My first bisexual insident

I don't no how to start my first bisexual incident with you hmm you know i love f-a-m-i-l-y sex but i love bisexual sex too but i don't believe it happens to me too pardon me for my English so here i start my story now and huh today i also upload my mummy's juicy spy pictures when she took bath and upload here so when you see these picture dont say anything abusive thanks i love my mom a-lot and mature women's , milfs just shown my passion about my mom and those who love there own mom's and mom there loves own sons thats all ,so here is my story,
My name is babar and i live in Pakistan rawalpindi and now 27 year old single naughty down to earth open minded boy and few months back i have work in Islamabad as a data entry operator with good salary, i got up early in the morning and taking shower and after eat my breakfast and then catch my bus at 7:40 am and my office timing is 8:30 am, So one day i catch my bus at my station and the bus was total full and a-lot of govt employs stand there and when i enter in the bus and am f***efully to manage to stand in on that day i wear shalwar kameez and due to crowded bus i don't no what to do and i am totally amazed when one person who stand one step a head to me really close from my side my push his back to me and i dont wear underwear in my shalwar because i don't like the wear in shalwar so after some times my penis became hard and hard and fully hard on when i guess that person realize to feel my penis in his ass am totally shocked what to do if someone see me but thanks to crowded bus and i really enjoy too and that person fully push his ass back to my penis and i am totally speechless when he grab my penis and then said it to me please don't say anything and then he gave his number and ask me you have really hot and thick penis how long your size is i have no words to say because i am really amazed and shocked what to say and he also want my number and am sl**p put of my mind and gave my number and he said his office is near so he want to go and he called me at night but i really amazed how brave he is and also amazed because he is 4o year old he told me before he grab my penis and massage it on my shalwar so i continue my story after am reaching my office and start my office work and after my office closing time at that time 5:30 pm he called me to say how are you and what are u doing etc etc ad i ask him am fine and going to back my home now and how could you doing like this in bus and he is saying that he watch me all over the month and he likes me again am shocked and am asking to him that i love only woman not man (lie because i love bi fun :)) anyways he said to me i love your cock and really want me to fuck his ass and then i told him you are 40 year old and i guess married too so why then he told me when he was a k** his friend fuck her ass daily and after his marriage too but now he is going abroad and he really needs some to fuck his ass very hard and when he see me he realize that i am honest and trustworthy boy so thats why on that time when he talk with me on my mobile i am really hardon also and ask him call me tonight and he said ok dear.

When i back to me house all day am thinking what could i do and also watch some bisexual movies and i got a idea if he allows to fuck his wife in front of his then i really love to bang his ass so that time am totally relaxed and at night after 12 he called me to say sorry first because am asking him why you call so late and he told me he was busy with her wife am asking what bussy and he told me openly that he fuck her wife and he told me the whole story how he fucked her wife am really hardon that time and then he told me after he told how he fucked her wife that i fuck him or not so i told him yes but i have no place to do this he is very happy and said he have place and then i ask him could u imagine if i fuck you and your wife is accidentally caught us what we do then what and he is smiling on phone i guess an he answered then what he really like to atch again am shocked because she knew that my friend fuck me and then am asking did your wife also fuck from your friend and he said no then i ask why then he told me because of my friends behavior is not good so thats why his wife don't like this and then as i thought at day time could i fuck your wife infront of you then he said lets see but he really want me to fuck and i said okay dear and that time is 1:00 am so am asking him its to late we talk tomorrow then he said but tomorrow is sunday so why so am told him maybe am going my village tomorrow so he said okay dear good night take care and kiss on your penis i said haha okay good night......

Wait for next part thanks and again pardon me for my English mistakes

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7 months ago
Oh Allah, this could end in a very hot story ! Please tell us your next move.