Lucky Delivery

It all started one afternoon as I was delivering a package to a very nice house in a upper middle class neighborhood. I had known the f****y that lived there for about 5 years and had fantasized about the oldest daughter Erica for at least that long. This was to be my lucky day because she was home from medical school for the holidays.

When I rang the bell I was a little startled that she answered the door and even more so that she was wrapped in a towel. When I handed her the package she let the towel fall to the floor and what I saw too my breath. She had the most amazing tits I had ever seen and a completely shaved pussy. When she asked me to come in I could not resist and soon she had my fully erect cock deep in her throat. She sucked my cock so good my balls were dripping with her saliva. Soon I was sitting on the coffee table with my legs high in the air as she licked my asshole. I knew I would not last much longer and told her so. It did not matter she told me "I want you to cum all over my face." With that I began to stroke my rock hard cock and blew the biggest load I had ever produced into her face and mouth. Erica licked every bit from her lips and my cock and kissed me goodbye. What a Christmas present.
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3 years ago
Dude great story! I've always wanted something like this to happen... its a rare chance and when it happens i'm sure it's alot to take in...
3 years ago
Very short but sweet and to the point. Thanks for sharing