My Old Girl Girlfriend

I returned to the small town where I grew up and attended High School for the first time in 10 years the other day. I needed a few things so I went to Wal-Mart. As I turned the corner and stared down the Isle, I could not believe my eyes. Ahead of me there was a woman in tight short shorts. She was very short and vary petite. Her legs were lovely and her shorts showed just a hint of her little ass. From the back I could tell that she was wearing a halter top. I followed her down the isle from a distance just admiring that beautiful tight little ass. I could feel my cock starting to swell just from seeing her from behind.

I had to see what she looked from the front and what was in that halter top. As she turned to go down the next isle I went back the other the other way to try and get a front view of this gorgeous creature. When I did I lost her for a moment, and panicked. Then as I turned the corner we nearly ran into each other.

Suddenly I recognized her, it was Shela one of my old High School girlfriends. She looked stunning her boobs must have been at least a DD cup, perfectly formed and beautifully tanned.. The halter top covered the bare minimum and her nipples showed thru just a bit.

Shela and I had dated for about a year back in high school. At the time she was rather modest about her over-sized breasts, always wore loose fitting blouse buttoned up to her neck, and always wore a bra. We petted a lot and I loved feeling those marvelous breasts of hers. I was planning to go to engineering school and she was terrified of getting pregnant, so we agreed to wait. Then one day Shela apparently met another man and out affair was over. I went off to school and lost touch of Shela.

We talked for moment in Wal Mart. Shela was one of those women that you very rarely meet that just seems to ooze some sort of sex ferrimone. Just talking with her was an incredible turn-on We both started flirting like mad. I told her that she looked great when I first saw her from behind, and that I could not believe my eyes when I saw that it was her. By now my cock was getting pretty hard. Shela immediately noticed and seemed to enjoy giving giving me a real boner right there in Wal Mart. Shela had certainly changed in the past 10 years, she was no longer this shy bashful little girl. She was really coming on to me. She asked is there somewhere we can go to discuss old times. I said I was visiting form out of town and had a hotel suite a couple of miles from here. We checked out, threw our stuff in the trunk of my rental car and left together.

We were not out of the parking lot until she had her hand on my swollen cock. As we drove I had a hard time keeping my eyes of her beautiful sexy boobs. We went to my suite and we were barely in the door when we began kissing. Almost immediately our kisses were very wet and very deep. My hands wondered down to those magnificent breasts just like 10 years ago. They were just as firm as ever. This time thee was no bra in my may. My fingers found my way to her nipples which stood out proud and firm. We ripped our clothing off. It was though all of that sexual tension we had built up years ago during our year of dating was suddenly unleashed. There were only two loose ties holding her halter top on which I quickly undid. Her gorgeous breasts hardly dropped at all, they looked so big on her little body. Shela then pulled my pants down over my engorged cock sprung out. Wow she said as she stared at it for the first time, your cock is huge and your balls are even bigger.

She then dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock. I wanted to do this 10 years ago she cooed. Soon I could feel that I was getting ready to climax. I suggested that we move to the bed. To my delight she immediately began sucking me again! In no time at all I was starting to climax. It had been nearly a month since I had had sex and I was ready to explode. All that I could feel was her wonderful warm mouth sucking and licking the head of my cock. My body went rigid as every muscle in my body tensed. My cock lurched and pulsed as I began to cum. I kept cumming and cumming, soon my cum was oozing out of her mouth! I think the sight of my cum pouring out of her mouth made me come a few more times. Finally it was over, for the moment. She laid there on my tummy watching my cock as it softened a bit. I\'m sure she was dreaming about what she would do with it next. She said she did not think it possible for one man to have so much cum. I looked down at her and said the
re is a whole lot more where that came from. She smiled a big grin and said “ I want every last drop of it. We rested for a few minutes knowing that we were not finished yet.

She kissed her way up my chest and began giving me a very wet kiss. I realized that the odd taste in her mouth and lips was my own cum. She then reached down and gently pulled my balls. Between the two I was hard again in no time.

I slid my hand down to her dripping wet pussy. I teased her for a moment and then inserted a finger, and teased her swollen clit gently. Fuck me Jim fuck me now! Her body was tossing and heaving like a wild person. Fuck me now fuck me hard. I decided to fuck her but not the way she wanted. I inserted my cock just a little and teased her with it. Then just a little farther very slowly. She climaxed and I could feel a flood of warm love juice pour from her hot little body. I kept the pace very slow very steady with very shallow strokes. PLEEEEASE Jim give it to me. I maintained the slow steady pace. I fucker her from every imaginable position but always very slowly with shallow strokes. She orgasmed again and again. PLEEASE FUCK ME HARDER.! Suddenly I could feel that I was starting to climax as well. I was determined: however to maintain the slow steady pace that was driving her wild. The tension between us grew and grew. Our bodies both tensed, by maintaining the pace it on
ly drew out the pleasure, gave it longer to build. Finally my cock exploded in her. I could not control the rapid pulsing spurting and jerking of my cock. She screamed “Ahaaaa ohoooo Fuuuuck. It felt like I unloaded a river of cum into her tight little pussy It seemed like our simultaneous orgasm would go on forever. But like all good things it did come to an end. We both dozed off to dreamland !

I awoke to feel her hand gently tugging on my balls again. I just laid there allowing her to expertly fondle my huge balls. In no time I was hard again. This time when she said FUCK ME. There was no hesitation no delay no stretching things out. I Immediately put my cock deep inside her and we started fucking like mad. Our bodies slammed together, we were both moaning in extacy. FUCK ME HARDER. I love your big hard cock Jim!

Next morning she was gone. I could not believe how my sweet demure high school sweet heart had turned I into such a slut. I also thought, I need to get back here more often.

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3 years ago
Well that nwas excellent thanks
3 years ago
Hot! the way you told it was awesome too. Something like that happened to me once; and I'll never forget it!
4 years ago
I enjoyed it a lot!

Reminds me of all the boys from my school time that I'd like to "see" again.. ;)
4 years ago
Very good
4 years ago
very good