cucmber vs asshole

Im a lady who has no money.
But wants to get laid but dont want to fuck with a man.
Can't afford a toy. So i'm goes into
the kitchen looks around what can i do
cause i needs something long and thick

So here i have a cucmber on the table.

so i grabs the cucmber and goes into
the living room and takes of clothes and puts on music.
i starts to twist my nipples making them hurt

then i puts cucumber in my ass and cucmber
went in ass.
i try to holds the cucumber still fucking my ass
with a cucumber, it hurts a little, but no pain no gain,i starts to moan wishing could push cucumber out of my ass , but can't so i keeps pumping cucumber in my ass
i'm moaning even more and then all is shit cumin out my ass with a cucumber.

i was panic for a while but then i gets up and gets a towel and cleans up the couch and my asshole, after that i puts another towel on the chair. cleaned the cucumber off.
So i could put it back in my ass.
i put cucumber in my ass and slowly pushes cucumber in and out of my ass
i moans louder and louder and then the cucumber out of my ass again. my asshole feel hot but this is really fun
67% (8/4)
Posted by Im_for_real
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3 years ago
would love to spend a night using my toy collection on that randy ass
3 years ago
no, she is not for real...
fake intro capo,

original pics here, and everywhere lol
or here
3 years ago

Are you really for real?!
3 years ago
maybe next time put a towel down first
good work 5/10