Kicked in the Balls for Masturbating


Head bowed, legs together, arms by my side.


Rising fear.

'I'm going to ask you this only once?'

My Mistress… petite… cruel… strong.

I gulp.

'Have you masturbated without my permission and not in my presence?'

I hesitate… I know I should lie, most men do…

She slaps me hard around the face three times – there is a ringing in my ears… a metallic taste in my mouth.

'Answer me!'

'Yes Mistress… I did… I am very sorry… very.'

'You know the rules… did I not make you aware, very aware, of the rules: You only climax once a week… in my presence… with my name upon your lips. Did you really think you would get away with it?'

'I truly am sorry Mistress… I will never do it again…'

She thrusts her face into mine and hisses: 'Did you think of me when you came?'

'Yes Mistress… only you… because I love you.'

I fear, more than the pain that is to be surely visited upon me, the fear that she does not believe that I truly love her… worship her.

'That is at least something,' she sneers. 'but I am still going to punish you… rules are rules.'

A part of me seeks to turn away… to run


I cannot… a 'slave' just cannot.

'Open your legs, put your hands behind your back… and close your eyes.'

I comply… agony, necessary agony, is but seconds away.

'I want you now to tell me how sorry you are for masturbating without my permission and promise never to disobey me again'

'I am very, very sorry for masturbating without…'

A crushing wall of pain slams into my testicles as a hollow nauseating sensation instantly inflates within my stomach. I double up and grasp my balls in a vain attempt to alleviate the intolerable pain. I fight the urge to surrender myself to the floor and roll into a foetal position… I must take my punishment stoically… must not disgrace myself further in front of my Mistress. The agony begins to wane ever so slightly.

'Your punishment is over… take your hands away from your genitals now… and go and make me a cup of tea.'

'Thank you for punishing me Mistress… I deserved it.'

'That's okay.' She responds matter-of-factly.

I walk naked and uncomfortably into the kitchen and click the kettle on – I feel the luckiest man in the world knowing that I have a Mistress who really cares for me.

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WAY too short. I want to read more!