LA AdultCon 2012

AldultCon was in LA this weekend so Mary and I decided to go. Walking around the hall seeing all these beautiful porn stars was giving me a raging hard cock. When Mary mentioned our encounter with Peter North I had not thought about it in a long time. "I wonder if Peter North is here" she said. "Well lets go look." When we saw him my cock grew even harder. "Hi Mr. North" we both said. "Hello, have we met?" "Yes we met and had an encounter a few years ago" Mary said. "I remember now, Mary and Rick, right?" "Well yes."
Mary had not changed a bit and could still swallow big cocks like a pro. "Would you like to come come by and have a drink later" Peter asked? Northern of us could believe it was happening again. "Sure" we both said simultaneously.
When we arrived Peter came to the door in the nude. He had not changed either. Immediately my eyes went to the firehose between his legs. Mary dropped to her Knesset and began to take it in her now salivating mouth. After 10 min of deep, wet cock sucking Peter lifted Mary's face up and kissed her deeply then led her to the den. I filled close behind and when I arrived Peter had his face buried in Mary's brazilian shaved pussy. Fuck that looked food's her laying there getting licked by Peter North. I wanted in. "I wonder if Peter still liked getting rimmed" I thought to myself. I was willing to find out. I slowly began to probe his asshole with my wet tongue and squeeze his balls at the same time. What a perfect position to be I.. on all fours with his ass high in the air.
We all moved around and Mary was now licking Peter's asshole and he was sucking my thick cock and trimming my hole. Oh fuck this all felt so good. "
"I want both of you to fuck me" Mary cried. Soon I was cock deep in her ass and Peter was cock deep in her wet pussy. Stroke after stroke we filled her. We were soon in such rhythm I could feel his cocktail through the walls of her pussy and ass. Damn his cock felt good sliding against mine. "Fuck me harder, harder" she cried.
Soon both Peter and I were at our limits and almost in concert moaned" I'm gonna cum." Both of us pulled out and unloaded a massive volume of thick creamy cum all over her over her pretty face and loving lips. This time around was just as good as the first encounter with Peter North. Cannot wait for the next time.


of us must have had the same idea because we pulled out and unloaded a massive volume of thick.
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