Peter North and Me

I have watched Peter North videos since he came onto the scene. He has one of the greatest looking cocks of all time and boy does he cum. One day my girlfriend and I were eating lunch in West Hollywood when Peter walked in. I could not believe it; here was my all time porn hero right in front of me. I decided at that moment I would ask him if he would like to fuck my girlfriend. It took guts and his reaction more than startled me. "Where is she" he asked. When I pointed her out he quickly agreed. Now Mary is beautiful but in no way a stunner. She is 5'6" 120lbs with a body 34b-28-35 and loves to fuck and suck.

Getting back to Peter's place I make a drink and turn to find Mary already sucking Peter's famously large cock. Damn she looked hot deep throating that monster. I inched a little closer so that I could see better and realized my cock was hard as steel. Knowing tht Peter had done some gay porn in his initial days f porn I decided to join Mary in sucking his his cock. If he said no I would just watch.

I was not disappointed. I had never sucked a cock before but this was Peter North. I had to. Fuck his cock was good. Mary grabbed his balls and held it out for me as I wrapped my lips around the head and slid it deep into my tight throat. All the way down again and again it went. I knew Peter was enjoying it because he was moaning that Peter North moan. Mary moved her head in and mumbled that I should share so I went to the balls and began to suck those. Mary gives such a wet blowjob her throat lube was dripping down Peter's balls and into my waiting mouth. I sucked it up and went to the back door. Using Mary's throat lube I licked Peter's asshole and tongue fucked it deep as I could. I was really amazing myself. never had I done anything like this but again, THIS WAS PETER NORTH. I spread his ass cheeks so that Mary could lick it as well.

Now was the time to fuck. I told Peter I wanted to hold his cock and slide it into Mary's wet pink hole. When I put my hand around it I realized just how big he was. Could Mary handle this tool? I slid it in and heard her moan in delight. soon Peter was thrusting hard and deep into my Mary and I was harder than I had ever been. I hated being out of the action so I crawled under Peter and began ti suck his balls again and lick Mary's juice off his big cock. Pulling it out to the head I again slipped the whole thing into my mouth and heard Peter moan "I'm gonna cum." Well I began to suck for all I was worth until I knew he was beyond the point of no return. He pulled out of my mouth and began a classic Peter North ejaculation onto Mary's dripping wet pussy and my mouth was right there to catch the tasty mixture. I swallowed as much as I could and fed Mary what I would not.

I still have vivid thoughts of our afternoon with Peter North and would love to do it again. This was my greatest sex moment in life.
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5 months ago
Thanks for sharing! hot story. Peter North is one of my all time favorite porn stars too.
I met once years ago when he walked into a restaurant I was working in back in high school. He was with friends or family, so I didnt have the guts to ask him what you did. (well, I would have asked him to fuck me or to let me lick his ass while he fucked someone). but either way, it was still great to see him in person....and watch that sweet, incredible ass flex and release in tight jeans as he walked. Umm, umm good.