Another Fat Slut Gets A Flogging?

As she swung open the black painted wrought iron gate, enclosed with the stone archway, she heard the taxi she had just exited from pull away and for the first time experienced fear… real fear.

She was a worthless slut… and HE had promised he would punish her for it… punish her as she had never been punished before… because that's all sluts were good for.

She felt HIS eyes upon her… HE knew she was here. She did not dare to look up to the top of the old Victorian building where she knew HE was waiting… waiting for her with his whip, instead with legs like jelly she walked the last few fearful paces to the foreboding black door with it's frosted glass panel…

She ran through her mind how she had contacted HIM… had surrendered herself to HIM to do with as HE pleased… pleaded for HIM to flog her hard.

'Why should I waste my time on you, you facking made up little slag?' HE had contemptuously replied at first. She had begged and begged for HIM to beat the sluttishness out of her… to make her dirty little life have some worth… then HE had reluctantly consented: 'It will be on MY terms you piece of excrement'

She hesitated for a second then pressed the door buzzer for Flat D – there was no going back.

‘Enter slut… you know what you have to do.’ HIS voice sent shivers down her spine… it was the first time she had heard HIS voice; all communication of HIS orders up to now having been relayed by text.

She opened the heavy door, heard it bang loudly shut behind her bringing to mind the uneasy notion of entering a dungeon, and found herself all alone in the musty, cold hallway with its high ceiling.

She slipped off her boots first and then with increasing nervousness removed her coat – she was totally naked. HE had ordered her to strip whilst on the boat over in the toilets and put her clothes into the sports bag she had travelled down with and only wear the overcoat and boots for the last leg of the journey… the journey that would end with her being severely beaten for being a slut.

She left her boots by the cupboard and then stuffed the coat into the sports bag, leaving it on the top of the table – she felt cold and wrapped her bare arms around herself in a vain attempt to warm herself up before getting onto the floor on her hands and knees as HE had commanded.

She crawled uncomfortably along the corridor past Flat A and then started on the first long flight – she wondered how many sluts of HIS in the past had traversed these very steps.

Her knees were aching on the thread bare stair carpet as she reached the first floor landing – even though she had been ordered to keep her eyes lowered she could see the doors for the other two flats… and heard movement from within. Panicking, she quickly scuttled to the last flight which was steeper but shorter. As she slowly ascended it became lighter.

‘Keep your eyes lowered you podgy bitch or it will be all the worse for you… not that it can get that much worse for you, you fat slut!’ She heard HIM sneer from above.

She clambered onto the level surface of the landing slightly out of breath aware that this was the just the start of her ordeal.

‘Lie down with your arms by your sides and your eyes closed you ugly old cow… do not move a muscle till I return.’ HE hissed at her menacingly.

Cold and frightened she began to shake… she desperately wished to be anywhere else but here with this cruel man… but it was too late now.

‘Keep your eyes closed and get up.’

She rose unsteadily from the floor and felt HIS strong warm hands upon the naked flesh of her lower arms guide her to where she would be shortly flogged cruelly for being a dirty little slut whore.

HE pushed her roughly against the cold, so cold, wall and snarled in her right ear: ‘I'm going to facking hurt you then I'm going to hurt you facking because you're a no good slut… now raise your arms and press your fat tits hard against the plaster so that I can whip you with full f***e!’

She braced herself for the terrible burning pain upon her bare back as the leather tails whistled like banshees…

She opened her eyes… and found herself slumped down in front of her lap top… she had dozed off. She remembered now… she had been reading Ima_Kant's blog entitled: 23 Lashes for The Defiant Slut – it had turned her on… really turned her on. Her knickers were soaking and now she was debating whether she should memo him or not memo him… she wondered if he was dangerous. There was only one way to decide:

She took the shiny two pence piece out of her purse and tossed it…
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