A Kiss Of The Slipper!

I received a phone call yesterday - it was from Susan. Susan is the wife of The Miscreant.
‘Hi Susan, nice to hear from you, how's things?’
‘Hi Jules, I take it you are okay... but this isn't a social call. I know that you correct females on a regular basis but I was wondering if you could correct my husband again. Just recently he's slipped into bad habits: he's become lazy, slovenly and started flirting with other women. I work long and hard to keep the home together and he's just... beginning to take the piss!’
‘He's basically a nice bloke but he needs a 'gentle' reminder once in a while to appreciate what a lovely, devoted and committed wife he's got... how can I help Susan?’
‘Well... it's an awful cheek but would you be kind enough to give him a little taste of the slipper - it worked wonders last time... I was so grateful. I'll give you the going rate...’
‘No need for that Susan, you're a good friend, call it twenty?’
‘You're a darling Jules. Can I also impose on you and ask you to record the punishment for me on my phone which I'll send with him. I can play it to him in the future if he starts to slip into his old ways again.’
‘No problem.’
‘One more thing Jules, don't worry about marking him - he doesn't deserve any leniency!’
‘That's absolutely fine Susan, what time can I expect him?’
‘About two hours?’
Sure enough at about half two the buzzer went for the downstairs entrance. I opened it and smiled - I enjoy my work.
There was a timid knock on my flat door. I opened my front door to face The Miscreant standing there - sheepishly. He knew what he was here for and it wasn't going to be pleasant, but needs must!
The Miscreant is late forties, about five ten and of slim build - I sometimes thinks he resembles a middle aged Jude Law…but, that wasn’t going to do him any favours!
He handed me a crisp new twenty pound note and then passed over the Nokia mobile phone.
‘Hello... Jules... I didn't think I'd be back... so soon!’ He had stuttered out.
‘It's MASTER JULES...OR SIR, and don’t slouch when you're being spoken to! You have no one to blame but yourself!’
‘Sorry, what would like me to do, Sir... I mean Master?’
‘Go and strip down to your underpants in the spare bedroom. I want you to contemplate for a few minutes the reason why you are here... and what you can do to remedy that situation and then you are to report to the punishment room!’
After about seven or eight minutes he knocked timidly on the door.
‘ENTER!’ I boomed out to put the fear of God into him.
He was just in his white underpants and his body was slim but, I'll be fair to him, well toned.
The punishment stool was in the middle of the room and I had placed the slipper (a swimming shoe) along with my cane on the coffee table adjacent. He looked quite anxious when he espied the cane - that really scared him... it was intended to do just that, but, if it came to it I wouldn't hesitate to employ it - I had been paid to do a job!
‘Right! You are to bend over and I am going to punish you till I feel satisfied that you have learnt your lesson. Further if you straighten up or your palms leave the top of the stool then I will cane you in addition to the slippering you are about to receive. I sincerely hope you understand?
He murmured: ‘Yes, Sir’
I could see he was running through in his mind the hell I had put him through last time - he was regretting already his lapse in standards of domestic behaviour.
Too late now!
I had placed the phone such that it would record the whole proceedings upon my television and set it on pause.
Just before he bent over I made him kiss the rubber sole of the slipper out of gratitude - it was his salvation if he did but know it. Shortly, very shortly, he would indeed be 'kissed' by the slipper in return.
‘Bend over, boy and prepare for extreme pain!’
I clicked play on the camera phone.
I gave him a very hard 'double-whack' on his left buttock. He writhed around and I could hear him suck air in through his clenched teeth - it would have really stung.
I have found the 'double whack' the most effective way of maximising pain with a soled implement - the agony is prolonged somewhat.
I then administered an equally hard double-whack on his right cheek.
Once again he writhed around and uttered an 'Ah'.
I put my face into his and stated calmly: ‘Perhaps now you are beginning to understand what it is to be a dutiful husband?’
‘Yes, Master... I will mend my lax ways.’
‘You will indeed... you will indeed.’
I let him suffer another double-whack as hard as I could manage on his left buttock this time.
I watched to see if his palms left the stool - they didn't.
He was in severe discomfort and groaned with his suffering.
I then pulled his pants down now to remove any little protection he had. His buttocks were already quite red and blotched with small areas of purple - he was 'marking up' well. In fact his lily white skin seemed quite soft where it had not been struck, feminine almost; but I would have been gentler on a female.
I let go another two swifts blows to his right buttock.
This time he cried out - 'wimp' I derisively thought.
Again, I thrust my face into his: ‘Don't you start blubbering... take it like a man...or it will be all the worse for you!’
Mine and his eyes both darted to the right in the direction of the cane now lying inert on the coffee table - the fearful consequences implicit.
As I went to resume the chastisement I couldn't help but notice his limp penis, it was so small, inadequate even, and I wondered how on earth he could satisfy Susan with that, still, that wasn't my business.
For the fifth in total, but for the third time on his bare left cheek, I smashed the slipper hard twice down onto his unclad frame.
He stifled crying out and rolled around but he took it stoically I have to say, though his face was flushed and his eyes appeared to be watering.
I think he had suffered enough but one more to really ram home the message.
I could see him steel himself for the last one. I paused a little longer. I drew back my arm as far as I could and brought down the slipper as I hard as I could making a loud 'whack' that echoed off the walls and then followed through with the last one at least as equal to any previous.
A slight gasp issued forth from his lips but he stayed in the punishment position - he was learning to obey.
I clicked the video mode on the phone off.
‘You may straighten up now - I believe you have learned your lesson.’
‘Thank you, Sir... Thank you very much, Sir!’
He massaged his bottom whilst I replayed the video - it captured the ordeal, the necessary ordeal of The Miscreant at about three quarter’s angle; you couldn't see the blows impacting but the effects were clearly visible.
‘Is everything satisfactory, Sir, with the recording?’
‘It doesn't seem to have worked... you'll have to undergo the slippering all over again!’
The Miscreant whitened - I knew he WOULD take it again.
I allowed my mouth to turn up a little in a cruel smile.
‘It's come out just fine.’
He palpably relaxed.
‘Right get dressed, grab yourself a glass of water as you're hot and perspiring then get home... you've got some chores to catch up on I believe!’
He seemed a changed man: 'Job done!' I thought with some satisfaction.
He bade me: 'Thanks and good bye!' and exited my flat.
Later that evening I got a call from Susan thanking me profusely for what I had done: ‘I can't stop watching the video - you're a real craftsmen... many, many thanks!’
‘My pleasure.’ I modestly responded... and it was.
I felt an internal glow... and so I suspected had The Miscreant with his heavily bruised buttocks!
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