my girl and her wild dreams

The other night Tori and I lay on the bed we planned to watch a movie maybe smoke a joint,regardless one thing is my mind her soft warm butthole. I plan to fuck her butt when she goes to sl**p shes an easy fuck when she sl**ps and her butt was starting to get me hard but I didnt want her to know so i just lighlt played with it while we lay there she started to yawn my dick was already hard I knew what was next slide the panties down lube then fuck.
she was wearing a grey nightgown and she wore white panties I first moved her panties aside and did the asshole test where you see if shes still tight or relaxed.I must be in luck relaxed so I slowly pulled down her panties showing her beautiful ass,I spread her buttcheeks and rubbed spit on her butthole then I slowly got next to her and rubbed the head of my dick on her asshole.O quickly inserted my dick balls deep in her asshole then proceeded to pump slowly all the way in all the way out she didnt budge as I plowed into ass I gripped her hip and could feel the cum starting I spread her butt and shot my load up her ass and when evey drop was gone I pulled up her panties and went to sl**p.she wakes up and uses the bathroom and later says she had horrible diareha I pat myself on the back well done,you fucked up your woman shiitter mission accomplshed
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