her face.
(I'm pretty sure i forgot to mention that she has the widest smile in the world and it is simply amazing)

"Yea" i managed to stammer out as my body was shivering from pleasure.

"Don't worry, your uncle won't be home for hours so we have plenty of time to make your first time spectacular."

As she was finishing her statement she begin to suck my dick very slowly. It wasn't as if she was sucking so much as surrounding it with her mouth and bobbing up and down on it. I was in heaven. She continued this until i almost exploded into her mouth, just then she stopped.

"Are you ready" she asked in the most innocent voice ever.

Before i could even respond she was already rolling over on her back and sliding up on the bed.

"Just relax and lay on top of me"

I followed her instruction and laid on top of her very gently because i was much larger than her.

"Put your big dick inside of my pussy" she said in a very seductive voice, not that it was needed.

I was shocked that i just heard that but i followed her instructions immediately. Here is what you all have been waiting for. As i slid my cock into her i noticed just how wet she was. Anyone who says a woman's pussy is warm is understating it, my aunt's wet pussy was literally hot but it felt so good. Before i knew it my body was moving on its own thrusting my dick into her nearly all the way before it seemed like it stopped. I couldn't believe what was happening and how amazing it felt.

"Yes Yes Yes. Push farther. You are stretching me" she screamed.

I continued to thrust far into her pussy feeling my penis go deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her screams encouraged me to continue delve as far as possible into my aunt's dripping pussy. However, after about 8 minutes i began to feel like i was about to explode into her. It was almost as if she read my mind because as I began to pull out and release all over her stomach and breast she grabbed my ass and began matching my movements perfectly. It was at the moment i realized why my uncle fell for her, she was an absolute freak.

"Cum inside me. Please its ok I'm on the pill. Do it I'm cumming"

That sent me over the edge and I burst inside my aunt's womb. Releasing my cum into her so much that it came out of her pussy surrounding my cock. I felt as though i had just lost all energy and collapsed next to her, letting my now soft cock slip out of her. Before I slipped into a slumber she began to lick me clean.

"We are going to have so much fun together and I do plan on fucking you until you can last over 40 minutes, your uncles personal best."

I hope you enjoyed my story. It's almost 100% true give or take a few words. But i honestly want feedback on my writing style because I do have more stories as i was still in high school when all this occurred and my aunt is still a freak. Anyway thanks for reading

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1 year ago
Never lasted 40 minutes-but came several times in forty minutes!
2 years ago
wonderful story, i really like these "incest" or almost incest stories. keep it comming!!
2 years ago
U made 40 mins?
2 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
More details please!
3 years ago
you did a good job with that
3 years ago
Very nice. Possibly, a few more details. Thanks
3 years ago
I envy you mate. I always wanted to fuck my aunt. I let her see my cock often and I think she would have loved to. But unfortunately it never happened. Cheers. ;)
3 years ago
great story tho the intro almost wasnt needed especially if you add the details into the story
3 years ago
Great story, I would love to read more.
3 years ago
Great beginning. Keep those stories cumming!
3 years ago
Excellent story.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story,just got the details
3 years ago
Great story