The Classroom Pt 1

I deliver packages in a very small town for a very large delivery company. The town is so small that I am able to give the majority of the customers special treatment not afforded to other customers in larger cities. For example, at the grade school I am able to deliver the teachers packages directly to their classroom.

On day when the school had a pupil free day I knocked on Ms. Turner's door and walked in to find her at her desk doing paperwork. She always looks great and today was no different. She is 5'5" with long blonde hair and a body to match. 32b 27 34. Dressed in a shear top and no bra and a very tiny skirt she was hot.

"Hi Jane" I said. She looked up and in a sexxy voice said "hello Eric, I am glad you came by today. I really wanted to talk to you." "Really? About what?" "Well I have this problem I want you to help me with."

With that she climbed on top of her desk and spread her legs revealing a very wet thong. "See my pussy is wet and needs to be cleaned." My mouth dropped open and began to water because her pussy is shaved clean and those tiny perfect pussy lips were dripping wet. I walked over and began to suck her pussy through her thong. Fuck she tasted good. Hearing the moans made me think we may get caught so I went over to lock the door until she told "me to leave it we are alone". I did and returned to eating her beautiful pussy. I then turned her over and put her on all fours so I could pull off the thong revealing a very tight and pink asshole. I could not resist so I began licking that hole as well. Sticking my tongue deep into her soft tight hole. I licked her from clit to asshole until she came in my mouth several times.

My cock was super hard now and need to get sucked so I laid her on her back and fed my cock into her lips. This teacher sure knew how to suck some dick. My balls were quivering and ready to blow and almost did when I saw my whole shaft disappear into her throat.

I had to taste her moth and began to kiss her deeply tasting my salty precum. Jane got p and went to a closet exclaiming she had another surprise for me. A setup of handcuffs and blindfolds. "I want you to put this on" she said handing me the blindfold. I did as instructed. Jane began to handcuff me to the wall. "You have been a bad boy and the principal is going to discipline you. I then feel my cock being throated again. Harder and deeper than before. Wait my balls were being sucked too. Could Mrs. Witlock be in on this too? It did not matter I was in heaven. My nipples are being pinched hard, my cock is being throated, and balls being sucked. Heaven. I cant hold back any longer and shoot my load. Jane pulls the blindfold from my eyes so I can see Mrs. Witlock licking my cum from Jane's face and lips.
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3 years ago
Nice story.