My Seduction and Fucking by Mature Hot Lady

She was mother of my new best friend and made heads turned when she walked
elegantly with her tall femininity. I saw men go crazy in her presence and my
pop was one of her silent admirers. At 42 she maintained her shape quite well as
compared to other barrel shaped aunties.

I was approaching 17 and used to visit her house a lot. Some times I could
feel she used to look at me differently, moving around in low neck short gown
with no bra. I was fascinated by her bouncing boobs and rippling ass...and would
masturbate later many times. My experience with 2 girls of my age was good but
both were silly about keeping their virginity intact and never wanted to get
fucked in real way so I had to content with fondling and kissing only.

Some times she would bend down to pick some some thing from floor with her ass
to me. I would see most of her naked butt and my tool would jump up. She would
turn and look at me with a smile and would go, leaving me hard and hot. I was
beginning to realize that she did show her nude butt to tease me. And was
wanted to do more. It was difficult not to have an erection whenever she come
near. My friend was oblivious of her hot design on me, and I never shared.

One afternoon, my friend asked me to stay at his place for night , as he and his
pop were to visit some relative for two days. I had stayed at his place many
times and didn't think much about it. But suddenly hot possibilities looked
possible. I have never had full sex with any girl, and was jerking of most of
time as a horny teenager would.

As evening fell, I reached and rang bell. My friend along with is pop have
already left. She was wearing a short gown and smiled widely at me. She took me
to her bedroom and asked me to take bath and get ready for some movie on video.
I went in washroom and took my cloth off. There was this full length mirror
which bounced back my nude image. I have never seen my self nude in such a big
mirror and was amused to see my erect tool from various angles.

I started to stroke my dick as image of her thighs hit my senses with erotic
images. I could hear her humming and moving around out side. I saw her panties
hanging and put one to my nose. I had never done that before and my tool jerked
wildly as smell of her pussy got in ...I started to stroke while smelling her
panty and even licked it.

Suddenly I heard few claps. I opened my eyes to see her standing behind me with
lusty glazed look on her sexy face. I stopped stroking. She asked me to go
ahead, as a boy of my age must jerk off to stay sane.

She started to massage my back and got very close to me. For me it was a long
held dream coming true. I was told to take bath fast as she had a surprise
waiting for me.

When I got out she has laid the table with candle lights. I was further
surprised, as these thing were seen and admired in movies. I was pulled to sit
next to her. Her scent was faint making me dreamy.

Dinner over, we moved to lawn with dimmed shaded lamps. She asked me about how
long I have been rubbing myself and have ever been with a girl. Her hand slowly
caressed my right thigh. My hand was put on her breasts but I was getting a huge
erection and was impatient to unload my boiling semen.

Sensing my urgency, slipped her hand in and dug my hardness out. Her
compliments on my thickness and size of sack was open and had effect on me.

Suddenly the spray sprouted and hit her front as scene of semen hit me. I was
told not to worry, as my sack seemed full to last whole night.

She led me inside and threw her gown open and ordered me to eat her.

I knelt before her, conjuring up porn images of men and women giving oral sex.

Her smell hit my nose as my mouth got close to her.

She had no panties, sighed and pulled my head closer. The smell was new for me
and powering. As seen in porn’s, I darted my tongue out to touch her bush
covered prize. The taste was salty. She ooohed and spread legs wider to give
more excess. Cupping her hips, I started to lap and got frenzied and felt my
tool hardening swiftly. She pressed me closer and I felt spasms going through
her body. Her voice turned hoarse and egged me to eat more, pushing her on my
hungry mouth. Female pleasure cried were never heard my me, expect on porn and
my tool was constrained in my stretched half pant. Suddenly she cried aloud and
pulled my hairs wildly.

My mouth was soaked in her sprouting juices. She pushed me harder on to her
rubbed her self with urgency .

With a throaty scream she stopped.

More juices gushed out, and I drank like a hungry dog.

She slumped on the wide sofa and asked me to remove my cloths. I watched her
opening legs wide to expose her hairy vagina. Thick darkened outer lips merged
with thick black growth. Her index finger was buried in her hole as she watched
me undressed. I was signaled to come near, her eyes were fixed on my erect

She moaned fingering her hole and grabbed my jerky tool. Her mouth opened and
gulped my whole length with one push on my butt.

A strange sensation went through me as her tongue lapped the knob and mouth
sucked. Saliva dripped on her chin and bouncing boobs. Her fingers worked
dexterously, making her butt lift up and down to aid her effort.

Suddenly a spasms of pleasure, broke over me, she sensed it, sucked and lapped
feverishly. Her cries were muffled, sucking me.

With an uncontrollable deep throatily cry, I felt a thick string of semen
coursing through my shaking, pleasure soaked body to her sucking mouth.

I felt dazed and happy.

I have been sucked first time and sucked like hell, by a mature women.
She let go of my tool and I slumped near to her. A string of semen emerged from
eye of my half hard tool slipping out of her mouth and stuck to her chin. A blob
dripped down to her dark nipple. Her eyes were lusty; she guided my hand to
exposed vagina. It was bigger than I could ever imagine, pouting thick outer
lips, thick black pubic hairs. A small penis looking thing stood out of her
vagina. I touched it lightly and she pushed her butt up to increase pressure.
She guided my mouth to her left breast.

It was my first experience of kissing a woman breast and it felt very good. I
suckled on nipples and my fingers went down to caress her vagina. Her hand
guided me how to do it, and what gives her pleasure.

She asked me to put three fingers in her, with increasing moans and loud
pleasure cries.

As my shaking index finger touched her small penis like bud, she let out a
shriek and opened her legs wider, thrusting her butt up to grind. My first
exposure to soft folds of vaginal intricacies is still imprinted in my
mind scape. She asked me to watch her touching herself. I watched transfixed at
her delicate manipulations. I was suddenly come to know that all the large
windows were open and curtains were drawn aside. The house was large with shady
trees, but any one could have just walked in to watch us. I was trying telling
her about it. But she read my mind and told me not to bother, as no one will
come. And even if one did, she didn't care.

I was fascinated by her fearlessness and openness. My dick was now rock hard and strings of pre come pouring in thin string. She pulled me near and held my dick close to her mouth.

Her tongue leaped out at dick eye to taste juice. I closed my eyes and felt her
mouth gulping my dick completely. The powerful sucking action made my mind go
wild and felt wild churning in my balls. She pushed me away suddenly and asked
me to put all my fingers in her cunt. I sat down and did as I was told. Slowly
all my fingers were feeling her worm, wet, soft tissues. She held my hand
started to push it in. I didn't know it was possible but was amazed to see my
palm going in to her cunt,up to knuckles. Now she took control and moved my hand
in and out expertly. Her pleasure cries echoed in the large room.

Her black cat come with lifted tail and looked at us.

....more next time..
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