our trip to africa

I was so excited that Friday afternoon when our flight to Africa went. My friend, I, a very good friend and her African Lover have spontaneously decided to fly together to Africa!
Once in The Gambia, we could not at all expect more to go celebrate a bit in the evening, as I and my girlfriend have been in our minds during the flight, what will we do so, rather, what we can do with us: )

We spoke to us from the rooms, what our outfit was concerned. I put on my white, extremely short, skin-tight summer dress, plus my white highheels, my hair, I wore open my nails dark red, dark red to my lips and lip gloss that this shone beautifully. On my bra and string, I renounced all! My friend, wearing a black mini, also a skin-tight top and her long, black hair, of course, open.

We knew that the Lover, my girlfriend, a party organized in a nice little Cotailbar. The bar was located not far from our hotel so we could go on foot. We both have gone advance, so we could our friends, and we both admire from behind, the well-built Africans. I said, "I hope that at the party also so pretty are canapés, as here, a few" :)
She grinned at me and just said, let me surprise you, you will certainly not be disappointed! :) After a quarter of an hour we arrived at the bar, where I and conny are gone before our men! The music played, we looked around and I said to my girlfriend: "Wow, you were right, sweet!" There we were, Me, my girlfriend, our two friends and ungewähr twenty black, a crisp, like the other! All well built and what was forming between her legs, through the hose, also promised more than I ever dreamed :)
We looked at each other and decided to try and go to the bar where we had to fight our way a bit. As we procured space, I already noticed several glances at me, what has me very turned on! A few of the men, stood close behind me, where I've konnt their spanking, easily sense :) we ordered African cocktails, so that our last inhibitions were wweg as soon as possible.
We went to the dance floor where I and conny danced together. Our friends have taken place and shot, ever the first pictures of the two of us :)
Our drinks were empty quickly and accordingly, me and Conny danced closer and more freely with each other. We kissed and brought each other in ever ride. It was not long and we had, therefore, many dance partner around us! I was like tronze, but I counted at a glance about 10-12 Black, strong men. We'll dance on, when I suddenly noticed that my girlfriend has broken away from me, and now danced with a loud men! I turned around and could see only dark even louder today men around me. I thought only "So guys, today is for me one room in fulfillment" Through my energetic, hot dancing, slide my dress, accordingly, piece by piece up and you could clearly see that I have no untterwäsche wear! I continued dancing, I suddenly from behind, two strong hands on my hips, almost on my po, felt! My dance partner did not hesitate and pushed me ran to him, where I could his huge belt in the pants feel, I turned around and grinned at him! :) Now I noticed that an extremely determined and antanzte me from the front and suddenly and from the two hands on my ass, become numerous all over my body!
In my arousal grew and could not stand it, I grabbed the man, to me, in the pants and what I felt there in my hand, was incredible. This was already half stiff and I appreciate his spanking on ca.25cm and the thick was enormous. I think 5cm were not enough, I could not resist and grabbed his huge belt from. I offered to an incredible picture and something I had never seen before. The black stallion did not hesitate, grabbed my head and drrückte me to his tail, which I immediately got in my mouth this until it stops. I took this magnificent cock into my throat and tried it, still with my tongue to lick his huge eggs. ran me the spit in my mouth angles out already and I felt like me, it was always moist. This did not anscheinen ungemerkt because I was short on it, literally impaled. It felt as if it would tear me apart, something huge I had niemal in my holes. I struggled with the biggest cock in my mouth, I've had geblaßen, but what was penetrated me, was about 30 cm, as I would later find out!
I was now pushed really hard and really wild in my wet hole and it was not long that I rausstöhnte my first orgasm. I trembled all over his body and a wave, full of hot feelings flowed through my body. During my first orgasm I noticed how hot my nectar, my leg went down, but I was still fucked, as I had never experienced before. I looked at my black lover in front of me and noticed how still wanted a well-built jostle in my mouth. during which I had already, the left and right of a powerful neggerschwanz in hands which I jerked full of zeal and pleasure!
I was totally in ecstasy and had completely forgotten that our friends photos and movies did what I did on this date, do not care. I just wanted to be fucked. Every single of the 10 black handsome men, I wanted to feel in me, in my mouth, in my pussy and in my ass! One by one, all at the same time that I did not care. I just wanted to taste her juice, feel it on my excited body, drop down to the last!
while I was on the Wegg to my next orgasm, I felt like the hammer in my mouth started to throb and twitch. Now this huge penis has injected and what was shot for a charge in my mouth was incredible. I came up with the swallow garnichtmehr with and I have lost some, because I already, chest running down a part of it. In the same moment I felt a hot jet in me we pumped what I enjoyed even more and already caused my second orgasm. After I've sucked the last drop of my lover, he picked me up and stabbed me right in the stand, on his still huge, hard penis. I was now fucked like a wild a****l and a few seconds later, I felt the next black lout, a rammed away in my back door!

While I was of two to my next orgasm, fucked, another Black came to us and fink to kiss violently with me. He took my right hand and began with her ​​to jerk off his black monster! The next read not long in coming and came from the left. this I started with my left hand to satisfy. who was also one of the largest, the had to include problems, this powerful tail complete with my hand. Now I was here with in the Gambia in a cocktail bar, impaled on two large black cocks that fucked me in my hands each aucch still black giants! "Many questions raced through my head my like" I was now a Neggerhure "?" Can I tell my friend, ever look in the eye again? "" Can I ever go back to sl**p with him? "Inasmuch as these guys more visible to had offer! asking questions about what I forgot quickly as I felt again, as the two monsters came to me, and I just wanted to have cum everywhere!

A secret dream has come true. Ale the guys have done fucked, I was placed in the middle of the bar on the floor, next to my girlfriend and we both have to conclude gotten a minute-long sperm shower, both of us for a long time kissed time, stroked the hot cum rubbed against each other and licked , of our bodies! I hope my story you liked it and am curious about the Commission: *: *
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2 months ago
Very very hot story, you are so sexy to allow yourself to let go completely your inhibitions and be so fucked